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Europe » Iceland » Northwest » Borgarnes May 3rd 2015

Hyvin nukutun yön jälkeen ajettiin ensin Borgarnesiin. Käytiin kahvilla keltaisessa puutalossa. Sitten suunnattiin kohti itää ja ajettiin tietä 518 siihen asti, kun päällyste loppui. Paluumatkalla käytiin katsomassa Barnafossia. Siinä oli erikoinen piirre, että joen rinteessä oli myös koskia. Majoituimme Fossatun-nimiseen paikkaan joen rannalle. Ajettiin uudestaan Borgarnesiin. Otin taas kahvin ja kävin paikallisessa uimahallissa. Se maksoi 4 euroa. Tavallinen uima-allas oli sekä sisällä että ulkona. Ulkona oli lisäksi kolme paljua, joissa veden lämpötila oli 37, 39 ja 42 astetta. Palattiin takaisin. Syötiin hotellin ravintolassa, minä lammaskeittoa ja Jorma pitsaa.... read more

Europe » Iceland » Northwest » Snæfellsnes May 2nd 2015

Kiersimme Snaefelnesin myötäpäivään. Ensimmäinen pysähdys oli kuvausta varten näköalapaikalla, jossa ei tuullut ja tarkeni. Sitten käytiin katsomassa rantaa ja kiviä; seuraavalla paikalla oli kuuluisat kivet ja haaksirikkoutunut laiva. Kiipesimme vielä kraaterille. Pohjoisrannikon pikkupaikoissa olikin vaikea löytää ruokapaikkaa. Olafsvikissa sai kahvia huoltoaseman takahuoneessa. Stykkisholmurissa ravintolat olivat kiinni. Kävimme vain kaupassa, ja ajoimme yöksi valtatien 54 varrella olevaan paikkaan, jossa olimme eilen poikenneet kahvilla.... read more

Europe » Iceland » Northwest » Snæfellsnes May 1st 2015

Kiertelimme vielä Reykjavikin keskustassa. Pääkadulla oli ensin moottoripyöräilijöiden kokoontuminen ja myöhemmin kulkue. Kävimme vanhassakaupungissa, satamassa ja Harpassa ja vielä ennen lähtöä kahvilla. Ajoimme kohti pohjoista. Emme menneet tunnelista, vaan kiersimme vuonon. Välillä oli mutkaa ja mäkeä. 800 kilometrin jälkeen tuli viimein tankattua auto Akranesissa, ja sieltä löytyi ravintola, jossa söimme. Ajoimme illaksi Borganesin ohi Snaifellsenesin niemimaalle, ja majoituimme perheen pitämään hotelliin, jossa olimme ainoat asukkaat.... read more

Europe » Iceland » Northwest » Snæfellsnes April 1st 2015

Another day dawns with brilliant sunshine and I begin to doubt the 'take waterproofs and a bikini just in case' advice I'd been given regarding daily clothes preparation. It seems Iceland is ONLY sunny for me. The pick up from my hostel works this time and I'm at the BSI terminal in plenty time. I have a quick sneaky peek of the two tour guides on offer with the two waiting coaches and head for the coach with the white bearded guy who is joking with people as they get on. It turns out his name is Hers-something which happily shortens either to Hussie (he points out this isn't too good if you're from the UK) so the alternative is Hersie. As we set off we find out that Hersie is a BIG talker. Lots of ... read more
Tunnel under Hvalfjordur
Sunlit mountains across the fjord
Mountain views on the way to Snaefellsnes

Europe » Iceland » Northwest October 10th 2014

Bye bye and hush-a-bye - can you see the swans fly Half asleep in bed I lie - half awake with half an eye. Hey ho and well-a-day Over the hills and far away That's where the little children stray To find the lambs at play. Icelandic lullaby. The Denmark Strait was clearly upset at us! We were thrown around the ship for one last time as we chugged towards Iceland. We had an unscheduled landing at the whaling station of Suðureyri, in the Northwest Fjords, mainly to get a break from the rough sea, but also because we were on an expedition, so the unexpected is to be expected. The station is a stark reminder of the dark age of commercial whaling in the oceans. It's a haunting view from the shore as the red ... read more
Suðureyri Whaling Station
Northwest Fjords

