Kristoffer Fransson and Peter Wright


Kristoffer Fransson and Peter Wright

Kif and Peter travelled through Europe for 3 months in the summer of 2008.

Peter travelled and worked in Europe for 4 months.

Kif will travelled through out SE Asia for 4 months.

Peter travelled through South America and Antarctica for 4 months.

Peter and Luke visited Cuba.

Peter visited Portugal.

We've almost covered every continent! XD

Europe » Portugal » Lisboa October 15th 2016

Bom Dia, Upon my return to Lisbon, I had an email from Sandro suggesting that we should meet up that night to do in search of food and Fado. We picked a time and a place, you would think I would have learned my lesson by this point, and agreed to meet up then. I relaxed at my hostel for a bit, which was very conveniently located on Rua Augusta, the main pedestrianized street in the centre of Lisbon, before using the meticulously drawn map provided by Jorge to go and visit the Praça do Comercio, as well as the waterfront. I then chanced the possibility that my friends would actually be where they said they would be and I went to meet them. Unlike in Sintra, Daniella and Sandro were exactly where they said they ... read more
Mosteiro de los Jeronimos
The Cathedral at the Mosteiro de los Jeronimos
Torre de Belem

Europe » Portugal » Lisbon & Tagus Valley » Sintra October 14th 2016

Bom Dia, I left Evora in the early morning, which was really pleasant because it was not too warm yet, and i was able to get a beutiful view of the stars as there is very little light pollution on the Alentejo. I arrived in Lisbon during rush hour, which was not ideal, but after watching three metro trains pass by full, I managed to squeeze into one and get to my hostel. After meeting Joao and Jorge, two of the incredibly friendly and helpful staff, I dropped off my stuff and then ran off to the beautiful Rossio train station as I was racing off to Sintra to meet up with Daniella and Sandro, two friends I had made in Porto. After the 45 minute train ride west towards the coast, I hopped in a ... read more
Best. Doorknocker. Ever!!!
Castelo dos Mouros
The View of Sintra

Europe » Portugal » Alentejo » Évora October 12th 2016

Bom dia, Another early morning as I packed up and caught the train from Coimbra to Evora. This would be my longest train journey in Portugal, 3.5 hours, but that was only because I would have to wait for almost an hour as I transferred trains. Unfortunately, the rain started as I was leaving Coimbra, and it continued with me into Evora and the Alentejo plain in the southeast of Portugal. It was a very pretty arrival in Evora, seeing the city rise up from the surrounding cork oak trees on the otherwise flat plain. I was going to wait the rain out, but when I was told it was the first rain the city had seen in six months, I figured it would probably last all day so I decided to head out and do ... read more
Roman Temple
Cathedral. In the Rain.
Neolithic Monolith

Europe » Portugal » Central » Coimbra October 10th 2016

Bom Dia, I arrived in Coimbra early in the morning, well, early for Portugese as it was 8am, proceeded to leave my stuff in the hostel, and then started walking around the city. Coimbra thrives around it's university, which happens to be one of the oldest in Europe. One of the highlights of the city is a visit to the university, which is housed in a former royal palace situated at the highest point in the city. Prior to the university, Coimbra had been a Moorish city, which was visible when I entered the old town through the Moorish gate. As I continued up towards the university, i walked past two people dressed in flowing robes. As I learned later, they were students who wore the traditional robes because they were writing exams. For some reason, ... read more
Biblioteca Joanina
Organ at the University
Panorama over Coimbra

Europe » Portugal » Northern » Amarante October 9th 2016

Bom Dia, I like wine. All wine. It is delicious. So when I had the opportunity to visit the Alto Douro, the world's oldest continuously demarcated win region, having been demarcated in 1756! I did not want to take the train, so I joined with a tour that was going by minivan as this would give me an opportunity to see more of the Alto Douro. The first stop was the gorgeous town of Amarante, with its stone buildings and medieval bridge. There was not a lot of things to see or do in town, and it was a brief stop, but it was very peaceful and incredibly picturesque! We continued to drive along the road through the hills and valleys of northern Portugal, over a bridge that was very similar to the Millau Viaduct in ... read more
Quinta do Bonfim
Douro Valley

