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Europe » Iceland » South » Kirkjubæjarklaustur July 26th 2018

Kdyz mame naplanovane chozeni na cely den, znamena to zakonite jedine. Bude prset. Trasa byla jednoducha - asi 10 km okruh, koupani v prirodnim hot potu a obdivovani jednoho fakt fotogenickeho vodopadu. Prvni cast cesty nebyla moc zazivna. Prechod kameneho pole, ktere tu vytrousil ustupujici ledovec, nebyl nic moc. V dalce sice byl onen ledovec videt, ale skoro to nestoji za zminku. Drama se zacalo odehravat pri hledani hot potu. Pruvodce sliboval jasnou cesticku, ale to byla jen vejicka na naivni turisty, tedy na nas. Postupne jsme obchazeli kopec a ochmatavali potucky, abychom jim zmerili teplotu. Asi jsme i nasli ten spravny, ale cesticka nikde. Tak jsme zkusili prvovystup neprobadanym uzemim. A jeste jsem nezminil, ze zacalo relativne dost prset. Takze se tak brodime lokalnimi travinami, snazime se vyhnout propadajicimu se mechu a zaroven neuklouznout po ... read more
Nad splazem
Pod splazem

Europe » Iceland » South » Kirkjubæjarklaustur July 25th 2018

Jelikoz se Katka uplne netvarila, ze by se ji chtelo na turu, tak jsem rano vyrazil sam. Trochu ji podezrivm, ze opetovnou navstevou hot potu chtela dokazat, ze do nej dokaze vlezt bez padu. Coz se ji podle vsech dostupnych informaci povedlo (a uprimne, kdyby sebou zase sekla, tak nejenom, ze by se tim nedokazala nepochlubit, ale zaroven byc ten vykrik slysel i ja - byl jsem preci jenom jen maximalne 6 km daleko). Ja navazal tam, kde nam vcera dest znemoznil pokracovat. A jenom z treninkovych duvodu jsem si pridal vystup na nejvyssi kopec v okoli - Haaldu. Coz zas tam moc zazivne nebylo. Proste clovek musi jit do kopce, az najednou ten kopec skonci. Behem vystupu jsem mimojine zjistil, proc je super chodit na vylety s Katkou. Donuti me alespon nekdy si odpocinout. Kdyz ... read more
Jezirko v cervene

Europe » Iceland » South » Kirkjubæjarklaustur June 14th 2016

By the end of the day Sam was crying "oh no, not another waterfall. Do we really have to go?" Our bodies seem to be adjusting to the 4 hour Icelandic time difference. Everyone was up (mostly on our own) by 8:30am. Our first stop after returning to the main Ring Road (after a 20 minute drive going 90kph on a tiny two lane road that Mike was happy had a white line to navigate by) was the local tourist center. of courose prior to going very far down our little side road - 204 - the car was being attacked by the Arctic terns. Fascinating to watch them dive bomb our front hood. The tourist center had a great video about the Laki craters and fissure eruption in1783. So many people died in Iceland and ... read more

Europe » Iceland » South » Kirkjubæjarklaustur June 14th 2016

9:15pm. Sun still high. Beautiful. Night to all!! ... read more

Europe » Iceland » South » Kirkjubæjarklaustur July 6th 2014

Pour la première fois en près de 10 jours, je me réveille dans des draps. Pas que je n'aime pas mon sac de couchage mais un lit douillet, ça fait du bien. Si vous venez faire un tour en Islande, n'oubliez surtout pas votre sac de couchage, les hôtels ne fournissent généralement pas de draps. Le vent est tombé. Enfin, tombé pour les hautes terres d'Islande puisque le manche à air de la piste d'atterrissage voisine est encore presqu'à l'horizontal ce matin. Par contre, le soleil est au rendez-vous. Il partage le ciel avec de jolies cumulus bien ouateux et il fait un magnifique 8 degré Celsius. On entre dans le désert par la F208: la route aux mille gués. Un petit écart par une piste secondaire semblant seulement faire une banane par le flanc d'une ... read more

Europe » Iceland » South » Kirkjubæjarklaustur July 29th 2012

After a short back track on the Ring Road we left the Eldhraun lava plain and headed north toward Laki. We passed through an area of faux cones created by the Laki eruption of 1783 - 1784. Nearing the Lakagiger lava plain we made a stop at another waterfall whose name I did not record and cannot find on the map. Enjoy the photos. Most of the day was spent hiking on and around Laki. We had periods of fog on the mountain and very short light rain and sleet showers. Upon our return to Kirkjubaejarklauster we heard from the staff that they had had heavy rain. The waterfall behind the farm that we could not find yesterday was now flowing.... read more

Europe » Iceland » South » Kirkjubæjarklaustur July 27th 2012

Our first day's driver Matti left us yesterday and this morning we met Olie, our driver for the remainder of the trip. He would turn out to be wealth of information if one asked. A morning drive towards Myrdals-Jokull, the country's southernmost glacier, offered us views across the lava plains toward Hekla. This volcano was believed to be the entrance to hell, the name being one of several Icelandic words for that destination. At the entrance to Thorsmork, Valley of Thor, we stopped for a walk around and behind Seljalandsfoss. The suffix foss denotes a waterfall. After a drive through a flood plain up Thorsmork, including the first of many river fords, we stopped short of the end of the road, avoiding the campsites there, for a hike up a side canyon. The canyon floor was ... read more
ATV Mercedes
Entering Thorsmork side canyon
Canyon - Eyjafjallajokull

Europe » Iceland » South » Kirkjubæjarklaustur June 5th 2012

With a lot of ground to cover on the road today, I was hoping that we would get an early start. However, the desire to sleep in coupled with traveling with 2 women guaranteed that this would not happen. We checked out of the hotel around 10:00 and drove south towards the Kevlavik airport in order to visit Iceland's top attraction. The Blue Lagoon is a geothermal spa located in a lava field. Runoff water from a nearby geothermal power plant feeds the lagoon and the turquoise waters surrounded by volcanic rock makes for a very surreal contrast. The Blue Lagoon is literally in the middle of nowhere. Surrounded by moss covered lava fields and volcanic rocks, if I didn't know any better I would have sworn I was on the moon. Entrance into the Blue ... read more
The Blue Lagoon
The Blue Lagoon
The Blue Lagoon

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