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Europe » Italy » Tuscany » Livorno December 27th 2021

Europe » Italy » Tuscany » Livorno July 12th 2021

This was also my first time spent on a cruise ship and my first time spent over night on a ship. It was my first time cruising around the Tyrrhenian sea. The first boat was called Ausonia (Palermo to Livorno) and the second was Smeralda (Livorno to Palermo) ... read more
The crossing

Europe » Italy » Tuscany » Livorno July 9th 2021

I had a 4 day break in Pisa which I did because I had an appointment with the Questura in Florence, to pick up my biometric Italian residency card. In the beginning, it seemed like an arduous duty. In the end, I did far more pleasurable things than visiting the Questura to pick up my residency card, and without expecting it, is was as enjoyable as my second to last break, which I took in Venice. This trip was a mixture of enjoying new activities, cherishing the old ones and making the most of friendships which I'd already made during my past trips here. ... read more
Ferry crossing : Palermo to Livorno

Europe » Italy » Tuscany » Livorno October 15th 2015

We slept well after our day ashore in Rome. Our plan was to meet Ruth and her friends around 8 AM in the Main Lobby, and join them for a tour to Lucca and Vicci scheduled to start at 8 AM ashore. Ruth figured the guide would wait we could blame it on needing to wait for the elevators to get the two scooters down and she didn’t want to be rushed. I told Sharon that we should probably get there before 8 PM or Ruth would be telling the guide that they had to wait for us! Sharon said no, so we took our time in the Lido getting our typical Lido breakfast. When we got to the Lido we noticed that we were still at sea, and our daily planner said that would should ... read more

Europe » Italy » Tuscany » Livorno July 11th 2014

The following port, Livorno, I took the Florence on your own & Wine Tasting shore excursion. It was VERY crowded in Florence and there was only about 2 hours to visit. There was not enough time to enter most of the major sites, as lines were very long. Luckily I had been to most of the sites so went into the Gucci Museum, which is fun if you enjoy fashion history, 6 euros for a self guided visit. The second half of the tour took us to an interesting winery in Tuscany, Villa del Trebbio. After the tour of the winery we were seated in a large room with tables. We were introduced to the art of wine tasting, educated on Extra Virgin Olive oils, and pairing wines with Tuscan appetizers, followed by a Vin Santo ... read more
Beautiful art everywhere
Don't miss the Duomo
Santa Croce

Europe » Italy » Tuscany » Livorno May 16th 2014

Geo: 43.5519, 10.308 GÜN 16 GÜNLERDEN CUMA: Gece gemide, survivor modunda bir yere kıvrıldım ....fakat Ayşe, hiç uyuyamamış anlaşılan . Sabah uyandığımda, kahvaltısını yapıyordu ve dün geceyi sesli geçirdiğime dair,beni zan altında bırakan raporunu verdi. Etrafta kimse kalmamış . Tahribat büyük galiba.. 07:15 te Livorno limanına vardık. Geçen hafta nasıl bıraktıysak öyle duruyor Yeri gelmişken biraz Livorno 'dan söz edelim. Burası gerçekten İtalya 'da sıradışı bir kent . Patronum Bernar Bey'le bir tarihte Tunceli 'yi ziyaret ediyoruz. Bayimiz ,aynı zamanda belediye başkanı ve o yıl yılın öğretmeni seçilmiş. Hitabet kuvvetli... Bernar beyi yakalamışken,yemekte ,şehrin itfaiyesinin olmadığını açıklayarak ,bir kamyon hibe edilmesini talep ediyor. Bernar Bey yemeğini bitirme... read more
gün ağarırken
biraz uykusuz

Europe » Italy » Tuscany » Livorno May 10th 2014

Geo: 43.5519, 10.308 GÜN 10 GÜNLERDEN CUMARTESİ: Saat 07:00 de uyandım. Hava mis gibi Kuş sesleri… Buğulu bir göl ,cennetten bir köşe adeta. Kursaal ,gerçekten harika bir yer ,ama maalesef bugün oldukça yolumuz var O nedenle anlaşılan ,bu sefer keyfine varamayacağız.. 07:30 da yola çıkmağa hazırdık.. Kampın ve otelin sahibi bizi hemen hatırladı. Biz 2010 yılında burada kalan, ilk Türklerdik ve bu nedenle bize bir indirim yapmıştı. Bu kez de hatırlayınca 7 E indirim yaptı.. Az değil yani.. Yolumuz çok rahat geçti ..eski tanıdık yerlerden geçip Ayşe'cikle anıları yad ettik.. Siena'nın içinden geçtik… Poggibonsi,Emboli hep anılarımızın olduğu yerler.. Bu şekilde çok keyifli bir yolun sonunda denize,Livorno'ya vardık. Her gün,günün karelerini toplayarak video haline getirdim ve kolaylık olsun diye You tube'a koydum ...ilgilen... read more

Europe » Italy » Tuscany » Livorno September 22nd 2013

Geo: 43.5519, 10.308Well, the port didn't change but the city did. We were supposed to go to Pisa and Florence, Italy but Florence was cancelled because of a bicycle event that closed down access to most of the town. We had a private tour scheduled but even Holland America changed around all their tours as well. Mom wanted to see the birthplace of her mother but instead, we went to Lucca followed by the Tower of Pisa in the afternoon. We were split up into 2 vans and ours had free on board wifi. Of course, I didn't bring the iPad but I did have my iPhone and even with a low battery, got Mom onto her email. The first part of our journey was a 40 minute ride to Lucca with everyone in our van ... read more
Walking through town in early morning
Here's Mom
Damage done here

Europe » Italy » Tuscany » Livorno September 1st 2013

Geo: 43.5519, 10.308Today, our first of four tours booked for our Mediterranean cruise. Our first stop in Italy was Livorno. After disembarking, and boarding our tour bus, we set off to the nearby city of Pisa. Its not hard to guess why. The leaning tower of Pisa draws thousands of people every day. The tower doesn't stand alone, but rather as one of four buildings within the 'Miracle Square' along with a dome chapel, cathedral and crypt. The Dome of the chapel was impressive, along with an audio demonstration of the effect of echo within. The cathedral was largely off limits due to Sunday mass, but we still managed a quick look inside.Next on to the main event, the leaning tower, which certainly justifies its title. Standing at around 55 metres, the tower titles 4 metres ... read more
Miracle Square
Dome Exterior
Dome Interior

Europe » Italy » Tuscany » Livorno April 22nd 2013

Sunday 22nd April, 2013 - Livorno, Italy We awoke this morning to find that the toilet had stopped flushing again and although we had sailed overnight we still had no hot water. We went to breakfast in the restaurant which was excellent. We caught the shuttle bus into Livorno. We spent a couple of pleasant hours wandering around the canals and the market. The main attraction on this walk was the Fortezza Vecchia, one of Livorno's most important historic monuments. This stately fortress is the result of a number of superimposed additions made over the centuries. It was actually closed for repairs but as M leant on the 'padlocked' gate to take a photo it swung open. M only just managed to stay standing but the result was that we were inside! We looked at the ... read more
M in Venice Quarter
Sanata Caterina Church
Fortezza Vecchia Keep

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