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Europe » Iceland » North » Húsavík August 17th 2018

This entry will take us into the North across the top part of the country to places including Siglufjordur, Akureyri and Husavik. We will talk about farms, the Herring Industry Museum and a Turf House Museum, among other things. We set off anti-clockwise around the Ring Road for no better reason than that the weather looked like rubbish in the south and pretty good to the west and north. In fact, in Iceland, there seems to be no better reason to go in a particular direction than the weather. Wind, when it comes up, can be a nuisance or even dangerous. We have followed the weather and enjoyed good weather most of the way, so far. After travelling through the west and north west, the north of Iceland is a bit like a return to something ... read more
Cloud over the fjord again
Landing the catch in Siglafjordur
Reflections in front of Herring Era Museum

Europe » Iceland » North » Húsavík July 31st 2018

Rano se nam podarilo vykyblovat se nezvykle brzo. Ukazalo se, ze staci mit spravnou motivaci. A listek na plachetnici, co dovazi turisty za velrybami, na 9:30 se ukazalo jako dostatecna motivace. Sbalili jsme svych pet instantnich polivek (svestky jsme tu totiz fakt nevideli) a sjeli k pobrezi do Husaviku. Zde nas navlekli do slusivych oteplovaku a nahnali na lod. Plachetnice to byla hezka. Mela dva stezne, plachty, kapitana a motor. Hlavne ten motor ten dojem z plachteni trochu kazil. Jen pro zabavu nas nechali vytahnout 2 plachty, ktere po celou dobu plavby nebyly potreba. A pak uz nekdo zakricel: "whale" a zacala ta spravna sranda. Velryb tu bylo docela dost, rozhodne vic nez na Sri Lance. A urcite vic nez doma v Cechach. Jen me trochu stvalo, ze vetsinou znelo hlaseni pruvodce zhruba takto: "Velryba na ... read more
Velka ryba

Europe » Iceland » North » Húsavík July 6th 2018

We spent days four through six in Iceland touring 'the north.' You always have a sense of foreboding with the people in a nation call part of the country just 'the north,' here for good reason. On Tuesday we spent most of the day just driving to the north, the target being a farmhouse hotel to the west of Aukeryi (the second city of Iceland) where my friend Thor had made a reservation for us. Thor had been the dean of the University of Aukeryi and is also currently doing work in the area, helping the Chinese set up a station to study the Northern Lights. (His current work is with the Icelandic Arctic Institute--they are studying the effects of climate change amongst other things, guess which country no longer sends scientists to their meetings?). For ... read more
Michael in Jon Snow and Egrit's cave
Gettirs pool

Europe » Iceland » North » Húsavík October 16th 2017

We're going whale watching today! Very exciting! So we got up and had the regular hotel fare, then got ready to go. Just a few minutes ride took us to the Gentle Giants tour offices, where we signed up, and then walked down to the dock. Our boat was waiting and the guide handed out overalls. Our boat, apparently, was an old whaling boat, until the whalers realized that the whales are worth more alive than dead. Tourists coming to see them bring in more money than they can get from hunting the whales, and with less risk. So the whalers converted their boats to tour boats and opened tour offices. Anyway, we boarded and pulled on our overalls. Within a few minutes all the other participants of the tour boarded and as the captain took ... read more
Humpback whales
Humpback whales
More whales

Europe » Iceland » North » Húsavík August 14th 2017

Blog 4 – Our Whale Tale - Lake Myvatn to Husavik and onto Akureyri, the capital of the north Dear all Well we awoke to another day of heavy showers and the weather was much colder just 9 degrees. Packed the car and headed off to find our first attraction, the mighty Dettifoss Waterfall. Forgot to mention the Iceland word for waterfall is ‘foss’ so Dettifoss has the reputation for being the most powerful foss in all of Europe. So we set off up Highway 862, a secondary road and thankfully it was bitumen. We drove across more volcanic ash landscape, then across land covered in sheets of stone finally making it to the Dettifoss carpark in the middle of nowhere. Walked about 1.5kms over the stones and then heard the roar of water and saw ... read more
Lava rock field on way to Dettifoss
Views of volcanic ash covered hills as we left Lake Myvatn
More dirt road driving for GG

