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Europe » Norway » Eastern Norway » Ringerike July 22nd 2015

Woke up this morning to Andreas singing to me "stå opp din gris" which when translated literally it means "wake up you pig" lol None-the-less, a beautiful sound hahahaha. Had breakfast which was left overs from last night and open faced sandwiches. Following breakfast, we went for a hike up the mountain. In the pictures,, you can see the farm aka cottage in the far back. Gry and I hiked by foot while Thea and Benedicte rode horses. Large, the new golden puppy walked with us, finding every puddle along the way to wade in. Along the way we nibbled on wild strawberries and saw beautiful wild orchids known as Orchis mascula. When we returned to the cottage and puttered around for a bit, Thea and Kim Andrea left taking Beret with them. We had to ... read more
Going to the top!
Up we go
Lovin' the puddles

Europe » Norway » Eastern Norway » Ringerike July 21st 2015

Andy picked me up in Oslo. With Gry as our liaison, we met in the parking lot. service at it's finest!! I arrived at the cottage and was greeted with big hugs from Berit, then Andreas and a hello from Benedicta (a 3rd cousin of Thea's. ) inside Thea, Gry and Kim Andrea greeted me. We feasted on Skolebrød that Gry made this afternoon. It was a lovely treat! After we visited and I unpacked. There are puppies here now only a couple of weeks old. They are golden retrievers so at one point we all grabbed a puppy and did some puppy love for a bit of time. I now know why i gained 12lbs here last summer! not long after our snack, friends of Gry and Andy's (Anna, Losh and their two beautiful daughters, ... read more
New puppies

Europe » Norway » Southern Norway » Kristiansand July 15th 2015

It's been 5 weeks since the last travel post....and 5 weeks since we've traveled, if you don't consider grocery shopping as travel I suppose :P The weather this summer in Stavanger has been, shall we say, well not summer like, nor anything like we've ever experienced in our past 2 summers here. It has provided many opportunities for long naps and getting hooked on Game of Thrones which the Skinners have stored on their movie server. Trust me, it takes the whole 5 weeks to watch 4 seasons without going blind...haha. So Barb and I decided we needed an outing to the south where we heard the sun was shining!! A short 2 hour train ride lands you in Kristiansand, on the southernmost tip of Norway. It's the 5th largest city in Norway and on first ... read more

Europe » Norway » Western Norway » Stavanger July 15th 2015

Blog 5 Kristiansund/Atlantic Ocean Road/Trondheim/Bergen/Stavanger/Oslo Slow start today for our overnight stop in Kristiansund – we had 190kms to cover but now we were used to calculating the correct time for the little windy roads. Heading out of Alesund we encountered lots of roadwork including a very large bridge being built. You have to give it to the Norwegians – they are terrific bridge and road tunnel builders. Drove in the direction of a town called Molde. The ferry crossing over the fjord was once again another lovely way to pass 40 mins. We were also in the habit of heading straight up the ferry stairs to the café for a yummy hot chocolate. Arriving in Molde we parked the car and enjoyed a walk around the city centre. Molde is known as the city of ... read more
City of Molde
Fishing village of Bud
Bud Fishing Village - cod drying frames

Europe » Norway » Western Norway » Bergen July 13th 2015

Just a catch up on what we have been up to. Really just walking, biking, going to the movies and generally just enjoying being with the kids. We had a family gathering for Lilly's birthday which enabled us to catch up with some of Heges Uncles and Aunties. Chris and I got away for a days fishing at a place called Flekke were Chris hadn't been before. This was nearly 3 hours away with a ferry trip thrown in. Another beautiful area and a lovely big river, but no luck for me and Chris only getting a couple of small sea trout. We did meet a young couple and the young lady was very excited with getting her first salmon. It was a very nice smaller salmon at 3.3 kg's but what a great first fish ... read more
Trying to Keep Up.

