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25th May 2015

your blog about Holland
Dear Kristoffer and Peter, I have read your travelblog about your visit to Holland and it was very interesting! I am Dutch myself and for my Geography Masterthesis I am doing research among tourist bloggers from abroad. Your blog caught my eye because you visited some less famous places in Holland, like Maastricht. It is so interesting to find out why a part of the tourists in Holland visit those less famous places next to the highlights like Amsterdam and its surroundings. That's why I am wondering if I could ask you some questions about your visit, to complement the info in your blog. It won't be a long survey, but more of a short interview-type conversation about your experience and opinion. You would help me a lot and I am also very curious to know about what you think about Holland and the reasons why you choose to visit it. I really hope to hear from you. The interview will be used in a completely anonymous and confidential way. Kind regards, Theo van Veenendaal
31st March 2012

Traveling to Europe
Oh wish I could have the same experience as I've never been to those places yet. If I could bring my wife as well - it would be splendid. Thanks, though.
25th December 2010

Wow. I had to read this in a few sittings and it was hard to pry myself away each time! What a fantastic adventure! I cannot wait to see pictures of this because right now I am imagining the cartoon scenery from Happy Feet. Hopefully your photos will make the images in my mind more realistic!
15th November 2010

Gosh, from all these wine tasting stories, I am actually starting to picture you as a very refined young man! I am sure my image of you will snap back to reality when you get back... :D It sounds like you guys are enjoying yourselves!
13th November 2010

Pelicans are not ugly!! They look fascinating.. I know a guy from argentina - and he has a mullet! hahahaha
24th October 2010

you lucky bum
Hey guys, i'm sooo jealous, a few day of visiting wineries sounds amazing :) Glad to hear you're having so much fun! Did you have any mishaps while drinking and biking? lol
24th October 2010

Is it just me, or is does each place on this trip just get better and better?
19th October 2010

Haha, How exactly did the last "things we learned" occur?? The only thing I can imagine is if Peter was on the top bunk, turned over and swung his arm over the side, hitting Val. Ouch!
13th October 2010

I just googled all the places you mentioned and this part of the trip looks AMAZING and truly unique! Must go one day...but until then, I will love vicariously through google images!
13th October 2010

Sounds like an interesting city! Sorry that the robbery happened though :( It is too bad there are people like that out there... Keep up the great posts!
From Blog: Frantic La Paz
4th October 2010

As I read your posts I am making a list of my own - "where to go next". Applying for jobs just feels like such a waste of time when I could be travelling!
19th September 2010

OK, so I had to google "nasca lines" - now I understand why you took a plane! Hopefully it wasn't too messy (and you can laugh about it later)!
19th September 2010

Ohhhhhh, I'm drooling reading this! I had that churro snack in Madrid - SOOOO good! And I want to try all the other food. I wonder if there is a peruvian eatery in vancouver somewhere...
11th September 2010

Very excited to hear you made it to the mud bath!! Love the description, sounds like an interesting experience!
3rd September 2010

Remember my penguins... Also, I'm Chinese. I don't like the sun cause I want to be porcelain white! Miss ya, betch!
28th March 2010

i had alot of fun
From Blog: Turtle Island
25th November 2009

I'm glad you went and much appreciation for the shout-out!!!
24th November 2009

Aaaah so jealous!
Looks like paradise, Kif! Glad you're having lots of fun! Thanks for the postcard by the way, I received it last week! :)
14th November 2009

We are waiting!
Um..we are waiting for your next blog entry! Hurry up!
3rd November 2009

The Vietnamese
I'm glad the Vietnamese have finally come down off the fence and picked a side.
20th October 2009

I hope you are bringing the hat back home!!!
9th October 2009

Hey Kif! sounds like you are having a great time! Makes me want to go there one day... Keep safe! Katrina
8th October 2009

I swear you're making up names for some of these places! Meet Lara Croft anywhere?
6th October 2009

Traffic Jams
You've got to love it when those cows cut you off!!!
From Blog: Oh Laos...

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