Europe » Iceland » North » Húsavík June 13th 2017

Wir sind heute um etwa 08:15 aufgebrochen. Insgesamt waren wir wieder etwa 10 Stunden unterwegs und ich sehne mich danach, in meiner Wohnung wieder mal bis Mittag zu schlafen. Zuerst sind wir zur größten Stadt Nordislands gefahren: Akureyri. Dort war ich im Botanischen Kirche, vor der verschlossenen schönen Kirche und habe in einer Buchhandlung mit Café einen Kaffee getrunken. Ich fühle mich ja auch als Intellektueller. Danach bin ich zum Bus am Hafen, neben einem schönen Kulturzentrum. Von dort sind wir zum Godafoss, dem Wasserfall der Götter. Der war auch sehenswert. In einem kleinen Restaurant daneben habe ich den zweiten Hod Dog auf dieser Reise gegessen. Wir haben ja Halbpension, also Frühstück und reichhaltiges Abendessen, und an einigen Tagen hat unser Busfahrer Würstchen mit Senf und Toastbrot gemacht. Und an zweien habe ich unterwegs eben ein ... read more
Kirche von Akureyri.
Wasserfall Godafoss.
Weitere Wanderung entlang der Küste.

Europe » Iceland » North » Húsavík September 10th 2015

Opustame vychodne fjordy a mierime na sever. Kedze nas po ceste zo zaciatku nic zaujimave necakalo zobrali sme to oklukou cez jeden horsky priesmyk. Nasa Toyotka so svojim pidi motorcekom to ledva zvladla vytiahnut hore na dvojku ale vysledok stal za to. Vyhlad zhora bol fantasticky. Len vietor bol taky ze sme ledva stali na nohach. Potom uz nas cakala dlha cesta po bezchybnej asfaltke, kde sme asi 70 kilometrov nestretli jedine auto a na jej konci len lavova planina s roklinou a najkrajsim vodopadom aky sme doteraz videli - Dettifoss. Kto videl film Prometheus nech si spomenie na uvodnu scenu. Vybrali sme sa k nemu po strasnej 30 kilometrov dlhej rozbitej prasnej ceste ale vdaka tomu sme k nemu prisli presne z tej filmovej strany. Keby sme chceli mozme sa ho dotknut. Dalsi den nas ... read more
Rozlucka s fjordami
More lavy pred nami

Europe » Iceland » North » Húsavík July 26th 2015

Sunday 26th July Our tour guide cooked us breakfast in the hostel at Reykjahlio then we packed and piled back into the minibus for the drive of about 70 km to Husavik. Husavik is a town of 2000+ inhabitants on the shore of Skjalfandi bay on Iceland's north coast. This town is considered one of the better places to see whales because of the variety of different species that are known to frequent this bay and we had a three hour whale watching trip booked for 10 am with the North Sailing whale watching company. The weather was very calm and it only took 15-20 minutes to get to the point well into the bay where we would spend the next couple of hours. There were two other larger boats like ours out there, along with ... read more
Husavik Harbour
Me all geared up for whale watching

Europe » Iceland » North » Húsavík April 5th 2015

In the morning I pack up my stuff ready for my hostel switch - luckily I only have my small daysack. It's a different guy on reception and he's a bit bemused by my terse complaint about the room situation and tries to make out that I should have known that the hostel wouldn't be quiet as it's in a downtown location. Funny that, I'd just spent almost a week of peaceful bliss in Reykjavik DOWNTOWN hostel - Reykjavik - that's the capital city - maybe you've heard of it! The sarcasm was flowing thick and fast - not sure his English was up to my nuanced tirade of sleep deprived wit, but he eventually refunded my my stay - or at least that's what I thought he'd done - I found out later he'd only ... read more
Crossing the fjord at Akureyri on the way to Husavik
Tiger striped melted snow
North Sailing boat in Husavik harbour

Europe » Iceland » North » Húsavík July 8th 2014

Day 6 It was showering with rain when we woke but it cleared before we drove to see the Goðafoss waterfall. It was certainly coat and gloves weather but it was good hiking weather. We then drove another 40-odd km to lake Mývatn which is one of the biggest lakes in Iceland. Next was Skútustaðir, a little further down the road where there are pseudo-craters. These were formed when the geo-thermal pressures underneath the soil came up at various points and raised some hillocks. Fascinating! A little further along the shores of the Lake was Dimmuborgir which is where a beautiful lava labyrinth with very strange lava formations can be observed, which provide shelter for the abundant vegetation. We walked about 4 kms around to see all the different forms of the lava. Another 15 minutes ... read more
Godafoss Waterfall (9)
Husavik (3)
Puffin Island - Lundey near Husavik (66)

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