Day 6 2 Weddings & Funeral – the cycle of life

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September 11th 2015
Published: September 12th 2015
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Day 6

2 Weddings & Funeral – the cycle of life

Today as we’ve driven through the many villages we have seen 2 weddings and one funnel. It’s a joyous time and sad time, the cycle of life. I know this happens in America but here everything becomes slow motion as we passed these events. So as write this post I salute the new couples and wish them many happy years and morn the passed, I pray you rest in peace. The cycle of life.

We slept in again wow! Was that great night or what, “its WHAT” I hear Kirsten from the bathroom. Get up; all the tables will be taken if we don’t get down there for breakfast.

Ok, Ok I rollover and close my eyes. Next thing I feel is a wet towel against my head. I guess it time to get moving.

We get to the dinning room and it’s empty, except for a few couples. One lady has to touch everything. Picks it up sets it down; Really what’s your #$^& problem. I give her a look, she retreats to her husband I them look at him and they both retreat to there corner table. Kirsten just ignores me. After getting my breakfast I sit down and then the floodgate opened. It’s a standing line to get into the dinning room. Kirsten looks at me and smiles told you so!

We check out, load the car as were leaving San Gimignano Kirsten ask were we going. I say take the next right were going to Monteriggioni. At the time I didn’t realize it but we’d been here over 15 years earlier. On our first trip to Italy (The Test) we came upon this small mountain top village by accident. No tourists, one café, one shop just locals sitting around sipping their beverage. I sat at this café sipping a beer then wondering where my life was going.

Well the world has found this village. It’s still very cute the café is still here but many more shops and tourists. I sat here sipping on a beer thanking god for Kirsten and where he has taken my life. By the way, I passed the test.

Kirsten returns and finishes off the last of my beer. Now were off to find our Air B&B.

As were finding our way trough Tuscany, Kirsten slams on the breaks and throws the car into reverse. Hey, thats Rocca Delle Macie, she whips the car into the parking lot and i'm hanging on to any and all handles if can reach. The car comes to a sliding stop and Kirsten is out the door and into the tasting room before i'm standing outside the car. Are you coming? Yea!

This is Olive Garden's house wine. Yep, you guessed it, My name is Joe Lee. Did I have fun.....

I received the royal treatment. Tracey next time you need to plan a trip here.

We’re staying in the village of Gaiole in Chianti. We drive every small road I can find; we’re even on a gravel road for a while. We finally found our B&B, Lorenzo is our host. It’s a cute loft above his butcher shop. The family business has been going on since 1682. Yep… that’s some aged pork.

We unload the car, Lorenzo tell how to turn on and off everything where to get the best pizza.

We finish our late lunch and we’re off now to Greve. The Chianti Festival, the only thing that would make this better is that Bea was here with us. Miss you Bea!

We arrive in Greve, park the car in the same gravel lot, walk to the plaza and get our ticket, which happens to be a wine glass. We begin drinking and eating our way through the Chianti vineyards.

This is the Gateway, the Portal, and the Pearly Gates to Heaven. You think I’m kidding. Ask Bea she’s been here and wishes she were here now.

It’s getting late and were both tired, we head back to out loft. It’s 30 minutes of curvy roads. When we pull in to town we find the first parking space and whip it in. Hmmmm, that was way to easy. Last time it was that easy the next morning was market day and we got into big trouble. Yep, there’s the sign NO PARKING Saturday is market day. We quickly pull out and go up the hill another few turns.

It’s late and I’m off to bed.


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12th September 2015

Keep these reports coming!
WOW... I can't tell you how much Jim and I enjoy reading your reports. PLEASE keep them coming! (And I'm with Kirsten about getting to breakfast to beat the crowd... and the "I told you so" moment) Seriously, we really enjoy your travel posts. You're not missing much here.... a "cool" front may make its way through today, giving us some rain, and the high temp will cool down to 88. Yep, 88 is the new high as a result of this (weak) cool front. Keith & Jim
12th September 2015

Enjoying your trip vicariously
Kirsten and Steve, love reading your travel blog and getting ideas on what to do in Italy - it's on my bucket list. Have you thought of a new career escorting small groups of fun folks - meaning me and friends. of course:-) Hoping everyday is wonderful - bye til I see you next. Chris

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