Day 7 & 8 Slow Travel

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September 13th 2015
Published: September 13th 2015
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Day 7 & 8

Slow Travel

I don’t know why I always rest better here in Europe; but I do. Last night was no different, we went to bed around 9-ish, started reading and the next thing I know it’s 8 AM. WOW what a great nights sleep.

As Kirsten is coming out of the bathroom she is smiling and saying get up sleepy head. I have a great breakfast for you, soft-boiled egg, cheeses, meats, fresh bread and coffee.

It’s now 10-ish and Kirsten is waiting at the door to go. Where we going again, I ask. Well I have this map that I got from the, oh no! …….Here we go again. Just get in the car and navigate. We head out of town going south. Kirsten hands me this map I unfold it and as she’s taking the hairpin curves she talking and pointing at the map. I yell watch out for the Oma & Opa there. ‘Scusie! She yells out her window. As Opa is shaking his cane at us.

Ok the Map is a collection of castles in Chianti region between Greve and Siena. She has pointed to the first one she wishes to visit. It called Castello Di Meleto, that’s Italian for very expensive. We pull in and the sign says guest for Tom & Susie’s wedding turn here. So Kirsten pulls in like she’s Susie’s sister. You know, wedding crasher, that’s us. We pull around and park and get out. Me… I’m sheepishly walking around like hired help while Kirsten is checking out the place. After 30 minutes or so we leave, I’m slinking down in the car hoping not to be noticed.

The next castle is Castello Di Verrazzano, yes this is Italian for expensive. This time it doesn’t appear to be a wedding. I’m walking through the wine cellars the lady running the place is following me ‘Scusie ‘Scusie. I ask ver ist da Toilet. Of course I get much more respect using my german. She points to end of the cellar and I walk off saying Danka.

I return to the tasting room and Kirsten is sitting at the table and the lady is pouring her a Chianti Classico tasting. I walk up and sit down and the lady immediately says Deutsch. Kirsten looks at her and smiles, why yes. I just smile at the lady as she gives me the evil eye.

After buying two bottles of wine and tasting everything twice Kirsten and I travel off to look for picnic area. We are not even 2 km down the road and Kirsten throws the car into a spin and slides to a stop. This is it, look at how beautiful the view is. Oh yea as I’m rubbing my neck. We sit for the hour sipping eating and relaxing, looking over valleys of vines dripping in grapes. Just beautiful!

I always like to a different way home and today was no different. We drove where the tractors drove. Over gravel roads, through vineyards. Yes this poor car has gone where the rental agent will never know.

Once back home it was suppertime. We walked our village twice not being able to make a decision on where to eat. Finally I said lets just have another pizza Kirsten smiled and said I thought you would never make your mind up.


Day 8

Good morning……….

I rollover I just want to sleep…. can’t I just sleep all day. NO!

Ok, out of bed I go and into the shower. Argh!

Breakfast is ready as I come out of the bathroom. Kirsten says ok today I want to go to Greve and enjoy the Chianti festival. Today is the last day it starts at noon. I look at my watch it’s 9 am I could have slept another 2 hours.

No I want to drive around and then end up in Greve at noon.

We pile into the car and start toward Greve. As were leaving town about 25 plus cyclist are coming at us FAST! I tell Kirsten slow down and pull off the road. She does and I realize there is a cycle race going on. We continue toward Greve and we see hundreds of cyclist racing. At one point the police have the traffic stopped and everyone is watching. Good thing we left early Kirsten says. Another I told you so look.

As we pull into Greve it starts to rain. Yep the first rain since we’ve been here. Kirsten looks at me and asks did you pack our umbrellas. Oh yea! I put next to your purse didn’t you pick them up as we were leaving.

We sat in the car for the next hour sipping our wine eating our lunch and reading our books. Laughing about the umbrellas. The rain passed and we then made our rounds tasting different Chianti’s.

At the festival everyone was excited that it was raining. It will make the grapes even better this harvest. Which has begun.

After a couple hours we saw the clouds forming and it started to sprinkle so we made our way back to B&B and snuggled on the couch and continued reading and sipping wine as it rained and thundered out our window.

See you tomorrow the weather should be better

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