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Europe » Italy » Veneto » Verona June 12th 2011

In fair Verona... We took this trip from Lake Garda a week or so ago and so memories are fading… Thomas is having difficulty distinguishing his Villains from Millers resulting in some very funny sentences like “why do the Millers have to go in the dungeons?” Cathy and Tony went off to Venice for the day. It being the city for lovers we decided that the 4 of us coming along would cramp their style somewhat and the fair city of Verona just 30 mins away by train beckoned us as an alternative option. Unfortunately, the rain had settled in for the day when we arrived and bought our Verona Card (admission and bus pass in one). Running through the rain we jump on our bus to the CastelVecchio (built 1355 for the Scala family) – ... read more
Castel Vecchio
The arena
where Claire wanted to eat...

Europe » Italy » Veneto » Verona June 3rd 2011

I haven't been able to update until now because we didn't have a dongle, then when we got one it didn't work. It still doesn't. :l anyway. So we actually went to Venice after much discussion. It is the only place you will find where there are no cars – in Venice. Well at least the main attraction part. We stayed in the RV at a caravan park in Venice, then took the bus across the bridge to the outskirts of the centre. The shops there are beautiful, with their amazing masks and Murano glass. The masks they have are really awesome and we had trouble choosing the ones we wanted. We found a shop that we loved and bought a couple. The buildings are beautiful too. They were really cute with flower pots on the ... read more

Europe » Italy » Veneto » Verona May 17th 2011

What exciting times we are having. The last few days have really added to the excitment of Annie's engagment. Arrived in Venice on 14 May and after a false start and only one u-turn (which those of you who know Adrienne will understand has now become a major hiccough ending in disaster) we arrived at our lovely little botique hotel not far from the Accademia Bridge. Sunday it poured and poured with rain, was windy and cold. We spent the day getting lost and soaked but still enjoyed ourselves. The Italians have such style our eyes were nearly popping out of our heads. We visited St Marks Square and Church Museum in the upper reaches. Were able to hear, and see if perched on tip-toes, a service which appeared to be a confirmation with little children ... read more

Europe » Italy » Veneto » Verona May 15th 2011

After spending 2 wonderful days in Milan it was time to head somewhere quieter. We decided to head to Verona vera Lake Como and Lake Garuda. Once again the air pollution was very high. The sky was grey and you couldn't see very far. It is a short trip to Lake Como from Milan. We arrived and immediately remarked how it reminded us of Queenstown only 20 toes bigger. It was very quiet with very few people about. Looking at the large number of boats that ply the waters of the lake it gets extremely busy in summer. We only drove to one end of the lake and sadly didn't see George Cluney's sumptuous manor on the shores of the lake. We continued on to Lake Garuda. The lake is twice as big as Como. The ... read more
Lake Como
Lake Como
Verona Arena

Europe » Italy » Veneto » Verona May 9th 2011

And the title of this blog says it all … well that and the number of tick marks that were made on my Verona Card. You'll see the photo. Ironically I actually got a relatively late start to the day. Like I mentioned yesterday, there are a number of attractions that are closed on Monday so I had to do a bit of strategic planning! So I set off and landed in Piazza Erbe where I had been the day prior. This time around, there were a number of vendors setting up their wares. It was mostly souvenirs but there were also food stalls. I poked around in that for a bit and then headed to the nearby Torre Dei Lamberti. It is a large watchtower that was built between the 12th and 15th century. Because ... read more
Photo 3
Photo 4
Photo 5

Europe » Italy » Veneto » Verona May 8th 2011

I have managed to land in just the cutest of towns ... hence the title of this blog! As with anything with me though, getting here was not just a straight line. There has to be story or two just on how I got here. I am one bumbling episode after the next. First, I was locked into the hotel. My Hotel Milano is a small hotel so there is only reception services until 20:30 and the owner comes in probably to prep for breakfast which starts at around 8 am. Because of that I had actually settled my bill last night (and had mentioned that I would be leaving quite early). When I came into Milan, she had shown me how to use the fob to get into the building after hours. She never bothered ... read more
Photo 3
Photo 4
Photo 5

Europe » Italy » Veneto » Verona March 28th 2011

A day trip to Verona! Getting an early start we started our day trip to Verona on the train, it’s a short trip at just an hour including stops, on arrival to Verona we head straight to the most international landmark...McDonalds! (Trento does not have a McDonalds in the city centre it requires a car to get there). We suss out our hit list of places and ask the information ladies what bus we take to get to our first stop, the arena. We eventually suss which area the E17 stops at and jump on.....after 1 hour and a lovely tour through the ghetto of Verona we return to the station. This time we ask the other lady and she gives us a completely different bus number....this time we check with the bus driver and ask ... read more
Getting some of that good luck!
The view of the castle across the river
The owners of that wonderful bottle shop!

Europe » Italy » Veneto » Verona March 20th 2011

So I realize that I have not blogged in a long time, but my spring break trip to Verona and Venice is definitely worth blogging about. Jane, Deb, Krista, Fllanza (the ESL teacher), and I took seven freshmen boys to Verona and Venice after they had read Romeo and Juliet. Our first stop was Verona. Although Paris is called the city of love, it seems like Verona should have that appellation. Everywhere there are pictures of Romeo and Juliet and the theme of the city’s existence seems to be love. It is a beautiful, small city with more to see than just Juliet’s balcony. We stayed in the Euromotel Croce Bianca – which had great service and the staff was very helpful, which made it great despite the fact that it was about a 15 minute ... read more
Photo 3
Photo 4
Photo 5

Europe » Italy » Veneto » Verona February 5th 2011

Most of the people I spend time are architecture students and as such we have all perfected the balancing act between practicality and creativity. Then we met the art and literature majors. This encounter led us directly to the Italian city of Romance and Whimsy: Verona. First stop: the stadium. The stadium in Verona is a mini-colosseum, except for it has a well-preserved hole in the center where they used to hoist animals and fighters up into the ring (the colosseum's main floor has collapsed revealing the various passages and rooms under the ring). This was especially entertaining for us, because the pit meant we could pretend we were bad-ass Spartans like in the movie 300! Naturally we took turns being King Leonidas who kicks the "messenger" (usually my friend devon) into "the pit of death." ... read more
Verona (25)
Verona (32)
Verona (34)

Europe » Italy » Veneto » Verona December 31st 2010

This was just a stop off on our way through to Venice for New Years. What WAS exciting about this place, though, was that it is the setting of several Shakespearean plays... including Romeo and Juliet. They say the play is based on a true story and there is a balcony that they say is Juliet's. It was quite cute. I bought a little gift for Jess here and got my own name embroided beautifully (and better yet for free) but an Aussie gal working at the shop next to the balcony. Other than this, Verona had a few good shopping spots and a cool arena that had a huge star popping out of it for New Year. Next stop VENICE!!!... read more
My letter to Juliet
Juliet's balcony
Statue of Juliet

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