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May 27th 2009
Published: June 9th 2009
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We arrived in Sneem on Saturday evening. It was by far the nicest hotel we have stayed in. It was very luxurious, big, and had a lot of amenntities for its guests. I was able to get on the internet, IN MY ROOM, and they had bikes and kayaks for the guests to use for free. We were also had a beautiful bay in the back of hotel that we could see from our window. We didn't leave the hotel as much because it had a full restaurant and bar.

On Saturday evening, we walked down into the town. We also dined with Batt's wife Maura. She is awesome. I had many conversations with her over dinner and tea. I also went out with my friend Katie to a pub- D. O'Shea's. It was so awkward because it was a bunch of male townies. We didn't stay long.


Sunday was pretty much a free day. I went to an Irish Catholic Mass service at the local church, St. Michael's. A lot of the children were receiving their First Communion. Almost everyone in the town goes to this church.

After church and lunch, we went on a mountain hike in the Kerry Mountains. It was so beautiful. For the most part, we had perfect weather in Sneem. It was mild and sunny. After the hike, I went in the hot tub and it was very nice. After dinner, I went to bed.


We didn't visit any schools today. Instead, we had a traditional Irish Storytelling Workshop with our guide. He taught us how to tell the stories and a story that I knew came into my head. I remembered and did it! I then proceeded to tell it to seven different groups of children in the next few days. I'll post my rewritten script of the story, The Gunniwolf, after this entry.

I also borrowed a bicycle and rode around the village. I had to buy some drinks and snacks, so it was nice to ride around by myself.

It was weird missing Memorial Day.


Today we spent the entire school day at a school. They separated our group to different schools. I went to the local primary school in Sneem, St. Michael's National School. I loved it there! All of the children knew my name by the day was up. They teach kindergarten-sixth grade. I told my story to all of the classes. There was a student teach there from Ohio University. I am going to apply when I get back to do my last semester of student teaching in Ireland, preferrably in Sneem.

If you can go anywhere in Ireland, after the cities, go to Sneem in County Kerry. It is so lovely.

I also went horseback riding after the school in Sneem! We rode in the mountains and along the beach. I was not very good at trotting. I couldn't get my body to move up and down with horse. I just bounced. Susie the horse was good to me though. We also visited ruins of an ancient fort. I climbed into this one cavern and I had the most eeriest feeling in there. Batt claims that "the wee folk" live under the fort.

We also had our pub night tonight. All of the KSU group went to a place called the Sneem House. They had a traditional Irish folksinger, accordion player, concertina player, and a drum player. We also performed "party pieces at it. Earlier in the day, Maura taught us a song in Gaelic and how to do an Irish jig, the Waltz of Limerick. I also had my only Guinness that night because Batt owed me one.


We went to two schools in Kenmare, Co. Kerry today. I went to a girl's school with some girls and the rest of tke KSU group went to a boy's primary school. I went to St. Clare's National School. I told my story of to all of the classes. I liked how young the teachers were at this school.

Later in the day, we went to a very remote school in the valley of the Kerry Ring, the Kerry Mountains. It was called Black Valley National School. It had only 22 students and we learned about what it's like to be such a remote school. I also told my story for the last time in front of all the students, staff, KSU students, and Batt! He thought I did well.

I was pretty exhausted after the school visits. I wanted to go kayaking but I just couldn't do it. I took a nap for two hours, went to dinner, walked down to the town, and hung out at the hotel because we had finally got the internet back.


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