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Europe » Ireland » County Clare » Shannon June 16th 2006

The whole point of this trip was to write a book. We thought we might give it the title given to this blog entry. At this point, we must be really really funny. First, I'd like to start with a vocab lesson from the ever helpful if not mildly dumbed down Debacle n. A total, often ludicrous failure; a sudden disastrous collapse; a rout Fiasco n. A complete failure. Snafu n. A chaotic or confused situation. Quagmire n. A difficult or precarious situation. Other words that come to mind: calamity, catastrophe, predicament, fuck. Day one began rather well. I went for a good long run beside the Charles. It was sunny and the esplanade was free of any charity walks/runs/earthfests. It went so well I even had the energy to hum the Rocky theme and ... read more

Europe » Ireland » County Clare » Shannon June 4th 2006

We left our home in Lancaster, TX on Saturday morning, 3rd June, and arrived Shannon Airport Sunday morning, 4th June. Even taking the time difference into consideration, our journey was still long - about 12 hours actual flying time. We arrived tired and hungry, so our first goal after collecting our rental car was to find something to eat. We drove in to Limerick City, thinking there would be plenty of choices, but found the town closed up - apparently the Catholics in Ireland take their Sabbath more seriously than their counterparts in America! Even McDonald's and Burger King were closed! So..... onward Christian soldiers, to our first destination. Glenstal Abbey Glenstal Abbey Website This was the perfect place to rest after our long journey. Glenstal is a Benedictine monastery located just about an hour's drive ... read more

Europe » Ireland » County Clare » Shannon March 9th 2006

After two sleepless nights in transit I have arrived on the old sod. Tuesday night was my last leg on AMTRAK in a car the conductors had managed to heat to 80 degrees or more (trying to sleep that is). After a day of walking around Atlanta, a very pedestrian unfriendly place, I jumped on the plane to Ireland. I have been here almost 12 hours and so far I have slept, taken an amazing hot shower, and found food. Not bad. I am happy to find that the people are as nice as I remember, the weather is cold and wet, and there are bike races on TV - what could be better. I am in love again and I have not even gotten 5 miles form the airport. From here I take a series ... read more

Europe » Ireland » County Clare » Shannon October 8th 2005

Ok so it was a great night! we actually met a girl from connecticut and a boy from new york, the funny thing was, they were MAD MIKES STUDENTS!! haha we just thought it was hilarious. They were soo much fun and hopefully we hang out with them while we are here in Tralee. it is nice to find other people from home, you dont get judged and you can just have a great time. We were shopping the other day and we were scoffed at because the irish hate bush!. well thats just too damn bad now isnt it? We had children scream out of a van F**KIN AMERICANS!!.. Do we honestly stick out that bad!? i guess its our bright whites? right bev!? lol.. So we started the night out by going to Baileys ... read more
Group at Baileys
bev and garrett
mad mike and I

Europe » Ireland » County Clare » Shannon October 7th 2005

After our first few days on getting to know the area, and having class in the morning time(our only time of class on the entire trip) the professor planned a group trip to the Dingle Peninsula, led by the infamous Michael kissane (MAD MIKE!!!) I can not get over this guy.. he is absolutely terrible, and perverted.haha but it was funny. we nick named him MAD MIKE. So we started out in the bus going out of Tralee, towards the Dingle Peninsula. We stopped at a fabulous view of the Irish quilt(as people would say) In my opinion, this picture describes ireland exactly how i imagined it. Green/patchwork quilt. It was very windy and kind of cold out. I should have more than just my pink hoodie, ill let u know that. We then stopped at ... read more
Inch beach
Group of us

Europe » Ireland » County Clare » Shannon January 4th 2001

Geo: 52.6385, -8.38727... read more

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