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Europe » Iceland » North » Húsavík July 16th 2012 After our night in the Hi Hostel in Hofn we were back on the road again and set off again for a full-days drive to the North. Weather wise this was the worst day of the trip so I was glad that it wasn’t wasted as would be in the car most of the day. It rained all day and our route through the mountains was enveloped in mist. We were driving from South East Iceland up the East coast to our destination at roughly the northernmost point just 60km from the Arctic circle in Husavik. This part of Iceland is sparsely inhabited and we only passed a few cars outside the main towns. It took over 6 hours to get to our first destination which was Dettifoss which a... read more

Europe » Iceland » North » Húsavík August 18th 2011

Y seguimos pedaleando... Tras el ultimo post en Vik, al sur de Islandia, nuestro viaje en bici por estos lares ha continuado hasta el otro lado de la Isla, Husavik, un pequenho pueblo de pescadores del Norte de Islandia. Tras dejar el agradable Youth Hostal donde nos quedamos en Vik encaramos, a priori, dos de las etapas mas duras del viaje: Vik-Klustur y Klustur-Skaftaffel. La primera fueron 76 km atravesando lenguas de glaciares y paisajes deserticos...parece idilico, pero a veces en la bici la realidad es otra, los Km pasan lentamente, te empieza a doler el culo y la espalda, tienes hambre, sed...pero claro, miras a tu izquierda y ves un gigante de hielo y miras a la derecha y ves un paisaje de cenizas volcanicas que mueren en la misma orilla del Atlantico, una pasada. ... read more
Laguna en medio del glaciar
Impresionante lengua del glaciar

Europe » Iceland » North » Húsavík July 31st 2011

This is a very hard blog to write. Firstly because I went to Iceland half a year ago and secondly because, as a country, it has some of the most intensely difficult place names to remember how to say let alone spell. Therefore, it shall be a summary rather than a detailed review! Nathan and I had wanted to go to Iceland for years but somehow Africa and Asia got in the way. It just seemed so random - so unique - so bizarre... A mere three hours away by plane would be a geological freak show protruding out of a split in the earth between the North American and European continents, isolated by thousands of miles of sea. Volcanic yet frozen, desolate yet rowdy, historic but new. We had to see it. Because of our ... read more

Europe » Iceland » North » Húsavík May 16th 2010

Le 16 mai, Aujourd'hui, on se lève à 8:00, il fait beau. Nous avons une grosse journée de prévue. On déjeune dans notre belle petite cuisine puis on prend la direction d'Husavik, petite ville côtière célèbre pour être un bon point de départ pour partir en mer voir des baleines. Par contre, nous avons décidé de laisser tomber cette activité. Le froid d'hier nous a dissuadé d'aller faire un tour sur l'océan Arctique, et Carl est plus que sujet au mal de mer. Je pense que simplement parler de bateau lui donne mal au coeur... Après une heure de route, on arrive à Husavik. C'est très mignon, le petit village est enclavé dans un cirque de montagnes enneigées et vers la gauche, on a une belle vue sur des fjords avec d'autres montagnes enneigées. L'océan est ... read more
¨ca y est, je me prends pour une baleine
L'extérieur du musée du phallus
Vers le cadran solaire

Europe » Iceland » North » Húsavík August 21st 2008

Today was spent exploring the area around Lake Myvatn. Lake Myvatn is famous, bizarrely, for having a huge midge and mosquito population... in fact it's what the area is named for!! We began our day with a walk around the lake, which is Iceland's fourth largest and apparently the world's most fertile spot on a similar latitude. Mývatn is a shallow eutrophic lake situated in the area of active volcanism in the north of Iceland, not far from Krafla volcano. The lake was created by a large basaltic lava eruption 2,300 years ago, and the surrounding landscape is dominated by volcanic landforms, including lava pillars and pseudocraters. It is apparently a paradise for bird watchers but I failed to spot many. We did see eider ducks, red throated divers and the great northern diver but for ... read more
Stone pile by Hverfjall Crater
Walking on top of the volcano

Europe » Iceland » North » Húsavík July 27th 2008

Zaceli bomo s prejsnjim vecerom, ki si definitivno zasluzi vec pozornosti. Sli sva torej v Myvatn Natural Baths razvajati svoje utrujene misice. Scena je bila sicer ze na prvi pogled bolj amaterska kot v Blue Lagoon (kaki cipi v zapestnicah, omarice se odpirajo povsem old school z navadnim kljucem!), ampak sva pa uzivali v povsem naravnem okolju - in med napisi Danger, 100 degrees!, lepo prosim - do enajstih ponoci. Ker pa je bilo takrat se dokaj svetlo, pa ceprav se, neverjetno, a resnicno, ze opazi, da se dan krajsa, sva sli se na en midnight sightseeing. Na vrsti so bile t.i. podzemne terme, ki sva jih cez dan preskocili. Po dveh kilometrih popolnoma zjebane ceste (in Jimmy we trust) sva prispeli na cilj, in nisva bili edini. And did we see something! Zakadili sva se ... read more
Whale touching

Europe » Iceland » North » Húsavík June 27th 2007

All my life I’ve been fascinated by whales. Not sure what is the attraction of these majestic mammals, but I suspect my interest begun way back in the days at the Natural History Museum, in their Blue Zone gallery. For a 6-year old, a room full of natural-sized whale models can be quite exciting. Now, when people have realized that whale safaris are a rather lucrative business, luckily they are worth as much alive as they are dead, killed by modern whalers. One great spot for watching whales is Iceland. Their cold waters inhabit a large number of various species of whales. So when I finally decided to go to Iceland, whale watching was on top of my list of things to do. Of all whales, my favorite is the orca, also known as the killer ... read more

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