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18th November 2021

Great pix! Especially love the nor-yet-open market at night.
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17th November 2019

Boot camp for you knees and they passes the fitness exams. Kudos! Sounds like you are having a great time. Meanwhile in CB we were nearly blown off the island yesterday. Then again, steady wind only reached 35mph, so we had leeway before the bridge closes, if you don’t count the speed of gusts. 💨
17th November 2019

Sounds like fun
I love hearing you describe all of the places you went because I can see them in my mind. I am glad you finally made it and are having a great time.
22nd August 2018

Just to correct you, Russe and Veliko Tarnovo are in Bulgaria, not Romania.
23rd July 2018

Wow. You two have some tales to tell! The inside of the church is magnificent. Loved the pix of horses too. Sounds and looks like a fabulous trip.
23rd July 2018

Wow. You two have some tales to tell! The inside of the church is magnificent. Loved the pix of horses too. Sounds and looks like a fabulous trip.
20th July 2018

Paprika Pepper?
They look just like the banana peppers in my garden. Maybe I'll let some on the vine and see if they turn red. Did you see any red paprika peppers?
18th July 2018

Great View
The view from the tower is amazing. And so I count at least two ice cream visits. Yum yum. Is the product there creamier than it is here? We should try Shenigans, owned by Jeff, on the corner of Harper and Lake Park.
17th July 2018

I want the one you had!
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16th July 2018

Sounds like y'all had a blast, and your knee must have held up for dancing!
15th July 2018

Travels adventures :-)
Always an adventure when you travel! I hope your next day goes more smoothly! Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!
From Blog: Runaway suitcase
16th May 2017

Great pix
Love the pix and description of the river cruise. We have friends who did a river cruise last summer and loved it. Your experiences are almost identical so far.
2nd January 2016

Wow! Grape eating for luck. Hope it works. Your trip is fabulous.
2nd January 2016

I keep getting booted out of the comment section. Argh. What I want to say isnthatni love the pix of the aquaducts. I've always been fascinated by Roman architecture and engineering. Thanks for posting. More at pix
1st January 2016

Happy New Year!
Sure looks cold there! Best wishes for a great New Year to all your family.
29th December 2015

I'm enjoying reading your blogs. I am sharing them with Doc.
29th December 2015

So good to see everyone!
It's so good to see all of you with Hector and his family. Valladolid looks gorgeous and colorful at night. I wish you all a great time!!!
3rd August 2015

The Last of the Fantastic Trip Days
I love your blogs Claire. They are great! Is there a way to save this to my computer. I'd love to show friends and see it again myself!
23rd May 2015

Kudos for great photos and dog rescue!
I've been a bit behind reading the blog, but am caught up now. Keep warm in Iceland - is that an oxymoron?
15th January 2015

Awesome pictures!
Beautiful! But it looks cold, so I'm glad I'm not there ;-)
From Blog: Sunshine!!!!
3rd January 2015

New Year's Eve
That sounded like fun - except for the wait at the end. Take care of your knee! You wouldn't want to try and find a medical facility if it gets worse!!
2nd January 2015

And then...
More to follow I'm sure!
31st December 2014

I'm laughing :-)
Amusing story on your day! Are you sure you didn't plan to have Shelly get lost? Kidding of course!
1st October 2014

Lovely way to discover Alleppey
Thanks for sharing your wonderful experience. We did something similar during our last visit to Fort Kochi and Alleppey. Bicycles are the best way to go around as the roads are good and the attractions are nearby. We could however manage to get the cycles quite easily as the Vedanta wake up backpacking hostel we were staying at arranged the same for us for just 100 INR for full day.
From Blog: Beep Beep
24th June 2014

Adventures with Susan, Nicky and Tim!
It's fun to vicariously enjoy your trip ;-) I hope you have some rainless, sunny days while you're there!

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