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Europe » Italy » Sicily » Trapani September 28th 2019

I can’t remember if I said anything about it in the last entry, but the food in Italy is quite good. And it was by pure chance that we ended up at the Cous Cous Fest in San Vito Del Capo one evening. The food and drink were plentiful and tasty. We found a tuna supplier handing out free samples. We also found a wine maker giving out free tastings. Then there was another tuna tasting for free; this time dried and saltier tuna. We loved it and actually bought some to take away with us. So, we wandered from tent to tent in the main street trying everything we could (some we had to pay for) until we found an all you can eat smorgasbord for 8 euro and that included any drink with it. ... read more
Bonagia Pool
Giuseppe's restaurant
From the harbour across the bay

Europe » Italy » Sicily » Trapani July 30th 2018

We left Palermo at 7:25AM and headed west toward a town by the name of Capo San Vito. We had heard from a few people that it was a nice place to stop and it would mean a nice short day of only about 6 hours. It was a very calm day with only light winds but what we did have was on the nose. Another day where we put up the mainsail but also had the iron jenny (the motor) on as well. It gave us time to motor along the coast to see the beautiful outcrops, rocky crags and a few caves as well. Fortunately a little later in the morning the wind changed direction and we were able to get more power from the sails which was very enjoyable. We came to the ... read more
A Beautiful Calm Day for Enjoying the Coastline
Lighthouses - An Important Necessity
Bob relaxing while he was "Off-Duty"

Europe » Italy » Sicily » Trapani August 3rd 2016

Vanwege de bewolking die boven de berg hangt waar Erice ligt, besluiten we in de ochtend naar Trapani te gaan in de hoop dat het later op de dag op de berg opklaart. Trapani is gelegen op een boogvormige landtong met twee uitlopers. De splitsing van de landtong komt volgens de legende doordat Demeter, de godin van het graan, haar zeis liet vallen toen ze wanhopig op zoek was naar haar dochter Proserpina, die was ontvoerd door Hades. We vinden al snel de parkeerplaats lang de zee, waar een oudere man ons attendeert op het feit dat we in een wit vak staan en dus niets hoeven te betalen. Alleen de blauwe vakken is betaald parkeren. We bedanken hem vriendelijk waarop hij, uiteraard, zijn hand ophoudt. We geven hem 2 euro en vragen hem goed op ... read more

Europe » Italy » Sicily » Trapani September 17th 2012

Geo: 38.0171, 12.5178 We left Celafu on Saturday morning and headed toward Trapani. We found a little place in old town, a b&b, on the internet. On the wat there, we stopped at Segesta to see the Greek temple and amphitheater that was there. They are both on top of two hills outside of town. The temple was built around 400BC. It was awesome! The Greek theater was built in 3BC on top of Mont Barbaro. What a view from it. It could seat 3500 people and is still use for plays today. We left Segesta after lunch and headed toward our B&B. We arrived in the afternoon. It was warm and sunny. We had to park the car a couple of blocks away from the B&B, because the whole center of town is very narrow ... read more
more of the temple
The view from the temple
more views

Europe » Italy » Sicily » Trapani April 11th 2011

The Sicily that wasn't meant to be: So we left for sicily around 3 for an 8 O'Clock flight out of Verona, plenty of time to get there. Our first train was delayed from Bassano to Padova. We got to Padova a little behind schedule and hopped on a train headed for Milan. This was a speed train so it made few stops, thus making it a short ride to Verona. Well, this train was an hour late, and on this particular day, not the speed train. So we jammed into this packed train and started making our way to Verona. We stopped at every stop until verona. This made a 30 minute train ride into an hour and a half train ride. We were also standing this whole way because the train was so packed. ... read more

Europe » Italy » Sicily » Trapani March 28th 2011

26 martie 2011-oare ce ne veni sa mergem la Trapani?dupa ce acum o luna am vizitat Palermo,cred ca ne-am indragostit iremediabil de Sicilia!aveam ceva idei preconcepute asa ca a fost o surpriza placuta!mai putin schimbarea aeroportului si timpul pierdut asteptand autobuze,dar sa ma resemnez caci si asta face parte din farmecul unei calatorii!!... read more
Photo 3
Photo 4
Photo 5

Europe » Italy » Sicily » Trapani August 28th 2010

Visited with the parentals and relo's (cuz Chaudie and her parents) for 3 days. Hung around Trapani, and went to Favignana for a day trip. ... read more
spaghetti vongole
grilled fish

Europe » Italy » Sicily » Trapani March 7th 2009

This was our (Joe, Andrew, Mike and Gerry) third annual trip. Last year we went to Andalusia in Spain and in 2007 we went to Lamezia in Italy. As much as people slag off Ryanair, you can't beat them for price and they're ideal for a 4 day long weekend to somewhere obscure but reasonably warm in the middle of winter. This year we went to Trapani in Sicily from 28th Feb - 3rd March 2009. Joe secured a friend's 20 year old sporty Toyota to drive us to Luton airport, setting off at 3.45am! It had a very low back and it managed to give me a crick in my neck and both legs! The flight took 2hrs 50mins to Trapani on the west coast of Sicily about an hour's drive to Palermo, the capital. ... read more
Riserva Naturale dello Zingaro
Andrew and Joe

Europe » Italy » Sicily » Trapani October 7th 2008

Headed to the airport in Trapani, I spend a day and a night here... read more
Pictures 360
Pictures 361
Pictures 362

Europe » Italy » Sicily » Trapani September 18th 2006

Geo: 37.7986, 12.5715Had to catch an early bus to Trapani. I thought that breakfast was offered at 8:00, but it was actually 8:30. In that case I could've quickly ate, paid, gotten my passport, and then ran off to the bus. I managed to track down the owner with the help of someone else staying there and practically ran uphill to the bus stop (15 minutes!) with my big-ass backpack. My legs felt like Jello after. I ran out of water last night ... I paid for the mistake of not having more this morning after the sprint to the station. Used the "bathroom" when the bus made a rest stop. Not really a bathroom - see pictures. Bought a tiny little juice at the rest stop, but it wasn't enough. Of course, I was too ... read more

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