Europe » Norway » Eastern Norway » Oslo July 13th 2015

NORVEGE 26 : Oslo fin – NORVEGE 26 : Oslo fin texto en castellano debajo del frances... Ce 14 juillet nous sommes à nouveau au Danemark, dans le Juteland, petit à petit notre chemin de retour se rapproche... nous essayons d'avoir un contact avec l'Allemagne pour notre frigo et déciderons donc aujourd'hui de rester un jour deux de plus au bord de la mer ici... Il fait beau, presque chaud ou bon ! L'internet n'est pas évident ou en tous les cas pas gratuit dans ce pays... les blogs se suivront comme nous le pourrons donc ! Nous pensons bien à vous tous et espérons que votre voyage se déroule bien ! Nous passerons la grande partie de notre dimanche 5 juillet dans le Parc Vigeland puis nous rendrons à 13h30 au Palais Royal afin d'assister ... read more
de quoi nous promener !
loin !
pas mal de visiteurs, mais sans nous gêner

Europe » Norway » Western Norway » Ålesund July 13th 2015

Sunday July 5 – Urnes Stave Church, Jostedal Glacier, Geirgangerfjord Ferry, Trollstevegen and Alesund Breakfast the next morning was a local food tasting feast. Apple juice from the local fruit farm, brown goat cheeses, local honey, Flam bacon and specialty sausages, hot smoked fish from Alesund, and so many other delicacies. We thought we may as well try the lot so breakfast took quite a while – we didn’t care because we didn’t want to leave this wonderful little peace of heaven. Ah all good things come to an end and we checked out. Didn’t go far – just 30 metres across the garden to catch the 15 minute ferry ride to Ernes. The reason for doing this was to visit the UNESCO listed Urnes Stave Church. The church is the oldest preserved stave church in ... read more
Jostedal National Park
Towards Jostedal
Loved this stone bridge

Europe » Norway » Western Norway » Sogndal July 12th 2015

Saturday July 4 Driving Along the Fjords to Solvern –After a late bedtime trying to sort out a major computer issue we were again up early to collect our Avis rental car. Learnt the new road rules, speed limits of 50 or 70kph and it is compulsory to drive with lights on. The roads are very narrow and windy and it takes ages to get from A to B. Also there are kilometres of tunnels some as long as 26kms hence the need for lights. Picking up the car was easy but getting out of Bergen was tricky because the car did not have a USB adapter for our TomTom. So it was back to Leanne the map navigator and Graham the driver, reading the signs and finding our way out of Bergen. For a while ... read more
Bergen to Flam
Bergen to Flam
Bergen to Flam

Europe » Norway » Eastern Norway » Oslo July 10th 2015

NORVEGE 25 : Oslo 1 – NORUEGA 25 : Oslo 1 Pour mieux profiter des photos, lisez le texte en premier lieu. Puis cliquez sur la première photo qui se trouve dans le texte, après quoi faites suivant ou cliquez sur n°2, 3, 4, etc... La photo apparaîtra en plus grand et vous voyagerez en première loge... En route vers Oslo, nous rencontrons à nouveau une quantité énorme de tunnels... Surprise... dans l'un d'eux se trouve même un rond-point ! Nous en avons été surpris, c'est pour cela que bêtement j'ai poussé sur le bouton ok de ma caméra embarquée... alors qu'elle enregistrait déjà, j'ai donc coupé l'enregistrement... Une photo prise à toute allure, fait qu'elle soit toute trouble, mais tant pis c'est tout de même du jamais vu... du moins pour nous ! Oslo mérite ... read more
Camping de ville à Oslo
Rond point tunnel Oslo !

Europe » Norway » Eastern Norway July 9th 2015

NORVEGE 24 - Heddal - NORUEGA 24 - Heddal Texte français après l'espagnol... Me estoy dando cuenta que siempre escribi Noruega con rr.... Disculpen !!!! no voy corijiendo pero tengan en cuenta mis disculpas... Después de haber visitado Gotebord, nos acercamos de la frontera de Dinamarcak, mañana tomaremos un ferry que nos llevara a este pais. Mucho viento y un mar bien agitado nos espera en el camping donde vamos a pasar la noche hoy, 9 de Julio. El 3 de Julio tomamos la ruta para llegar a Heddal donde visitamos la Stavkirke : Stavkirke es una palabra noruega con la que se nombra a un tipo particular de templos crisitanos medievales construidos de madera, anteriormente comunes en la url=https://e... read more
Stavkirke de Heddal

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