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Europe » Netherlands » Zealand » Middelburg April 23rd 2019

On Saturday, Debussy left Middleburg at 2:30 for a long day and overnight back to Amsterdam for. As the weather was marvelous, we spent the entire afternoon outdoors on the top deck, enjoying the sunshine, the cool breeze and the beautiful scenery. After transiting a series of locks, entered a large bay with islands. Hundreds of sailboats were out taking advantage of the unusually wonderful weather on a Saturday afternoon. Fran snapped a picture of some Dutch campers. Occasionally, our relaxation was punctuated with 4 short blasts of the horn which is to remind boaters to get the f out of the way. Boaters can be really stupid. Except for watching, other activities up top included eating and drinking and maybe a little exercise. Fran did a full hour of Yoga and she did a special ... read more
Yoga Girl
Approaching Locks
Locks Opening

Europe » Netherlands » Zealand » Middelburg April 22nd 2019

Sometime in the middle of the night a couple of nights ago, I felt the boat move unusually. We seldom felt any movement except when docking or turning sharply and that was more that we could hear the bow and stern thrusters. The ship is remarkably stable. Then again, we are in canals and slow moving rivers, not the North Sea. Anyway, I woke up. There were blinking red lights visible through the shades. I got out of bed and opened the curtains. The blinking red lights were outlining two huge cooling towers of a nuclear power plant. There was quite a chop as we passed it by. I woke Fran to show her and even she was impressed by the immensity of the towers. We woke up Saturday morning in the quiet, clean, well-maintained town ... read more
Middleburg Synagogue
Middleburg houseboats
Fran Picture

Europe » Netherlands » Zealand April 17th 2018

Operation Market Garden was a huge and risky bid for the allies to try and end WW2 by crossing over the bridge at Arnhem, bypassing the Siegfried line and surprising the enemy troops. However it all went disastrously wrong and many airmen lost their lives while others were hidden by the Dutch resistance and later helped to escape. It began with a massive parachute drop 6 miles away from the bridge by the 1st Airborne Division supported by Polish troops as well as some Americans and Canadians. They also dropped some guns and ammunition but some of these dropped in enemy territory. Little did they know that the Germans were heavily fortified with guns and tanks and they didn't have a chance. We went to the Museum which was Hartenstein house, which was used as the ... read more
The Museum
Memorial from the Airborne Division
Soldier with child monument

Europe » Netherlands » Zealand April 15th 2018

.Yet another highly amusing Dutch guide took us around the delightful village of Veere. This was once a very active fishing village but once the storm surge barrier was erected the fishermen didn't have such easy access to the sea anymore and now it relies on a little bit of tourism. The streets are cobbled and the old houses are very attractive. There was a huge influx of Scottish people in the 16th century when the local lord married a daughter of James 1st of Scotland and he allowed the Scots a monopoly on the wool trade. One of the largest and prettiest houses is the Scottish wool house now a small museum. The city hall from 1474 is also a very attractive building. We were very lucky that the sun was shining so sitting by ... read more
A Vermeer scene
The Scottish wool house
Roman cistern by the church

Europe » Netherlands » Zealand » Middelburg April 10th 2018

The Amalea left Hoorn during dinner last night, and cruised all night and this morning to get to Middelburg, in the southern part of the Netherlands (in a province called Zealand - apparently where the name New Zealand came from). It was very pleasant, and sometimes sunny, sitting on our balcony while cruising this morning. After lunch on board, we went on a(nother) walking tour of Middelburg - a small town, with lots of complicated European history. Then back on board, and sailed during dinner again, apparently had to catch the times of the bridge openings, en route to Belgium.... read more
From the balcony
From the sundeck of the ship
Had to wait for this boat to leave the lock, so we could enter

Europe » Netherlands » Zealand » Zoutelande July 20th 2016

Le printemps a mis du temps à montrer le bout de son nez… Nous voici partis tout de même en juin afin de prendre l’air et surtout se sentir encore un peu plus en vacances…. Ayant parcourus plus de 5000 kilomètres lors de notre dernier voyage en avril et mai en France, Espagne et Portugal nous partons donc un peu plus près car un plus long voyage est déjà prévu pour fin juillet et août… PAYS-BAS : nous nous rendons en Zélande et nous installons au camping de Zouteland ! très sympa, très propre, juste à côté de la mer…. En résumé nous avons trouvé (par chance car les campings sont complets ce week end !) un endroit où nous pensons bien revenir de temps en temps… Zoutelande est un village qui appartient à la commune ... read more

Europe » Netherlands » Zealand April 24th 2015

Day 10 April 24 - Veere, Zealand, Netherlands We arrived in Veere and after breakfast, we chose to skip the tour of the delta works and go inside one of the many dams they have protecting the land from the North Sea. Instead we walked into this small, sparsely inhabited town of only 500 that has been in existence since 1281. What a treat we were in for. We absolutely fell in love with this town. So clean and charming. There were docks on both sides of the town with beautiful yachts and sail boats. A huge church that was built centuries ago and not is an event center. We stopped at an outdoor cafe in the town center square and enjoyed hot chocolate with a large bowl of fresh whipped cream. We also ordered apple ... read more

Europe » Netherlands » Zealand » Cadzand April 8th 2015

Texto en castellano después del francés... Otro dia entraré primero el castellano asi todo el mundo contento ! El titulo dice : salimos con bufandas y volvimos con lindos colores... Enfin un début de printemps... et nous voici partis avec Pollux le jour de Pâques ! Nous prenons la route vers les Pays-Bas et arriver à Cadzand. Une première uniquement pour faire le point : Pollux est content de nous ? sommes-nous contents de lui... A chaque jour suffit sa peine, ce premier départ nous aura déjà demandé pas mal de boulot d'agencement... Le jour de Pâques nous ferons 330,02 kilomètres en 4h37 de voyage, à du 71 km/heure et 8,9 L aux cents kms. ! pour nous rendre aux Pays-Bas et retrouver la mer. Car si Luxembourg est un pays génial à habier, il ne ... read more
Ma marraine et ma filleule !  Mi madrina y mi ahijada !

Europe » Netherlands » Zealand October 11th 2014

Sat 11th Haringvreter Island – 13nm Big yacht race started today – Breskens to Antwerp. There were heaps of boats involved so we let them all go before we took off about 1030. We crossed the channel (didn’t have too many ships to avoid this time, just a Ferry that had to pass us from behind) and then called up the lock master to open the lock. Once we got in, he called us back and told us that the rest of the locks were closed up to Middleburg until 1630. Wish he had told us this yesterday when we visited. Oh well, never mind...such is the cruising life. We tied up against a pontoon (that wasn’t connected to the shore) and sat back to mull over the day – with another coffee. Saw a ‘gig’ ... read more
Thru first bridge...
Going thru second
Stunning little town

Europe » Netherlands » Zealand » Vlissingen October 11th 2014

Thurs 9thOctober Oh busy day...washing, internetting, and waiting for customs. They came at 2pm with “Good news and Bad news”. “The good news can stay longer than 6mths, and the bad news is that we were wrong”. They were very lovely admitting that they really didn’t know – but as we said, a good learning experience and now they do know for all the other non EU boats that they come across in future!! Fri 10th Many of the Marinas here have bikes you can borrow (free of charge). So, as Breskens is so flat, we borrowed two bikes for the day, rode into Breskens and then caught the ferry across to Vlissingen – bikes and all. We spent hours riding around and exploring the town. We found the markets and then spent ages walking ... read more
Off to Vlissengen via Ferry
2014-10-10 12.10.12
Fish n chips

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