Europe » Portugal » Northern » Porto » Matosinhos October 5th 2016

Bom dia, Peter was sitting at his office working hard one day, or possibly searching the internet for discounted flights as was most likely the case, and came across an excellent deal to Portugal. Being the last country in Western Europe I had not visited, he bought the ticket and started packing. As there are not many flights directly to Europe from Vancouver, the flight would involve a transfer in Toronto. I flew standby, and was actually able to get an emergency exit row with more than enough leg room! The connecting flight in Toronto, was not as smooth. Firstly, there was a security breach because, apparently "someone managed to wander into an area they should not have been. Don't worry, it's all fine now." However, this meant security doors had been shut in the terminal ... read more
Port at Taylors
Streets in Porto

Ola, We woke up early and jumped on the Viazul to Varadero, taking in the beautiful scenery of the Bahia de los Cochinos once again. Once in Varadero, we went to our Casa Particular, Beny's House, and checked-in. The place was nice, but it felt much less like a home than any other place we had stayed so far in Cuba. We then decided to go out and explore the town. There is very little to see in Varadero. The town is very ugly and seems to exist solely to sell generic souvenirs to unsuspecting tourists who escape their minimum security prisons... I mean all-inclusive resorts. However, we did find a good restaurant for lunch that served us an excellent meal, complete with the forbidden ingredient that is salt. Afterwards, we headed out to the incredible ... read more
Sunset in Varadero

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Centro » Trinidad March 4th 2016

Ola, Trinidad is beautiful. Just sayin'. After leaving Cienfuegos, we took the bus for an hour or so to Trinidad. We were met at the bus station by Pedro, who owns Casa Hammerhead, where we would be staying for the next few days. He drove us through the cobbled Old Town in what can only be described as a homemade dune buggy. We arrived at the Casa, met the rest of Pedro's family (Blanca and Alma), and then checked into our room which was even nicer than the one in Havana and had a bathroom which, except for the random pipe coming through the wall, would not have been out of place in a fancy hotel! After an amazing breakfast, complete with domo cake which is an off combination of vanilla, cinnamon, and lemon flavouring that ... read more
Main Square
Panorama of Trinidad
Valle de los Ingenios

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Cienfuegos March 2nd 2016

Ola, We left Havana early in the morning and took a bus towards the city of Cienfuegos. En route, we went past some beautiful scenery, including the Bahia de los Cochinos, or Bay of Pigs in English, which was the site of a failed invasion by the United States in 1961. Cienfuegos, with its core of gorgeous French colonial buildings, was instantly enjoyable and much more relaxed than Havana had been. Peter and Luke left the bus station and headed towards the Parque Jose Marti, which is a beautiful square surrounded by very pretty buildings. After an average lunch, not surprisingly, we wandered around the square and went into one of the buildings on the square. It only cost 1 CUC for entry, and they could have charged many more CUCs! The building was incredible! it ... read more
The Cupola

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Oeste » La Habana February 27th 2016

Ola to all! I realize this blog has not been updated in a while, but apparently it's hosts have been busy going to school/working/saving the world (the last one may not be entirely accurate, but we're working on it). So please pardon the brief interruption, but travelling has commenced again, hence this blog will be updated! Peter, and his buddy Luke, both decided they wanted to see Cuba before it opened up to tourism so they managed to find a crazy seat sale and hopped on a plane to the sunny Caribbean. The plane arrived in Toronto in the middle of the night and, after been given directions by a very nice flight attendant (with the longest and pointiest fingers nails either of them had ever seen), Peter and Luke found a couple of nice benches ... read more
Habana Vieja
Centro Habana
The Malecon

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