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Europe » Italy » Veneto » Verona July 16th 2011

We arrived in Verona early in the afternoon, after a short train trip from Venice. Verona is so different from Venice: cleaner, less crowded, with more open spaces and amazing Roman theater. We all fell in love with the beauty of Verona and it’s gorgeous Roman walls and 13th century buildings and piazzas. Liliana’s father and grandmother had arrived in Verona on the night before, so we met them at the hotel Accademia, which is right in the center of the old town. We walked to a cafe for lunch and then came back to the rooms to rest before going out to La Traviata later in the evening. The girls “napped” for about 3 and a half hours. We woke them up for a relatively early dinner (7:30 pm is early for dinner in Italy) ... read more
Beth, Italietta, and Miguel at a cafe
Chonsa and Liliana in the Arena audience
Arena wall

Europe » Italy » Veneto » Verona July 9th 2011

This is our first blog of seven about our honeymoon in Italy. After a 3:30am wake up call to get to the airport Nikki and I were pretty tired by the time we arrived in Verona. I always worry until I’ve landed and got all of my luggage and seeing as this was our honeymoon I was particularly worried. Once we had everything we hopped in a cab and in no time at all we were at our hotel, Albergo Aurora. Our hotel was not a posh hotel in terms of star rating but its location was awesome, it is situated on Piazza Erbe, a bustling market place during the day and at night home to restaurants & bars, it is walking distance to literally all of the tourist attractions. Our room was fantastic, the only ... read more
Looking down the stairs in the bell tower
Statue outside our hotel at night
Clock tower of Castel Vecchio

Europe » Italy » Veneto » Verona July 2nd 2011

Saturday, July 2, 2011 Onward to Verona After checking out of the hostel, I zipped over to the train station to catch the 8:30 train to Verona. It is a connecting station from Bolzano to Venice, and so a side trip to see the town would be more economical of my time then coming back to Verona once I was in Venice. At the Verona train station, I dropped off my suitcase at the bag storage facility and caught a very crowded bus into the old city. The Rick Steves self-guided walking tour said all the significant sites could be covered in 1.5 hours. I was giving myself three hours, knowing there would be crowds and the likelihood of me getting lost. Roman Arena Seeing Roman ruins is very different than seeing a Roman structure still ... read more
Roman Arena
Roman Arena
Roman Arena

Europe » Italy » Veneto » Verona June 27th 2011

Sud, Est, What? I thought I'd done a good job getting us out of Venice and on the road to Verona, but the Autostrada exits did us in. We ended up going the long route via the Nord exit which was annoying as it cost us about half an hour. Anyway, hoping to avoid any more lost time, I entered "Juliet's House" into our trusty Google Maps on the i-pad. Miraculously, it did come up with only that information. I am still not sure whether we should have parked where we did, (it was too good to be true), but Juliet obviously wanted Isabel to visit her house as there was no parking ticket when we returned. The town of Verona is gorgeous, with a beautiful fountain in a square bordered by cafes. The old Roman ... read more
Casa di Giulietta
One Happy Girl
The streets of Verona

Europe » Italy » Veneto » Verona June 26th 2011

Sunday 19th June We wake up to a lovely sunny day and hit the road bound for Lake Como. Como itself was busy and very town-y, we're drove through zig zagging through the town in heavy traffic due to the now legendary Italian signage. Both glad we didn't book to stay in Como while on Lake Como. We finally found the road to Bellagio, a fantastic flowing road which would have been an amazing ride had it not been for the millions of other cars slowly winding through. A procession of lovely old Fiat's passed us, there must've been about 50 of them! Lake Como was glistening in the sun, dotted with boats of all sizes. The shores were little towns dotted along, plenty of villas....and palaces, restaurants every few hundred metres of less. Now this ... read more

Europe » Italy » Veneto » Verona June 19th 2011

It's been more than 20 years since I last had the pleasure of setting foot inside the beloved boot of Europe. My friend Blue and I had signed up for a little Dolomiti walking holiday and decided to tack on a couple of shakespearean side trips to make the most of the Italian charm. Flew into Venezia, short night in a dodgy (but cheap) hotel in Venezia Mestre then off to Verona on Saturday morning for a couple of days wandering the beautiful city. I always forget how beautiful these cities can be with their narrow roads, well worn pathways and tiled roofs. Of course my favourite way of experiencing any place is by eating the local fare, so I'm pleased to report that day 1 Verona was spent whiling away the hours in a restaurant ... read more
Look at the cast alll around the place
Ahh the glamour
Lunch view

Europe » Italy » Veneto » Verona June 12th 2011

In fair Verona... We took this trip from Lake Garda a week or so ago and so memories are fading… Thomas is having difficulty distinguishing his Villains from Millers resulting in some very funny sentences like “why do the Millers have to go in the dungeons?” Cathy and Tony went off to Venice for the day. It being the city for lovers we decided that the 4 of us coming along would cramp their style somewhat and the fair city of Verona just 30 mins away by train beckoned us as an alternative option. Unfortunately, the rain had settled in for the day when we arrived and bought our Verona Card (admission and bus pass in one). Running through the rain we jump on our bus to the CastelVecchio (built 1355 for the Scala family) – ... read more
Castel Vecchio
The arena
where Claire wanted to eat...

Europe » Italy » Veneto » Verona June 3rd 2011

I haven't been able to update until now because we didn't have a dongle, then when we got one it didn't work. It still doesn't. :l anyway. So we actually went to Venice after much discussion. It is the only place you will find where there are no cars – in Venice. Well at least the main attraction part. We stayed in the RV at a caravan park in Venice, then took the bus across the bridge to the outskirts of the centre. The shops there are beautiful, with their amazing masks and Murano glass. The masks they have are really awesome and we had trouble choosing the ones we wanted. We found a shop that we loved and bought a couple. The buildings are beautiful too. They were really cute with flower pots on the ... read more

Europe » Italy » Veneto » Verona May 17th 2011

What exciting times we are having. The last few days have really added to the excitment of Annie's engagment. Arrived in Venice on 14 May and after a false start and only one u-turn (which those of you who know Adrienne will understand has now become a major hiccough ending in disaster) we arrived at our lovely little botique hotel not far from the Accademia Bridge. Sunday it poured and poured with rain, was windy and cold. We spent the day getting lost and soaked but still enjoyed ourselves. The Italians have such style our eyes were nearly popping out of our heads. We visited St Marks Square and Church Museum in the upper reaches. Were able to hear, and see if perched on tip-toes, a service which appeared to be a confirmation with little children ... read more

Europe » Italy » Veneto » Verona May 15th 2011

After spending 2 wonderful days in Milan it was time to head somewhere quieter. We decided to head to Verona vera Lake Como and Lake Garuda. Once again the air pollution was very high. The sky was grey and you couldn't see very far. It is a short trip to Lake Como from Milan. We arrived and immediately remarked how it reminded us of Queenstown only 20 toes bigger. It was very quiet with very few people about. Looking at the large number of boats that ply the waters of the lake it gets extremely busy in summer. We only drove to one end of the lake and sadly didn't see George Cluney's sumptuous manor on the shores of the lake. We continued on to Lake Garuda. The lake is twice as big as Como. The ... read more
Lake Como
Lake Como
Verona Arena

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