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Europe » Malta » Malta » Bugibba July 7th 2013

Hey guys! Here's my little travel blog for my latest trip to Malta, where I met up with four of my Erasmus friends from Germany last year - Daniel from Malta, Amalie from Denmark, Camilla from Sweden and Onur from Turkey. The trip had been planned for almost a year, and eventually lasted just over a week, with the girls arriving early on Monday morning, before me and Onur arrived on the Tuesday. Until the Sunday we were staying in an apartment in Buġibba, and it was here that I met the guys for the first time in months! Once we had all arrived we took the long bus ride from one side of the country to the other (lasting a massive 10 minutes) to join a beach barbeque for Daniel's friend's birthday. It was here ... read more
Erasmus Reunion
Isle of MTV

Europe » Malta » Malta » Bugibba July 17th 2012

Yesterday we had another chilled day of reading books, splashing in the pool, going to the waterpark and eating lots of food. Today we are going home. I'm currently sitting on the plane after having been delayed for 2.5 hrs and I'm waiting for the stewardess to bring me some dinner :-) I've enjoyed Malta, the swimming pool and waterpark especially, but it has been a bit too touristy for me, mummy and daddy plus the food hasn't been great. Though I'm not sure i want to go home either - I'm looking forward to seeing my friends, but its cold, raining and as I'm 18 months old today I'm going to be potty training this week :-( Lucas x x... read more
Reading with daddy

Europe » Malta » Malta » Bugibba July 13th 2012

I have had a brilliant day - I went to my very first waterpark! This morning we just spent time next to and in the swimming pool. I got to do lots of jumping in and rides/falls from my crocodile. I also made a new friend, a little girl called Rhianna from France I think. She's about 4 and played throwing the ball with me for ages! After lunch and my nap mummy and daddy took me to a waterpark that's on the waterfront at bugibba. They thought I might be a bit small, but I knew they were wrong :-) it was brilliant, there are lots of fountains and cannons and pipes that spray water, plus shower type tubes that water falls from and buckets that get you soaked if you go under at the ... read more
Cooling down with a nice drink

Europe » Malta » Malta » Bugibba April 27th 2012

MALTA Strictly speaking, this isn’t our first trip of 2012 as we were lucky enough to have 3 weeks in Spain in February. The weather there was glorious and we met up with friends and spent a lot of the time walking in the mountains and socialising. We had hired a car as well so were able to go to the lakes and El Chorro and at last did a Field Club walk where we found the Arab Steps – an old set of steps cut into a mountain, which was built as an escape route for the Moors when they conquered Andalucia. Fantastic views, as there is on most of the walks we do in Spain...... Anyway, our first glimpse of Malta from the plane was very clear and we were able to pick out ... read more
Chris at St Elmos Fort
Blue Lagoon
Cave at the Blue Lagoon!

Europe » Malta » Malta » Bugibba April 7th 2012

This morning we all woke up refreshed and ready to explore. So we paid like 5 euro for buffet breakie which was awesome! We all were stuffed to the brim. Nice day so decided to go to the old capital for the am and head to a beach or the pool for the arvo. When we steppe doutside though it was really cold cos the wind was bitter again like last ight. So, all went back inside to sadly ditch the summer clothes and rug up more! We had directions and instructions as to what buses to catch but ended up wiating like 40min for the 1st bus, grabbed a drink and sat on the side of the road next to a bomb truck for another about 45mins waiting for the next bus. After this i ... read more

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