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Europe » Italy » Lombardy » Bergamo August 10th 2015

Straight from lunch with my Slovak family in Bratislava we had to get on the road and head for our last B & B of the trip in Bergamo! For any reading this that may not know, Bergamo is the city in northern Italy (about an hour east of Milan) where I lived for my junior year in high school. When we originally plotted our course and I saw that one of google’s suggested routes went right by Bergamo, I was extremely excited. We made it our weekend activity to stay two nights in Bergamo, and again Hailey was the idea travel partner, enduring (and even claiming to enjoy) a day spent revisiting my host families and hanging out with my host siblings and old friends. We got into Bergamo late on Thursday night and found ... read more
Bergamo at Nightfall
Royal Quarters at Antica Dimora
Royal Quarters at Antica Dimora

Europe » Italy » Lombardy » Bergamo April 6th 2015

I saw the Pyrenees a week ago, now I'm seeing the Alps. There is quite a difference. I'm very glad I made the change in itineraries, for various reasons. But one of my favorite is that I get to see the Alps more than once on this trip. This weekend was nice and restful, but today I bit the bullet and did the touristy thing. I was rather surprised at the number of tourists around the town today, but I guess it's a holiday in Italy, so I shouldn't be all that surprised. Bergamo is not the typical tourist town in Italy, though there are plenty of quaint things to see. It has nothing particularly impressive except the views from the upper town. From there, you can see pretty far, including several snow-capped peaks in the ... read more
The Cappella Colleoni e Battisero
The whole town from the San Vigilio funicular viewing platform
Towards the Alps from the Castello atop San Vigilio

Europe » Italy » Lombardy » Bergamo April 5th 2015

I've seen many friends posting about Easter this morning (and now afternoon in Italy), so I thought I'd add my 2 cents. In case you didn't know, Jesus is a big deal in Italy. So I was none surprised when the church bells began to ring this morning. If they had a sunrise service, I couldn't tell. I heard nothing until about 8AM, when the sun was already up. But at 8 and every 15 minutes afterwards, until about 9:30, the bells went nuts, sometimes playing a recognizable song, other times just chiming. I guess it's the Italian alarm clock - no excuses for not going to church on Easter! I would tell you about all my shenanigans today, but there are none to tell. Not because I haven't tried to do anything or go anywhere, ... read more

Europe » Italy » Lombardy » Bergamo April 4th 2015

That sounds like the start of a great joke, but alas, there's not much else to tell. Once we started moving, the nun fell asleep and the fashionista took to her magazines. I can safely say that I thought that this, of all days, would be one to skip over on the travel blog. I don't have any pictures, but I do have some stories. First off, the French train this morning was swarming with controllers - those who make sure your ticket is for the journey you're on. At first I thought I was being singled out, but over the next 20 minutes, I saw no less than 6 of them pass by me. I guess it was their day to make something happen. It is the Easter weekend, so maybe they're cracking down on ... read more

Europe » Italy » Lombardy » Bergamo September 25th 2014

Motorhoming is a strange creature. On the one hand you have everything you could need from the television to the kitchen sink and can move about dependent on the weather and if you like or hate the place you are staying at. On other hand you need to be very careful where you choose to stay. We were in a bit of a limbo. Our last few days on the lake had gone and we had about 10 days left before we needed to get to Calais for the train home. Leave too soon and you find yourself out of the sunny weather and with nothing to fill the time. Leave too late and you risk not getting back for the train. So what to do? Ideas and thoughts were going round and round our heads. ... read more

Europe » Italy » Lombardy » Bergamo October 18th 2013

The second day at Rosa Maria and Richard's place in Prada Lunga, we got a close up look at a herd of sheep being moved from their summer grazing fields in the mountain down to the valley. They will graze partially on public ground and partially on land where owners allow them to graze in order to get a free mowing of their land. When I got home I went directly to our cabin up in the hills above Oroville, WA where Art and his brother hunt. Great way to decompress from travel!... read more
Modern Accommodations
Sheep commandeering the roadway

Europe » Italy » Lombardy » Bergamo October 7th 2013

As you can see from the photos, we are not in the city! I can't get the camera chip to work from Rosa Maria's computer, so be sure to look at the blog in a few days for photos from here. We encountered a shepherd moving his sheep from up in the hills down to the valley and passing through Prada Lungo where we are right now. He had a couple mules with him with saddle bags that contained some new born sheep that needed to hitchhike with the mule during the long march from one place to another. When he went out on the road, the dogs got a work out keeping them all together. Anyway, be sure to check back. It was quite a show! Rosa Maria asked him a lot of questions, which ... read more
Look West

Europe » Italy » Lombardy » Bergamo October 6th 2013

We made it to Bergamo. Rosa Maria met us at the train station, took us on the funicula up to the ancient walled city, showed us around, and then took us to a great restaurant. We walked back down in a drizzling rain. She brought us out to her home outside Bergamo. After our big lunch, we had a simple, but VERY delicious, spinach soup, cheese, and bread. They are forecasting 100% chance of rain, so it may be a pretty laid-back day.... read more
Church in the Ancient Town
Old Mechanism
 Real Live Organ Music

Europe » Italy » Lombardy » Bergamo April 22nd 2012

We are visiting my old friend Rosamaria and her husband Richard Stern (brother of Mike and Dan Stern in Seattle.) Tomorrow we go to Firenze and I will do a proper entry. We are too busy to stop for the computer. So many years to catch up on and so many questions for them about the culture and history of Italy.... read more

Europe » Italy » Lombardy » Bergamo June 30th 2011

After a hot and very weary day yesterday the tour committee agreed to a quiet day today and prepare for the next stage of our adventure. Tomorrow marks the halfway point in our trip and we look forward to the second part which starts with a train journey on the world famous Glacier Express. So blob we must today. While the room was serviced we went for a quiet drive to Bergamo. Last night we had our first rain for over a fortnight. As a result the murky atmosphere that had been around for the past two days had temporarily disappeared and the temperature had become more bearable. During our exploration around Bergamo we took the citté alta route to the top of the hill overlooking the rest of the city. While looking for a post ... read more
Duomo, Bergamo

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