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Europe » Norway April 20th 2015

Good morning! Yes we are getting the comments - not sure why they don't show up (I tried accepting them but I don't know if that is working?) Wlysm! :)... read more

Europe » Norway April 20th 2015

Well, since we were the only guests at the hotel last night, what better way to wake up to have breakfast for 2 served for you? :) After eating sliced ham 5 different ways (at least we are pretty sure that's what it was - we avoided the liverworst paste) - we headed out for our morning hike at Lake Bondhus. It didn't disappoint! The view of the mountains reflecting in the lake was spectacular! After a 4 mile round trip hike, it was time to head to our destination for the next two days - Bergen (on the west coast of Norway). The drive was supposed to take 3 hours, but after realizing we forgot to return the hotel keys, we had to backtrack a bit to the hotel. Turns out we didn't really need ... read more
Avalanche during the hike at Lake Bondhus
During the hike at Lake Bondhus

Europe » Norway April 19th 2015

Too exhausted last night to go down to the lobby to post - so yesterday's entry comes this morning! Woke up very early this morning to catch our flight from Stockholm to Oslo! The walk to the train station this morning was beautiful so I grabbed a few last minute pictures. We landed in Oslo at 10:30am and were at the car rental counter by 11. And it turned out to be our lucky day because we were upgraded from an "economy" rental to a BMW complete with built in GPS! :) We programmed in our destination and hit the road. The drive took a little longer than we thought - we didn't even make it to Preikestolen Hotel until after 8. But, the drive here was beautiful! We passed numerous lakes, mountains, went through at ... read more
Snowy mountains - looked like marshmallow fluff!
On the ferry
On the ferry

Europe » Norway April 19th 2015

The agenda for today included a hike up from our hotel to the top of Pulpit Rock (Priekestolen). We started the hike around 9:30am - which turned out to be just the right time because we were one of the first few groups up there, and judging from all of the people we passed on the way down, it was going to be crowded! The hike was around 5.5 miles round trip - with a 1600 ft elevation gain! It was worth it though! The views were amazing! We were almost brave enough to get to the edge and look over :) After about 20 minutes at the summit, we headed back down and enjoyed a Norwegian ice cream cone! It was then time to start the drive to our hotel for the night just outside ... read more
Hiking UP and up and up...
At the top of Pulpit Rock!
Kelly sitting "close" to the edge

Europe » Norway » Eastern Norway » Oslo April 8th 2015

The relaxed, easy-going atmosphere of the city shaped our last day here in Oslo. We planned to hit a couple things, but other than that, it was a chill day of walking around, soaking up the European waves. We first walked a short distance back to the Nobel Peace Centre and payed our admission, which would prove to be 100% worth it. Initially, I thought this was the place where the Nobel Prize winner is announced each year, however it was much more than that. Inside on the first level, was an exhibition designed by, and about the two winners in 2014, Malala and ___________. It took you through their lives, and their impact on the world, really inspiring you to do goodman the world whenever you can, no matter what your circumstance. There were video ... read more
Cool Sculpture

Europe » Norway » Eastern Norway » Oslo April 7th 2015

The night train arrived in Oslo at 6:25am, and after a surprisingly good sleep, Shawn and I headed towards our hostel to drop our big bags off in luggage storage. Unfortunately, and really inconveniently, we can't check in until 3pm! That means another 1st-day-in-Reykjavík-like day with years of walking! Trying first to find some food, because oh ya, it's easter MONDAY now and everything is also closed, we venture into the central part of the city. After grabbing some quick stuff from a 7-11 (sorry Peterboroughians, there's a ton of them over here!) we walk around the city because literally nothing is open! The first thing we came across was the old Akershus Fortress which was really cool to walk around. It's open always to the public and you're able to walk on top of the ... read more
Palace Seflie
Palace palace

Europe » Norway » Western Norway » Flåm April 6th 2015

462km seperate the cities Bergen and Oslo, a train ride that should take roughly 7 hours to complete. Yesterday, I found out the hard way that that is sometimes not the case as a traveller on a budget with no real solid plans! Let's start in the morning, shall we? Shawn, who has now become my travel companion for the next few days, and I woke up around 6:30 to grab some quick breakfast before catching the bus to the train station. We checked out, grabbed our backpacks and stepped out the door to see the bus driving by. Happy Easter, everyone by the way! But the Easter bunny made it hard for us this morning, altering the schedule for the bus so that it comes around again in an hour! Walking to the station it ... read more

Europe » Norway » Western Norway » Bergen April 5th 2015

Ah yes, the last day somewhere else. Bergen, it's been real, I really enjoyed all that you had to offer and I really wanted to take advantage of that for one last day. After breakfast at the hostel and a sad goodbye to the Scottish students, Shawn and I went to the tourist information centre to try and book our Norway in a Nutshell tour, the most popular in the country. Just my luck, and I had a funny feeling the night before, all of the trains in the afternoon to Oslo were booked up so we had to bail on that idea and change it up on the fly! Luckily we hadn't yet booked the hostel in Oslo so we still had some room to finagle. We decided it was best to go right to ... read more
Daily Selfie
New Group Photo

Europe » Norway » Western Norway » Bergen April 4th 2015

My first full day in Norway DID NOT disappoint! After making some new friends at the hostel the night before, we all planned to do a fjord cruise together to get a real taste of what this gorgeous country has to offer. We were led a little astray as we tried to book the tour at maaaany different places, only to eventually end up starting a line at the docked boat an hour before it was supposed to leave to ensure we got our tickets! But we got on, and man oh man was it worth it. We drove through spectacular fjords (for those of you who don't know what a fjord is, it was also explained to me yesterday as a narrow passage of water with steep banks or mountains on either side) and snow ... read more

Europe » Norway » Western Norway » Bergen April 2nd 2015

Picking up where I left off, my shuttle ride to the airport consisted of sleep, and more sleep. This time I got to see the building in the morning light, and it's some pretty cool architecture. I checked in on my phone on the bus (loving the free wifi on like all modes of transportation, it's dope!) so I was able to skip the self checkin madness inside the main entrance. After I dropped my bag I headed to duty free and bought some Icelandic chocolate with my remaining Kronas (except for enough for another chocolate bar on my way home, don't worry, I didn't forget about you mum ;)). An easy wait and I was on the plane to Bergen, my first stop in Norway. I grabbed the flybussen airport express and the driver said ... read more
Christies Gate

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