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Europe » Ireland » County Kerry » Kenmare October 5th 2018

Long winding challenging drive from Kinsale in County Cork to Kenmare, County Kerry today along the Wild Atlantic Way. Wild is right! Skinny roads, blind curves, no shoulders except for brush or stone walls. And 100 km/hr speed limits posted. All the while driving on the left side of the road, sitting on the right in the car. Ha! Stopped in Bantry to stretch our legs and visit the Bantry House and grounds and eat a simple lunch in the car. And get out of the car! Staying at a B&B above a pub right on the main street in Kenmare. This ought to be interesting. Done driving. Too bad we’re four hours from Dublin, plus still have a 3-hour drive to Galway ahead of us, too. Have vowed no more driving vacations in Europe. Will ... read more

Europe » Ireland » County Kerry » Kenmare November 26th 2015

Be began our 460 kilometer travel journey today in the town of Kenmare, filled with adorable shops and charming streets. We spent most of the day driving the Ring of Kerry filled with beautiful views and winding narrow roads. It was a bit foggy at the top of the cliffs but the views we were able to see were gorgeous. We attempted to make it to Dingle Town, but ran out of daylight so we headed back to Adare. We had dinner at 1828 Adare which was delicious. The restaurant is in a thatched roof house built in 1828, what a unique local experience in this adorable town.... read more
1828 Adare

Europe » Ireland » County Kerry » Kenmare May 19th 2015

Well Shelly woke up early and headed out for a hike. I fell back to sleep especially since I didn't sleep well. After a couple quick pictures and breakfast we all hoped into the van and headed out to the park near the hotel. We got there and hike a short bit by a waterfall/stream up to a viewpoint to see the whole valley. ok, I heard short walk so I didn't wear my hiking shoes... I survived but the shoes did get muddy. I did retrieve my hiking shoes before getting back in the van so that I wouldn't have any more mud the rest of the day... next we headed down the road and stopped at several areas for pictures and short hikes. Along the way we really started to see sheep. So how ... read more

Europe » Ireland » County Kerry » Kenmare November 8th 2014

Let me start by saying today was a very long day. Along with that, today was the best day I've had yet on this trip. I began my drive of the Ring of Kerry this morning without a real itinerary, just a list of potential landmarks I could stop at if I felt like it. url= of Dunloe wasn't on the list, but I turned off the highway when I saw the sign anyway, and made my way into the most beautiful and majestic place in the world, the Purple Mountains, MacGillyduccy's Reeks, and the Black Valley. After I stopped to photograph the Gap, my GPS said it was barely over an hour to the next city if I wanted to continue on the route I was currently on. So, instead of turning back the way ... read more
Gap of Dunloe
Selfie at the Gap

Europe » Ireland » County Kerry » Kenmare May 24th 2013

Ireland is one of those places that are probably on everyone's bucket list due to the huge amounts of drinking and just the general perception of Irish people (friendly, drinking, pretty green country, golfing, etc.). We booked our tickets for a longer weekend and took off. Just another spur-of-the-moment trip that we booked a week before leaving. We went in early April which we knew could have been a little bit of a risk (cold, still somewhat winter and so on). As it works out flying to Europe we were able to get on the plane in New York late at night and land in Dublin at 7 in the morning. We got our little car (yeah it was cold and rainy when we got off the plane) and off we went. As always we want ... read more
Brigid's Well

Europe » Ireland » County Kerry » Kenmare October 15th 2010

Thursday, Oct. 14: Packed our bags and checked out of our B&B, The Anchorage, after breakfast. Our hostesses, Ann and Mary, were terrific. We took one last stroll around Kinsale on another sunny October morning in Ireland before leaving for our day-long road trip to Kenmare. This was our most scenic drive yet. It included coastal views, mountain vistas, Irish countryside along pleasant routes again with rock walls, tree overhangs…you get the point…it was a beautiful drive. Our first was Clonakilty where we had a pint at an sugan. Our witty bartender, Denis, filled us in on the correct way to serve whiskey with a water jug, advising us to “never water another man’s whiskey”—words to live by. Ed really wants a ceramic Jameson’s water jug. We’ll have to look for one. We strolled around the ... read more

Europe » Ireland » County Kerry » Kenmare July 26th 2009

Geo: 51.8768, -9.58479July 26, 2009Those Wild Irish RoadsLast night, on advice from Mrs. O'Dwyer, we ate dinner at The Coachmans, across the street from Foley's. The food was great, but couldn't be topped by the live music that followed. The brothers O'Connor took the place by storm with a night of contemporary and traditional Irish music that had us clapping and singing, along with everyone else. We will have to do some research on these two once we get home, but fear any Google search will probably have a lot of random results. One of the brothers sang and played an extraordinary fiddle, and the other was a guitarist who sounded a great deal like "the Boss" (Bruce Springsteen). It ended up being a late night, but was well worth our time… we bought three CDs.We ... read more
Druid Statue
Looking out from Molly Gallivan's Farm

Europe » Ireland » County Kerry » Kenmare July 25th 2009

Geo: 51.8768, -9.58479July 25, 2009Ring of KerryLast night, we walked the village of Kenmare and took in a number of local sites. This place is a perfect little Irish village at the base of the Kerry Peninsula. We explored the local church, dating to 1864, and then ventured up and down the streets heading out from the town center. One feature was a stone circle, one of over 100 of such formations to be found in Ireland. Perhaps they were inspired along the same ideas that led to Stonehenge. Whether they were for ceremonial purposes or just a crop calendar we do not know, but it definitely would have been a major production for the druids to move these massive stones a considerable distance from their origin in order to construct this formation. We had dinner ... read more
Kenmare Church
Celtic Cross
Inside Kenmare Church

Europe » Ireland » County Kerry » Kenmare May 27th 2009

Sneem We arrived in Sneem on Saturday evening. It was by far the nicest hotel we have stayed in. It was very luxurious, big, and had a lot of amenntities for its guests. I was able to get on the internet, IN MY ROOM, and they had bikes and kayaks for the guests to use for free. We were also had a beautiful bay in the back of hotel that we could see from our window. We didn't leave the hotel as much because it had a full restaurant and bar. On Saturday evening, we walked down into the town. We also dined with Batt's wife Maura. She is awesome. I had many conversations with her over dinner and tea. I also went out with my friend Katie to a pub- D. O'Shea's. It was so ... read more

Europe » Ireland » County Kerry » Kenmare May 24th 2009

I'm actually in Sneem, but Kenmare is the closest village/town that is listed. We toured the Southwest of Ireland on Saturday. I got to sleep in today... wonderful. I'm going to go get ready for church, an Irish Catholic service. I'm also going on a mountain hike today in the Kerry Mountains. I'll blog tonight. Ishmael- I bought another suitcase because I've bought so much cool stuff here. I 3 the fashion here. Also, I bought some souvenirs for family and such. You should try REAL Irish coffee. (There's no actual coffee in it. Haha.)... read more

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