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Europe » Italy » Liguria » Monterosso al Mare May 25th 2022

Our last day in the Cinque Terre. As always it has been the greatest. Yesterday we just went exploring the five villages and I think we put in more miles than on our hiking days. I think this is the first time I have actually spent time in all the towns. Usually there is always another trail for me to try out. It is still the most beautiful part of Italy. Today we are off to Florence. We have one full day and two nights. Time to go David. More tomorrow.... read more

Europe » Italy » Liguria » Monterosso al Mare May 24th 2022

I think I am back again. Trouble with blog has been solved. I think. In the Cinque Terre, my favorite place in Italy. We have done two of the great hikes. The weather has been perfect. Last night we a birthday dinner on top of the castle in Vernazza for Suzanne it was a magical night for a wonderful person. Paris was busy, but a great time. We saw all the great sights, eat lots of delicious food, drank large amounts of wine. We are all now ready for rehab. Not going to write much today. I will try to load lots of pictures instead. Greats vacation trip I have ever been on with 7 wonderful people. See you tomorrow.... read more

Europe » Italy » Liguria » Monterosso al Mare September 10th 2021

Aujourd'hui nous allons essayer de reposer nos pieds et jambettes...Nous irons aux 5 Terres mais nous ferons la visite en bateau... On descendra là où cela nous semblera bon, mais en principe pas partout... Nous reprenons donc le train qui nous mènera de Deiva Marina à Monterosso. C'est le bourg le plus occidental du territoire des Cinque Terre. Il est situé au centre d'un petit golfe. Le vieux hameau conserve toujours le caractère médiéval originaire avec ses case-torri (maisons-tours) et carruggi (ruelles étroites). L'une des anciennes tours défensives, transformée en campanile, abrite aujourd'hui la cloche de l'église Saint Jean Baptiste. À l'ouest de la commune, se trouve la plus grande et la plus fréquentée des plages du littoral des Cinque Terre. Les communes limitrophes sont Levanto, Pignone et Vernazza. Monterosso al Mare est desservie par la ... read more
La tour de Monterosso, devenue clochr de l'église St Jean Baptiste

Europe » Italy » Liguria » Monterosso al Mare September 21st 2019

Day 16 : Saturday 21 September 2019 : Cinque Terre Hike to Monterosso and Corniglia Oh, what a day. We love the Cinque Terre Trail! We decided that with the days still being quite warm, we should make an early start, so off we headed and hiked the portion from Vernazza to Monterosso. The first 30 minutes was all uphill. In total 27000 steps and 157 floors according my health app for the day. Beautiful views, Monterosso was enchanting. A look around to take it all in, it’s just too pretty. A relaxing swim to refresh, hired some kayaks and had a paddle. Decided to hit the trails some more and took the train to Corniglia (€4 pp each leg). From the train its quite a walk up up and up to get to the town ... read more

Europe » Italy » Liguria » Monterosso al Mare June 26th 2019

This morning we had a chance for a little sleep in, and today was another "relaxed start", which basically means we don't leave until after 8:30AM. This is a feature of Insight Travel, and something I had trouble understanding in the beginning. Since I booked this tour under Grand European Tours, they had tours broken up by pace as in Leisurely, Comfortable, and Active Pace. After a discussion with Russ and Julie at dinner tonight, I realized that they had the same incorrect definition of Comfortable, Leisurely, and Active as I originally had. I thought that this had something to do with physical activity, and that Leisurely and Comfortable, would have less walking, less strenuous exercise, etc. and that Active would have lots of walking, steep hills, and lots of physical activity. But actually,these terms relate ... read more
La Spezia - Italian Navy Base
Riomaggiore- Paula Leads The Way
Riomaggiore- Terraced Hillsides

Europe » Italy » Liguria » Monterosso al Mare July 14th 2018

Once again we had our breakfast on the rooftop terrace. We left the hotel a bit later than we wanted but we got some washing and stuff done. We caught the train back to Corniglio. We knew from yesterday that there is a massive zigzag staircase from the top of the town to the bottom, where the train station is. Knowing we were going to facing an even more, potentially, challenging day today we opted into getting the shuttle bus to the top! Once in the town we grabbed a lemon granita (me) and orange granita (Janine) before taking some time to look around. We were just too exhausted yesterday to climb anymore stairs so it was nice to have some time today to enjoy the place. Time always seems to get away from us when ... read more
We could never quite lose the sight of Corniglio
Finally some shade!
Oooh look - Manarola in the distance!

Europe » Italy » Liguria » Monterosso al Mare July 13th 2018

Happy birthday to my sister Clare and nephew Harry! We enjoyed our breakfast this morning, sitting on the roof top terrace of our hotel. We got organized then started our hike to Vernazza. We knew today would be the hardest walk and had decided we would walk to the first town and then spend some time there before heading onto the next town later in the afternoon. We definitely underestimated how hard the walk would be in parts - the first part was just constant steps up for quite a long time! The weather was very hot too, which made it more challenging. There were times when we were walking through forrests and that was quite pleasant - these were the times we managed to chat in a more positive tone ?. There were so many ... read more
Oh yeah, we're all happy at the start!
And then we faced these ...
My head matches my top colour!

Europe » Italy » Liguria » Monterosso al Mare July 12th 2018

We needed to catch a train from S M Novella to Monterosso at 10:28 this morning so we got up, had our breakfast if fruit and yoghurt then packed and cleaned up the apartment. We needed to face the challenge of getting our bags all the way down the very steep stairs - all 4 flights of them. We both first took our big bags down to the bottle then came back upstairs for the final things. We considered this effort to also be good training for our Cinque Terre trek. We got to the station with plenty of time to spare and then did the whole 'stare at the board until a platform number appears beside your train and then rush to that platform' game. Sure enough, as soon as the number appeared the crowd ... read more
Our delicious lunch
Monterosso sunset

Europe » Italy » Liguria » Monterosso al Mare September 19th 2017

The train trip from Rome to Pisa went without anyone challenging me for my seat (se previous entry). Next was a 35 minute break until the train to Monterosso, on the Cinque Terre. The train trip from Pisa to Monterosso wasn’t without incident. I got on the wrong carriage, walked through the train to find my seat only to find out later that I had got the carriage wrong again, by the nice ticket inspector told me to stay there. Then, when the train stopped at La Spezia, the American couple sitting near me and also traveling to the Cinque Terre got off the train…. So I did. Then I realise I shouldn’t have (too late) and I had to wait until the next train, fortunately only a few minutes and then I finally got to ... read more

Europe » Italy » Liguria » Monterosso al Mare July 29th 2015

I wake in a cold sweat. I remember what I wrote in the blog last night, and realise that it's probably offensive to a few entire countries. I hope no one's read it yet. I quickly press the "unpublish" button and make some radical edits. I decide that from now on blogging needs to come either before beer or a very long time after it. Today's the last day before a busy patch, so Issy decides that we should take it easy. She says she won't be leaving our balcony. A few minutes later she says that we need to go down to breakfast. She notices my puzzled look, and remarks that the 99% of the population who are less literal than me would have understood that her previous two statements weren't actually contradictory. I feel ... read more
Relaxing on the balcony, Hotel Porto Roca
Monterosso and Hotel Porto Roca
Monterosso from Hotel Porto Roca

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