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Europe » Norway » Northern Norway » Kirkenes May 20th 2013

Sleeping in a Snow Hotel had been on our bucket list for some time, and we were going to strike that one off. We arrived at the Snow Hotel in early afternoon, in pitch darkness. It was extremely cold but calm and we had hopes for the Northern Lights. We were shown our bedroom closed off with a curtain and bed made of solid ice blocks. The only decorations in the room were the beautiful ice carvings on the icy walls. It was cold and out of this world. The snow hotel consisted of a reception, (with the obligatory fire extinguisher, although there was nothing remotely combustible inside) and two corridors leading to a few bedrooms in the form of igloos. The restaurant and rest rooms were in another building, this time made of wooden logs. ... read more
Cooking reindeer sausage
at the entrance
Our bedroom

Europe » Norway » Northern Norway » Kirkenes June 10th 2012

Wednesday 6th June 2012 This morning we reached the halfway point of our cruise with many passengers getting off and a new crowd ready to move in. Kirkenes has little more than this to offer the tourist we finding it a very drab and uninteresting town. The lack of interesting architecture is due to the town being completely destroyed during WW2 probably because, as continues now, iron ore is mined here. The Russian border is only 10kms from the town, busses taking interested tourists to view it. Having been to Russia a couple of years ago certainly didn't make this a priority. The boat was delayed for an hour waiting for a tour group to return, as the ship disembarked we had our lunch. Later in the day we stopped at Vado for about 30 mins ... read more
Our little cabin
Our seafood feast!
Views from the boat.

Europe » Norway » Northern Norway » Kirkenes July 31st 2011

An awesome writer, Neil Pasricha, author of, collected some awesome things in a book which is called the book of awesome. I found that book on the Hurtigruten ferry from Honningsvaag to Kirkenaes, the Norwegian city bordering Russia in the far North-West of this massive country. The book of awesome lists bigger and smaller things in life, which make life, well, awesome. This book had quite an impact on me for the next few days I was reading it, but let me just rewind to a day before I found that book. I was rolling down the North Cape and was feeling very lazy after my power struggle the day before. The fog had vanished and I could see the landscape, which I could not see in the fog going up the climb. So I ... read more

Europe » Norway » Northern Norway » Kirkenes October 21st 2009

October 16 to October 27, 2009 Bergen to Kirkenes ....6,206km ... And Back -twelve days and eleven nights on the MS Nordcapp; built in 1996, holding 691 passengers, 464 berths, 45 cars, 123.3m long, travelling at a service speed of 15 knots and owned by HurtigrutenASA. -have crossed the Arctic Circle, seen three rainbows in one day, been to the northern most point in Europe, been to the point where Russia,Finland and Norway meet, witnessed the Northern Lights, stood under the Milky way, saw seals swim in the harbour and looked for trolls in the TrollFjord. -have gone on tours to see the Art Nouveau in Aalesund, seen the Arctic Cathedral and Polaria in Tromsoe, looked into a replica of a Sami tent on the way to North Cape, visited numerous museums which all mentioned the ... read more
Twelve Days of Luxury
The Guilded Staircase
Many Pieces of Art on Board

Europe » Norway » Northern Norway » Kirkenes July 12th 2007

Sitting in the airport in Kirkenes, Norway. Practically the end of the earth ... or at least it looks like it. We're waaaaaay up on the planet. Roughly a thousand miles from the North Pole, which from here is only reachable if you get on an ice breaker. There's a good ice breaker joke in there somewhere, but I didn't sleep well last night and am too tired to work for it. And as fun as that may sound, I'm headed back to Oslo. The airport is actually a tin-roofed shack where little turbo props buzz up. The guy who took our ticket is also the guy who loads the luggage. And the security guy was also restocking the snack bar. I don't think unionized labor has really taken hold in Norway. But socialism definitely ... read more

Europe » Norway » Northern Norway » Kirkenes June 7th 2006

Day 32: Wednesday 7th. June: Sunny: We boarded the ship "NARVIK" at 10.30 and was given the key to our cabin. We thought of 6 days on board so we unpacked everything and did our washing so the place looked like a chinese laundry in a very short time (11am). Next thing the cabin crew were telling us we were not meant to be in the cabin until 1pm so pack everything up including wet washing because the room was not ready for occupation. We started to repack slowly and then were told, it was OK to stay as the cabin had been cleaned. The cabin was OK but the shower was the best we'd had for ages as water went down he drain- not over the floor and out the door. With the housework ... read more
Day 32   Hurtigruten Cruise
Day 32   Hurtigruten Cruise
Day 32   Hurtigruten Cruise

Europe » Norway » Northern Norway » Kirkenes June 5th 2006

Day 30: 5th. June 2006: Clear and sunny with mist over the mountain: Flight to Kirkenes with baggage allowance 15Kg and hand luggage max 5 kg. We knew this before we left Perth so all was oK especially as we were wearing so much warm gear now. Well Kirkenes very different to the other places in landscape, flora and people. Most shops were closed so, not many people around at all so we went walking round the town. We are only a couple of miles away from the Russian border. Daylight all the time. Day 31: Fine and sunny: We had a very nice breakfast with a large selection of fish and 9 fish pastes, also normal Aussie food sort of. People different - dressed like people out of a Poirot movie. We walked up ... read more
Day 30 Norway Tromso to Kirkenes
Day 31 Norway Kirkenes
Day 31 Norway Kirkenes

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