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Europe » Netherlands » Gelderland » Gaanderen October 10th 2019

The years, like the seasons, like the Intermezzo's go by. They come and go, ever and anon. And so I find myself writing my 19th Intermezzo blog, or in Latin numbers: Intermezzo XIX! Who would have thought all those years ago? My travels have changed over the years, mostly in length to be honest. I used to travel up to eight months a year, now it is more like five. If I am lucky! Sometimes it is less. My Intermezzo's on the other hand have remained remarkably consistent. There is always the urgent need for money when I return, the frenzied search for a trial, the sigh of relief when I find one, and the even bigger sigh of relief when I actually manage to participate in it without it being cancelled, and the ultimate sight ... read more

Europe » Netherlands » Gelderland » Appeltern August 8th 2019

We have almost completed seeing everyone we hoped to see and this morning it was coffee time with more cousins in Schijndel at Hannie and Sjef’s house, and also Hannie’s brother Christ. It was great to meet up again with them, and to see Hannie’s garden. She has won 9 national championships in garden arrangement, as well as more than 20 provincial titles. Little wonder she came up with a great suggestion for us to spend our afternoon, that is to visit Appeltern gardens which I had not heard of before. But first she fed us, then she insisted in packing a full lunch for us to enjoy among those gardens. The GPS would have sent us the long way around, almost as far as Nijmegen, but Sjeff’s recommendation was far better and more scenic, leading ... read more
fltr: Sjef, Christ, Ferdy, Hannie
Ferry across the Maas
Appeltern Gardens

Europe » Netherlands » Gelderland » Nijmegen July 18th 2019

Our hosts gave us coupons for the Nederlandse Spoorwegen (NS) to get deals to travel by train. After having downloaded their app, we bought tickets to go to Nijmegen to watch some of the events going on in that city with the Vier-Daagse, which is the largest walking event in the world held here every year. The March of the World has some 48,000 participants walking 30, 40 or 50 kilometres per day for four straight days. While mostly for private entries, each NATO country sends army representatives to walk in full uniform and full pack. People dress up, sing and dance as they complete their daily walk and cross the finish line. The sidelines are packed with family, tourists like us and many other well-wishers, who also dance and applaud as they sip on ice-cold ... read more
Canadian walker.
All walks of life and ages are in this.
The whole downtown area was closed to traffic.

Europe » Netherlands » Gelderland » Zutphen June 9th 2019

Today was devoted to Peggy’s family and a visit to Zutphen, the small town south of Amsterdam from which her relatives departed in the late 1600s to avoid various bloodbaths resulting from battles with the Spanish, the French and the English. Most of the time the residents of Zutphen were the victims of the battles rather than the aggressors or defenders. Hendrick Rycken came to New Amsterdam in 1663 and was the progenitor of a huge family (12 boys). As part of coming to the New World, Hendrick added “von Zuytdam” (south of the dam) to his name as a distinction and it became Zuytdam and then Suydam. Back to the present, we took an early train from Amsterdam, changing at Arnhem for Zutphen. Walking into town was quick as the station was right on the ... read more

Europe » Netherlands » Gelderland » Gaanderen November 10th 2018

It's been a long, hot, dry summer. An endless summer that started when I got back from my last trip in April. 'But that's spring!' You might cry, and you would be right, but it was already warm like summer in April. The blossoms were in the trees, the air was sweet and fragrant, and the wind was hot, hinting at things to come. The grass was still green and rain wasn't a distant dream yet. Time went by and the blossoms made way for the first shoots of green on the trees, and rain became more sporadic. In the meantime I found a trial and soon was ensconced in a clinic in the north of my country for three weeks. They took us out for daily walks, I got to see a lot of Groningen, ... read more

Europe » Netherlands » Gelderland July 9th 2017

Hello peeps, me again :). Last time i talked about my trip and what i am going to do, now it is time for me to tell you about my costs. As many of you may know Australia is not cheap.... at all. I work 7 days a week trying to get all the money for this journey. I work at a restaurant, a store and sometimes doing little jobs at peoples houses. But even by working a lot i cant get all the money by my self. Let me show you what i have to pay for this trip. Lecturephase: 4900,- AUD ~€3200,- (paid) Outreach phase: 3500-4500 AUD ~€2300,-/€3000 Airline Tickets: ~€1700,- (one way ticket paid €850,-) Visa 560 AUD ~€370,- (paid) Camera: Given! As you can see that is a lot of money. As ... read more

Europe » Netherlands » Gelderland » Arnhem June 6th 2017

Wonderful time visiting friends Leo and Ellen in the Netherlands. Spent some time at their home, as well as a day in Amsterdam. Took a canal tour and had typical Dutch food at The Pantry restaurant in Amsterdam -- very delicious! We stayed overnight at The College Hotel, run by students in the hotel business, which was very nice.... read more

Europe » Netherlands » Gelderland June 4th 2017

Hello familly, friends and unknown people of this world. My name is Dave Kole, i am 18 years old and i am going to Australia. Let me tell you first about me. I am a guy living in The Netherlands. I love watching movies and series. I do fitness and i work at a restaurant. So that is me. Now let me tell you about my journey to Australia. At the end of September i will be going to Australia to attend a school called YWAM Withsunday. What kind of school is that? It is a school where you will learn about faith and get to know God. This school is divided into two phases. Phase 1: the lecture phase. This take about 3 months of schooling on their base in Airlie Beach Queensland Australia. After ... read more

Europe » Netherlands » Gelderland » Arnhem June 30th 2015

.... and then they visited Portugal, the north coast of Spain, before returning for a 5 week tour of UK..... OK. I accept that this is not the most in depth description I have ever provided but have got stuck so far behind, that unless I take this move the blog will never move on. I promise that the above places will get their own blogs in the form of flashbacks or occasional reminiscence. When I can think of a plausible excuse for falling so far behind, I will let you know. Instead get ready for exciting tales from Belgium and Holland !!! G... read more

Europe » Netherlands » Gelderland » Groesbeek June 12th 2015

JWalking Suddenly seems a little surreal to actually be here in Holland after all the weeks and months of planning and organising. Day One was such a long one, up at 3 then breakfast at 4 before check-in at 5. So early! Good journey though as we got to Weeze on time and picked up the minibus with no problems. Very strange flying into my old RAF station though, it's no longer RAF Laarbruch but has become Dusseldorf/Weeze airport. Managed to have a good wander round before the bus came and most of the old buildings are still there. Brought back so many memories of people and events that I thought I had long forgotten. Great days. Very emotional journey to Nijmegen too as we passed by so many places that we knew from the RAF ... read more

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