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May 19th 2015
Published: May 19th 2015
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View from the hotel
Well Shelly woke up early and headed out for a hike. I fell back to sleep especially since I didn't sleep well. After a couple quick pictures and breakfast we all hoped into the van and headed out to the park near the hotel. We got there and hike a short bit by a waterfall/stream up to a viewpoint to see the whole valley. ok, I heard short walk so I didn't wear my hiking shoes... I survived but the shoes did get muddy. I did retrieve my hiking shoes before getting back in the van so that I wouldn't have any more mud the rest of the day...

next we headed down the road and stopped at several areas for pictures and short hikes. Along the way we really started to see sheep. So how does one farmer tell the difference between sheep they own and their neighbors??? let's paint them. All my sheep have Green Backs. All mine have Red Heads or Red Necks. Mine are multi color, yours are blue butts... It's funny to see them. I really like the green backs, red necks and red heads.

Off to a stone circle - Keri

Shelly on her morning hike
after seeing Stone Henge, well it just wasn't that exciting especially since it was raining during part of the walk. Yes, the weather continued - rain a bit, wait 5 minutes and the sun is out, wait 10 minutes, you see rain clouds again. At least it isn't constant. We then drove along the coast for a bit to some places where the tide difference is about 10 feet. Finally we hiked to some rock arches. I wish I had the picture TIm took of Nicky and Shelly jumping on one of the arches. It's cute. But the arches were impressive, so was the wind - it had to be at least 60mph....

We ended up in Kenmare for the night and had a great dinner and listened to great Irish music.

So I've learned how to talk Irish. The trick is to say all the vowels in the back of your throat with your tongue pressed back and shaped like a U and on some words, instead of breathing out, breathe in. It really works, try it out.

Remember there are pictures below too.

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blue sheep and baby

un-impressive rock circle

waterfall in the morning

the countryside

place where the tide changes by 10 feel. It's low tide now, Look where the tide comes in.

the other rock bridge

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