Europe » Iceland » Northwest » Borgarnes July 29th 2014

Today was a relatively lazy until late afternoon. This morning we moved on, slowly making our way down to the south coast and, as it was a relatively short journey for us compared to some of our adventures such as those in Africa, we took a detour on a coastal road on the way back to Bourganes. This was well-worthwhile as the scenery was beautiful: meadows, beaches and little inlets with lots of wildflowers and water birds. This time upon arrival in Bourganes we chose a different restaurant for lunch: it’s good to spread the love around and the food was lovely. Our new hotel for the evening is the Glymur close to a fjord, giving rise to some dramatic landscapes. We decided to go for a drive and this was a little disappointing at first ... read more
oyster catcher
view from coast road
River Crossing

Europe » Iceland » Northwest » Snæfellsnes July 28th 2014

It’s not every day you climb (well, drive) over a mountain three times in the same day, but we managed it today and we are back at the same place this evening! But we will come onto that later, as yesterday was our wedding anniversary we had a meal in the hotel restaurant which was lovely but they were very busy and the service was slipping. This morning we awoke to mist and rain, and there were no waterfalls to be seen from the bedroom, in fact we could not see more than about 50 metres in any direction. Despite the conditions not improving much we set off on to explore the local area. Our plan was to drive over Sneafell to the other side of the peninsular and then come back via the coast road. ... read more
Arctic Tern
Mountain Falls
Evening Mist

Europe » Iceland » Northwest » Snæfellsnes July 27th 2014

The end of our first full day in Iceland, after being treated to a two and a half hour sunset as we followed it west from London yesterday evening. Finding our hotel last night was an adventure as we drove through what looked like a landscape out of some post apocalyptical Hollywood movie with lights in the sky and smoke being picked up in the headlights as we navigated through this semi-darkness which passes for night here at this time of year. But in the morning the lights in the sky are from the geothermal plant, and the smoke is simply steam from the same source. First stop this morning was the Blue Lagoon, which is a naturally heated mineral bath not far from the main airport. This led to another first, my first facial: you ... read more
typical hill view
memorial at Borgarnes

Europe » Iceland » Northwest » Snæfellsnes June 25th 2014

Since the weather was not great for doing the backpacking trail, we decided instead to take this 2-day drive. This peninsula is suppose to be a mini-Iceland, all sorts of landscapes in this tiny area. We had booked the car from hostel, they claim to give good rate. We picked it up in the morning, then we had to get the bus tickets for hike. From there we had hard time getting back on the highway as we were not really prepared with maps or anything. Once on the highway, it was smooth ride. There is not much traffic there. The highway near Reykjavik is full of roundabouts. Once out of the "city" area it soon got really green and beautiful. Of course all the rain was making the green even deeper. For outward journey, we ... read more
Hvalfjaroarvegur road
natural mineral water
Elf house

Europe » Iceland » Northwest » Snæfellsnes May 13th 2014

Why Iceland? When Icelandair announced direct flights to Reykjavik last year I had to book. Never one to resist a good deal, I was overjoyed when my Australian friend Josh who I met on the Inca trail and travelled with in Bolivia, BA, and Brazil, who is currently living in Berlin, said he would come meet me. His German friend Simon asked to join, and so a trio was created. Funny how a date we chose, nine months ago, to fly out would also be the day that Icelandair's pilots would decide to strike. Thankfully my flight wasn't cancelled and instead was just 5 hours late. Add in an eight month old baby in the seat behind me and it was wonderful red eye. I was so out of it when I arrived that I left ... read more
Sun-Craft Monument in Reykjavik
Meeting my first Iceland Horse
building a stone man

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