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Europe » Italy » Tuscany » Gaiole in Chianti September 11th 2015

Day 6 2 Weddings & Funeral – the cycle of life Today as we’ve driven through the many villages we have seen 2 weddings and one funnel. It’s a joyous time and sad time, the cycle of life. I know this happens in America but here everything becomes slow motion as we passed these events. So as write this post I salute the new couples and wish them many happy years and morn the passed, I pray you rest in peace. The cycle of life. We slept in again wow! Was that great night or what, “its WHAT” I hear Kirsten from the bathroom. Get up; all the tables will be taken if we don’t get down there for breakfast. Ok, Ok I rollover and close my eyes. Next thing I feel is a wet towel ... read more

Europe » Italy » Tuscany » Gaiole in Chianti June 11th 2015

Geo: 43.4693, 11.4333Off to the airport to pick up our car- a zippy little Mercedes A class automatic. Put GRASSINA into the GPS and headed off, managed the A1 toll road then took our expected exit. However, we later discovered that we had selected the hamlet, not the village of Grassina, and had an interesting drive thru the Tuscan backroads for an hour before selecting another destination.We found our way to GREVE in Chiantia an hour or so later, and stopped for lunch. Derek enjoyed most of the driving, luckily the back roads were quiet. Without an exact address for the hotel, we headed off towards GAIOLE via RADDA and managed to see the hotel's sign as we drove along the SP2.Checked in, unpacked the car and had a well deserved welcome drink or two!Dinner was ... read more
Our chef cooking the bbq, with a beer!
View around Monteriggione wall
Kate in trouble

Europe » Italy » Tuscany » Gaiole in Chianti June 27th 2014

Mark got up this morning, looked out the window and said, “It looks like the picture on the Contadina tomato paste can.” True that! Lovely! We had joked with Paola and Simonetta last night about “ish” Breakfast, they said, was at 8:30 “ish.” We took the “ish” a little too literally and didn’t wander downstairs until after nine. We apologized and they said, “You’re on holiday. No worries for you.” Breakfast in Italy, Simonetta said, is always sweet. Today’s breakfast was bread and homemade jams (apricot, quince, plum and fig) and a lovely tart with a peach jam in it. It was the perfect start to a lovely day. It turns out that the sisters do one-day lessons as well as lessons for people who are staying at the farm. There was supposed to be another ... read more

Europe » Italy » Tuscany » Gaiole in Chianti June 27th 2014

Impressions di Roma, Day 2: · Good businesses to own would be gelato shops, Smart Car dealerships and brake manufacturing businesses. I cannot imagine how many sets of brakes a Roman driver goes through in a year · Bad business to own would be street sign makers Woke up with a bit of a scare this morning. When I took my phone out of airplane mode. I had a voice mail. It was the Pristine Sistine tour company saying the guide had left because we didn’t show up for our tour and to call them asap. I swear, I thought that tour was booked for July 2, NOT June 26. I checked my paperwork and sure enough, it was June 26. I called the number she left and got a message that said their office was ... read more

Europe » Italy » Tuscany » Gaiole in Chianti October 8th 2011

Tuesday, Oct 4 Chianti Region Today was our day to explore the Chianti region and visit a couple of wineries. The Chianti area is kind of the quintiessential “Tuscan” area. It was a favourite of Britich visitors who started buying up cheap places back in the sixties. There are no cheap places anymore, but it is still very popular with tourists, especially wine lovers. The valleys are filled with vineyards and olive groves. I was surprised at how much forest was actually in the area. There is probably more forest than vineyards. The road is incredibly windy. In many areas the trees actually meet over the road and there are often walls on one side and drop offs on the other. It is very narrow. Claude loved driving the roads. He was very skilled at driving ... read more
The medieval tower where the museum was
Inside the private chapel at the castle
Lion on the wall

Europe » Italy » Tuscany » Gaiole in Chianti May 24th 2011

Hello All, Well flights home are booked for the 18th June and I’m busy looking for work and somewhere to live. The job market looks as dire as ever, but it’s looking good for places available to rent with my pathetic little budget. The owners of the house have just been to stay for a week and seem happy with the work we have done so far - we really did work our socks off though! It feels like we should relax on the workload and enjoy the rest of our time here, but it’s hard to switch off and relax. I would definitely like to visit Rome before I venture home and there is also what sounds like an amazing evening at a local sculpture park with tradition Spanish flamenco dancing that I would like ... read more
Cute Spidy

Europe » Italy » Tuscany » Gaiole in Chianti April 22nd 2011

I have been neglecting my diary – apologies. Where do the days get to?! Day 36 We went for a run this morning. Well only for ten minutes, but it was up hill. All part of the get healthy scheme, although I must admit that I am usually so tired at the end of the day that no exercise seems needed. Then it was time to paint the pool chairs again. Even though I thought I had done a good job the first time round I missed some bits in the sunshine. Jaime focused on sorting the garage again. I feel like I am writing down the same jobs over and over, but everything is taking much longer to sort out than we initially thought. We had actually scheduled in for both of us to ... read more

Europe » Italy » Tuscany » Gaiole in Chianti April 10th 2011

Hello All Apologies for the lack of postings, it feels like we haven’t stopped all week. Where did I leave you …..ahh yes, Day 26 it was times to start tackling all the winter leaves and that meant sweeping, collecting and then burning….sounds simple enough right; and it would be if there wasn’t what felt like little mountains of leaves everywhere. In some areas they had built up to be knee deep. We both swept as many into piles as possible and then Jaime was in charge of burning whilst I was in charge of collecting and dragging them to the bonfire. (Excellent bum and thigh workout if you’re looking for tips). It took hours and poor Jaime got quite a bit of smoke in his eyes – definitely getting the diving goggles out next time! ... read more
Spring Flowers 2
Spring Flowers 3
Spring Flowers 4

Europe » Italy » Tuscany » Gaiole in Chianti April 5th 2011

Day 23 It’s hot our there! Yeay, amazing sunshine, but if it’s this sticky now what’s it going to be like in Summer? Jaime got lots done today; he washed out our brine tank which is used to soften the water and regulated the levels, trimmed some pine trees, swept leaves of the carport roof and released a strangled tree from some ivy. I attempted to strip a bench that one of our predecessors had accidental painted with the wrong varnish. There I was, all kitted out – safety glasses, breathing mask and chemical gloves, only to then leave my feet exposed in some silly sandals. What a dipstick! I dripped a tiny drop of the paint stripper on my foot and it stung like mad! Don’t worry, I just have a tiny red mark to ... read more
Look closely now
Caterpillar Nest
He's too big to fit in my hand!

Europe » Italy » Tuscany » Gaiole in Chianti March 30th 2011

Day 17 Today we cleaned the flat from top to bottom…you know that feeling that it’s not really home until you’ve vacuumed under the sofa…no,… well maybe its just me. Anyway, we spent all morning scrubbing everything until it gleamed. During the cleaning I discovered that we had a leaky sink in the kitchen so Jaime set to work fixing it for us. Unfortunately he cut two of his fingers on the sharp ridge under the sink - we promptly flushed out the cuts with disinfectant and then covered them in antiseptic cream – don’t worry he’s fine now. He bravely put a surgical glove on over his cuts and then proceeded to spent a couple of hours cleaning out all the vacuum cleaners (as they also seemed to have acquired that lingering smell of wet ... read more
Jaime Strimming one of the Terraces
My Garden sign (Orto means Vegetable Garden in Italian)

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