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Europe » Iceland » North » Mývatn June 6th 2019

Hello and welcome to another chapter of my short stories during my journey! I truly hope you have enjoyed these couple of weeks. You probably may already have pictured yourself exploring this incredible country’s attractions. Don’t matter when you choose to come, it will always be the perfect time to visit Iceland! Today we will head to the northern part of the country, where incredible natural attractions await. I must tell you that leaving Eskifjörður was not an easy task. As you may know, the weather in Iceland changes super quickly. After I left the hotel, the rain was pouring down hard, just like in the movies. It was indeed a very unique moment to watch (from inside the car of course), then you begin to understand the power of nature, really. My advice to all ... read more
Dettifoss walk

Europe » Iceland » North » Mývatn December 30th 2018

(Last night: went for the Northern Lights tour - we did see them, they're as enchanting as ever. My tripod wasn't cooperating and I didn't get good pictures, but that's ok - I was just happy to see them again. And happy that we got free hot chocolate while waiting because it was bloody cold standing in the middle of nowhere) Adventure day! We drove to the Lake Myvatn area, east of Akureyri. Yes everything was amazing, but it was also fun trying to remember where I'd been before and what was familiar/had changed. First things first, they've built a tunnel (7km..!) since last time, so we didn't have to do the mountain pass which was good (especially for the drive home!). It was funny hearing about the tunnel - it was reminiscent of LRT tunnel ... read more
Myvatn pseudocraters

Europe » Iceland » North » Mývatn September 24th 2018

Que de merveilles... et tant à vous montrer encore... Pour ceux qui s'en soucient, oui nous ne sommes plus là-bas, mais bien de retour à la maison... Après l'Islande nous avons été au Canada, visite familiale côté Montréal, mais aussi un peu d'Ontario... C'est une autre histoire qui prendra place dans la chronologie du blog... Retournons donc à nos moutons puisque c'est d'actualité dans ces paysages et que nous rencontrons encore de magnifiques endroits... Après les 390 km d'hier nous quittons Eglisstadir pour dormir ce soir à Akureyri... Pour que vous vous y retrouviez un peu dans notre géographie, je vous mets une carte que j'ai flêchée afin de vous situer le tour que nous avons fait jusqu'à Eglisstadir aujourd'hui et Akureyri pour ce soir. Nous passons par un haut-plateau désertique avec la cascade la plus ... read more
ce petit bonhomme veille sur Egilsstadir
jolie route

Europe » Iceland » North » Mývatn August 18th 2018

We have reached the half way point of our trip around Iceland. The odometer is about to tick over to half of our allocated distance and we are 10 days in to a 20 day trip. So far, so good. In this post we will cover some of waterfalls and lakes in this central part of the North, talk a little about camping Iceland style and outline our planning for the next leg of the trip into the Highlands. We have previously camped in Europe for extended periods and have noted that they do it differently here. Well serviced camp sites that can handle, say 100 people, have 4 toilets and 2 showers but we have been in a few that have had closer to 900 people that don't have too many more. People seem to ... read more
Jokulsa-a-Follum below Dettifoss
Canyon walls Jokulsargljufur
Dettifoss in the selfie

Europe » Iceland » North » Mývatn July 30th 2018

Ze zakladniho tabora jsme podnikli utok na jezero myVatn. To uz jsme sice videli, ale shledali jsme, ze je potrebne ho zkontrolovat podrobneji. Abych to zkratil, jezero stoji za zlamanou gresli. Nekde u Trebone najdete hezci. Mozna na nem teda budou jine kachny (jako jine druhy, u konkrernich jedincu je to skoro jiste, i kdyz co ja vim o planech na dovolenou mistnich ptaku, takze vyloucit se to neda). Ale okolo jezera je nekolik mist, ktere za navstevu stoji. Nejprve jsme zastavili u pseudokrateru Skútustaðagígar. A ty teda za navstevu nestoji. Ze zeme, kde se predpokladam bude vetsina z vas pohybovat, to jsou totiz takove male zelene kopecky. Az ze vzduchu (kam se vetsina z vas asi nedostane) to cele vynikne. Takze se pred navstevou nejprve podivejte v mistnim obchudku na pohlednici, kde to celkem dobre ... read more
Jeskyne s teplou vodou
Mlada lava

