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Europe » Italy » Trentino Alto Adige » Brixen June 20th 2018

From Verona we drove to Trento, or Trent to English speakers. This is where the Council of Trent met in the 16th century to form an agreement between the Catholic pope in the south and the Holy Roman Empire of Germany in the north. This area of Trentino and South Tyrol has changed hands so many times. 2000 years ago the Romans were here and established posts to control trade routes to the north. Then in Medieval times more Germans/Austrians moved in, and that is the predominant language here. In the 19th century, Italy finally united as a nation, but this Tyrollean area was not a part of it. In WW1, Italy at first stayed neutral but then entered on the side of France and England when promised that they could annex this region. Once it ... read more
Typical cobblestone street
Street scene in Trento
Back courtyard of the castle in Trento

Europe » Italy » Trentino Alto Adige » Brixen September 6th 2015

Heute sind wir nach dem Frühstück zuerst ins Kloster Neustift gefahren und haben danach Brixen angesehen. Beides war sehr schön und es gab jeweils eine sehenswerte Kirche mit einem Kreuzgang. In Brixen habe ich dann auch noch einen Speckteller mit Käse gegessen.... read more
Marktplatz von Brixen.
Blick auf die Hofburg.

Europe » Italy » Trentino Alto Adige » Brixen September 21st 2013

For the last weekend of our trip, I had booked two nights in a small alpine style hotel in the Dolomites. We had an hours drive from Innsbruck to the town of Bressanone. The scenery was lovely, as it had been all along. Now the mountains were much starker with lots of sharp peaks. At the end of summer there wasn't much snow and the bare mountains rose up dramatically against the deep blue sky. The rolling green hills and valleys were much the same as in Austria but just a little less cared for. It didn't seem that every hill had been mowed and the hedges along the roads were not all perfectly trimmed. All the towns also have German names and people are mostly German speaking but Bressanone/Brixen seemed to me to have a ... read more

Europe » Italy » Trentino Alto Adige » Brixen December 23rd 2010

A sleep in this morning before we departed for Italy - jusy 45 minutes from Seefeld. it was not snowing today - but as we climbed up toward the Brenner pass - the temperature droipped from+7C to +0.5C - just cold enough to get some snow flurries. Our destination was Bressanone/Brixen, a town of around 15,000 and just 30 kms from the border. They have a neat Christmas MArket here, as well as an impressive cathedral and monastery. Due to it being so close to X-mas, we encountered a traffic jam getting into the old town area. What should have taken us 10 minutes took around 25 minutes. The town was crowded with other sightseers. There was not as much snow as last year - when we saw several snowmen that had been built in the ... read more

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