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Europe » Ireland » County Clare » Shannon October 4th 2010

Landed in Shannon around 8:30 am--an hour earlier than scheduled. The clouds broke up just prior to our landing and we were able to have beautiful views of Ireland from the air. Picked up our rental car and were finally out of the airport around 10:30. We missed our first roundabout and ended up back at the airport. We were luckier on our second go around. Found the CarryGerry Country House with little trouble and it's terrific. By the time we got here, though, our sunshine was gone and the wind had really kicked up--sounded pretty eerie and cool from inside the house but took my breath away went I went out to the car to retrieve my backpack. We checked in and immediately took naps. We rallied by 1:30 and had tea and biscuits with ... read more
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Ed & Durty Nelly's

Europe » Ireland » County Clare » Shannon September 28th 2010

Ed has plotted and planned for our upcoming trip to Ireland for the past several months. I think we have it and we're ready to go. Join us as we stumble our way through the our first European vacation--well MY first European vacation and OUR first together. We'll have take-off on Sunday afternoon from the Des Moines 'International' Airport and land in Shannon Monday morning via Detroit and New York City. We hope to share lots of adventures!... read more

Europe » Ireland » County Clare » Shannon March 26th 2010

Geo: 52.7107, -8.87897LOOOOOOOOOOOONG travel day today.Getting to the Shannon Airport from Ennis was quick and easy. Our flights took us from Shannon (7:50am departure) to London-Heathrow to Minneapolis-St. Paul to Portland.We will arrive in Salem after 1:00am (or 8:00am Ireland time), making for a 24-hour trip. It'll be nice to see Lucy and sleep in our own bed.As we wind down this blog in the MSP airport listening to some John Whelan Irish accordion music, we have fresh, vivid memories of a wonderful vacation in a country of wonderfully friendly, welcoming, accommodating, genuine, culturally and spiritually rich people. The people and countryside made us feel instantly right at home, as if we were on a drive through Oregon.We feel blessed to have had this opportunity, and we've enjoyed sharing it with you and getting your comments.Slainte. ... read more

Europe » Ireland » County Clare » Shannon March 24th 2010

Wednesday 24.3.2010 day 161 The Shannon Region County Clare which is where we are staying is part of the Shannon Region the other counties in the region are Tipperary and Offaly. With all the travelling we have done around Ireland I think that we have been to all the Counties except for the one that Sligo is in and that is the area the book we were reading is set. Also William Yates mother was born in Sligo and he spent a lot of time there and a lot of his work is based on the area it is a bit sad we did not get there but it was too far too go. After a long day yesterday we had a rest today doing research on where we want to go next and doing a ... read more
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Europe » Ireland » County Clare » Shannon March 21st 2010

Sunday 21.3.2010 day 158 Meeting locals in an Irish pub We went to the welcome meeting today and got moved from our chalet to another one as we had 2 single beds in both bedrooms and when we booked we were told it was a queen size bed so we got moved to a chalet with a king size bed. After that we went to the Cliffs of Moher it is fee to see the cliffs as you would expect but they charge €8 ($12 aus) for parking no matter how long you stay we were told in the welcome meeting that it only need to be there for an hour to see it. All the roads for miles before and after it are marked as no parking so we decided to go either side and ... read more
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Europe » Ireland » County Clare » Shannon June 9th 2009

Friday- Flight home We left the hotel at 7:15 am for a 9:00 am flight out of Shannon, Ireland. I went through Immigration, customs, and security with no problems. Now, I'm on the plane to Newark, New Jersey. I'm really excited to use my cell phone again! We have just over a thousand more miles until we land. I can see land outside my window, we're passing by Newfoundland and Labrador at the moment. I can see the water. It's -16 degrees Fahrenheit outside. I think I also see ice caps in the water. I'm on the lookout for a whale. It's pretty clear outside. I'll see you in the U.S. I'm not looking forward to my body being five hours ahead of the Eastern time zone.... read more

Europe » Ireland » County Clare » Shannon June 8th 2007

Rachel: We are now waiting in the airport, ready to go but can't go through customs yet.... We did alot of shopping yesterday before we went to the banquet in the castle... got some video on that.... Rob: Alas we're at the airport. It's been a fun two weeks but I'm still not ready to come home. My wallet is but I'm not. So we've got another two hours or so to wait for the flight. After that we'll be stateside again in a few hours. Other than that I guess that we'll all see you in a bit.... read more

Europe » Ireland » County Clare » Shannon May 27th 2007

We landed in Shannon around 10am Ireland time (US time 5am)... We got the rental car and started on our way to Adare. We walked the main street and took some picures from afar. During the trip we have been able to get into some places or take pictures from outside. We then went to check in at our first B&B. The for the next leg of the day.... We went to Ross Castle in Killarney... we walked from our B&B to get there.... about 2km (1km equals 0.6 miles) We got there in time for the tour inside but not allowed to take pictures inside. Then there was the walk back taking a different route.... through the woods.... it was a longer walk...... ... read more
Adare Castle
Ross Castle

Europe » Ireland » County Clare » Shannon November 2nd 2006

Gelandet sind wir in Shannon, um 22:30 Uhr (23:30 Uhr in Dt.), mein Vater hat den Mietwagen abgeholt und meine Mutter und ich haben auf das Gepäck gewartet. Auf dem Parkplatz haben wir erstmal versucht, das Auto aufzuschließen. Das einzige Schloss befand sich auf der Fahrerseite und bis wir an der rechten vorderen Tür gesucht haben, hat es erstmal gedauert. :-) Los ging’s, das erste mal Linksverkehr und dann im Dunkeln nach Bunratty, keine 15 Min. vom Flughafen. Unsere Ankunftszeit in Bunratty: 23:30 Uhr. Ein Bekannter hatte uns dort schon das erste B&B reserviert, dort fand aber ein 50. Geburtstag statt und wir wurden beim Nachbarn einquartiert. Zum Frühstück konnte man zwischen Irish Breakfast, Continental Breakfast und Pancakes wählen. Die Besitzerin hat uns dann das nächste B&B gebucht. Tag 1: Unser erster Halt war nach 1em ... read more
Cliffs of Moher

Europe » Ireland » County Clare » Shannon July 17th 2006

I sat in the airport for a good two hours, just being excited. I checked email, made a few calls and felt surprisingly normal considering the journey on which I was about to embark. Unreal, I thought, that I am neither panicking nor screaming in anticipation. I felt calm, and collected and ready for this journey and this new part of my life. I watched the clouds until the sun set just now on the flight. They were absolutely stunning. There is still a little bit of light reminding me of Atlanta just behind the wing, out my window. Imanaged to snag my own row, since our flight is only half full. ‘Take the Lead’ with a studly, dancing Antonio Banderas has stolen the attentions of most of the passengers still awake on the flight. Those ... read more
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