Europe » Iceland » North » Mývatn July 28th 2018

Rano prselo. Prekvapive. Mam pocit, ze zde ve fjordech meli hezky tak v roce 1987. Kde je nejake globalni oteplovani, kdyz ho clovek potrebuje? Nebo alespon lokalni oteplovani? Takze jsme se trochu poflakovali v kuchynce a cekali na otevreni mistnich lazni. I kdyz jeste prselo, tak jsme preci jen vyrazili na prohlidku mestecka. Opravdu to nezabralo dlouho. V podstate tu maji jeden modry kostel (zavreny), jednu barevnou ulici (opravuji: ulicku) a asi 5 otevrenych obchudku s design vecmi, ktere bych si nekoupil asi ani v pripade, ze by staly tretinu penez. Mistni restaurace (jedna ze dvou) mela akci 2 za 1, coz nas presvedcilo, ze si tedy poprve dame poradne jidlo. O houbovou polevku a fish&chips pozdeji jsme nesetrili superlativy. I kdyz Katce prislo jako skoro svatokradezne smazit lososa v trojobalu, tak se pri jeho konzumaci ... read more
Bublajici bahno
Kourici bahno
Koupani pro bohate

Europe » Iceland » North » Mývatn June 30th 2018

The area around Lake Myvatn and the Krafla volcano has all sorts of lava fields with some crazy lava colors (the most recent activity was in the 1970s), steam vents and other geothermal fun. It also had one of my favorite hot springs - similar to the blue lagoon in color, but a bit less crowded/chaotic.... read more
Sheep shed
Dettifoss from the east - the largest waterfall (by volume) in Europe
Dettifoss (from the east)

Europe » Iceland » North » Mývatn October 24th 2017

We crept out early, but Filip still managed to see us off. We first visited Gođafoss then headed to Húsavík where we boarded Náttfari, got decked out in overalls and headed out to sea to search for whales! The sea was very, very rough & we had to hang onto the rails to stay upright - many people ended up hanging over the back rail losing their breakfast. We did spot 2-3 humpback whales and Chavaunne managed to get some good photos – I’m claiming some credit for them as my job was to brace her against the rail allowing her two hands to hold the camera! Lots of sea birds, guillemot & fulmars. Plus they gave us hot chocolate and cinnamon buns on the way back to port. The sickness tablet Vicky took meant she ... read more
Aboard Náttfari
Whale tail

Europe » Iceland » North » Mývatn October 15th 2017

We'd planned to meet for breakfast a bit later than usual today, at 8, so Gilat and I went for a short walk in the vicinity of the hotel before we ate. We had a nice walk, not long, and got as far as a little red house with a lawn covered with lawn dwarves. Cute. Breakfast at our small hotel this morning was nice. I mean, the fare wasn't different from previous hotels but the owners sat with us in the dining room and we had a nice chat. They told us a little about themselves, about living in the remote yet growing town of Eskifjörður, about how they came to open the hotel there. Turns out it used to be a bank. When the bank closed they bought the building and converted it into ... read more
Mud pots at Hverir
More bubbling mud
Steaming stones at Hverir

Europe » Iceland » North » Mývatn August 12th 2017

Today we left the Glacier Hotel at Hoffell and set out on a huge driving day. It was grey and showering and quite cool. Every time we got out of the car we needed puffer jackets and our little beanies! Continued up the coast driving along many fjords. The road was really something. Up and down, blind corners, direct drops from high on the mountain sides look straight over the side into the ocean. All made for a spectacular coastal drive. First stop was at the Eggs of Merry Bay at a town called Djupivogur. The town was a tiny fishing village and an artist had sculptured large granite eggs in colors representing local bird species. There were 34 eggs making quite an artistic sight along the harbor front. Driving on we saw amazing scenery including ... read more
There are horses everywhere in Iceland They ride them and eat them
Hoff to Djupivogur - the start of amazing views
What an ocean road to drive

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