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Europe » Netherlands » South Holland » Delft August 1st 2017

I am starting this blog the day before we set off on our family holiday to Delft. We are an extended family, travelling together, to a city in South Holland, which we all know and love, having been there two years ago. We are a retired couple with a motor home and will will travel to Harwich tomorrow, to sail at night, waking up in The Hook of Holland on Thursday morning. Other family members joining us are Marcus, our eldest son, with his wife Sara and our grandchildren Jacob and Becky, they are traveling in their own car and look forward to sleeping in their new tent. Danny, our younger son will join us too with wife Claire and daughter Phoebe, they are also "tenting". We had tropical weather two years ago and would like ... read more

Europe » Netherlands » South Holland » Delft August 1st 2017

A new day and we are off. Another adventure in the tram, this time a little further to the town of Delft, famous for its blue and white hand painted pottery. It took a little time and a good walk to find the Delft Pottery factory but it was a pleasant walk along the side of a canal where boats and ducks and geese were gliding along. We came across an Indian bicycle rickshaw and of course had to stop for a photo op! We finally found the factory and were taken on a short tour where they explained how the pottery was made and how the designs were placed on the pottery. Very interesting and expensive! We did get some very small items wanting to keep our luggage light. Following our tour we shared a ... read more
A Fun Day in Delft
Delft Pottery Factory
Delft Factory Tour

Europe » Netherlands » South Holland » Delft July 2nd 2017

After a cold sausage roll and cheese croissant, we headed off to Delft where we were meeting Mara for the day. There was track work so a bus took us to Duivendrecht and then the train to Delft. On the train, we found out that there are more than one train company and that we were on the yellow line but had swiped through a blue line turnstile. This meant we would be charged €20 each at the end Apparently, you can claim this back but it takes time. The conductor suggested we buzz at the end and ask them to let us through which we did. Mara met us at the station and drove us to Rotterdam Harbour to Maasvlakle 2 which is the name of the new port. The visitors centre is called FutureLand. ... read more
Mara and Toni
Delft town square
One of the many canals Delft

Europe » Netherlands » South Holland » Delft July 1st 2016

The attraction of Delft, believe it or not, wasn't the the beautiful blue and white china. We had been a bit disappointed that Gitte's university exams happened to fall exactly at the time we were in The Netherlands, but in a sudden lightbulb moment I suggested we drive up and meet her for lunch after her last exam today. It was only a 90 minute drive so it all worked out perfectly. We were thrilled to see her and were able to hand over some Freddo Frogs that we'd carried all the way from home! Gitte was a great tour guide of her new city. I had been keen to try real Dutch pofterjes, and she had organised for us to go to a great pancake restaurant on the square in Delft where we were sure ... read more
Meeting up with Gitte, Delft.
The only tulips we saw in June!
Frank and Fred pub crawl on bikes

Europe » Netherlands » South Holland » Delft May 25th 2016

Being back home It’s been almost three weeks since I set foot on Dutch soil for the first time in half a year and for the first time in 2016. I almost got into an accident on my first night, cause I had been awake for about 50 hours and was cycling on the wrong side of the road. But apart from that it's been really great. Life in Holland is back on track. I'm working at the Beergarden in The Hague, doing bar work and organizing events. And seeing all my family, friends, cats, neighbors and colleagues again has been really fun; but can also be a bit weird at times. Lots of people ask me how my travels have been, but how am I supposed to summarize half a year of new countries, cultures, ... read more

Europe » Netherlands » South Holland » Delft October 26th 2015

This is it you guys: In less than a week I'll be leaving the Netherlands for an extended period of time again! But this time around I won't be studying or going to high school. No, this time it's all about exploring new continents, cultures and creating memories to last a lifetime. For the last year I've been saving more than 600 euro a month for this trip and I've spend the last month preparing, packing and most of all: Making lists. Lists of places I want to visit, sights I want to see and things I want to bring. All of these lists were way too long, so I've had to tone them down a bit. But I think I've got them down to a decent size now ;) Also , the list of things ... read more

Europe » Netherlands » South Holland » Delft July 16th 2014

What kind of sign is it when my bag weighs 49 pounds before we ever leave San Diego? I'm sure I'll use 25 pounds of hair products before I leave - right? Other than the impending doom of too much weight for the way home, the flight to Atlanta and then Amsterdam go without a hitch. The train to Delft was clean and on time and the country side was green and pastoral. Everything in sight is well kept and clean, cows, sheep and goats are grazing everywhere, and boats float on the zillions of canals. We pass lot after parking lot filled with bikes - I can't wait to get on one myself! Or eat all that delicious cow, sheep, and goat cheese. Once we are in Delft, we find the Hotel Leeuwensbrug to be ... read more
Rooftops Delft
Main Square, Delft
Canal, Delft Netherlands

Europe » Netherlands » South Holland » Delft May 12th 2014

Monday What a difference a day makes! We started off this morning with a much smaller group; only ten of us continued on after yesterday's ride. The rest said they would ride again on Tuesday. While it was still mostly cloudy and windy, there were only two occasions of very short showers, one we were able to take shelter under the canopy of trees and the other didn't last long at all. We also had periods of sunshine; honestly without Sunday's ride we would not have appreciated today. The countryside was so beautiful; I had not thought about seeing so many geese, ducks and swans and their offspring, but they were everywhere. All the canals were full of new life and we really enjoyed stopping to take pictures or just watching the swans protecting their young. ... read more

Europe » Netherlands » South Holland » Delft August 1st 2013

We took the tram to Delft today. (The tram system in Holland is absolutely brilliant.) Delft is just 12kms from The Hague and is a beautiful, beautiful little city. It's medieval structure has been preserved unbelievably well. It is also the home of William of Orange, Johannes Vermeer and of course Delftware! We followed an historical walk trail which took us to The Oude Kerk, (Old Church) built in the 11th century and the The Nieuwe Kerk (New Church) built in the 14th century. The Oude Kerk is the final resting place of the famous Dutch artist Johannes Vermeer and the Nieuwe Kerk is the final resting place of William of Orange. We visited the Markt (Market), walked along the canal lined streets, crossed many of Delft's iconic bridges and admired the traditional Delft houses. We ... read more

Europe » Netherlands » South Holland » Delft April 24th 2013

A bit of a late start after our cosy night in Bertha the six man tent with Lilo Lil. I spent ages in the shower as it was so hot and then Ian headed to the showers as well…. we made it off the site by 11am! Finally setting off our first stop was to find Fort Rammekins, near Vlissingen. Surprise…we couldn’t find it! We have maps that show points of interest but the sign posting seems to be non-existent in the Netherlands, but Woolly did find his first windmill…. Woolly says – I was dead chuffed to find it and then another seven came along, I’m getting windmilled out! We decided to follow the N57 which proved to be full of brilliant scenery, although flat the views are spectacular and the houses and towns were ... read more
ANOTHER windmill!!!
Castle at Burgh Haamstede
Docks at Vlissinggen

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