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Europe » Hungary » Central Hungary » Budapest » Buda July 9th 2017

We awoke in our new AirB&B place at around 9am, showered and we both called our respective better halves. I then took some notes on 'Top 25 Hungarian Phrases' whilst Dan plotted a number of attractions, restaurants and bars which our hosts had recommended (via their laminated notes left on the table) on Google Maps. Eventually at gone 11 we headed out for the day. The first stop was 'Vinyl and Wood' a relatively new coffee and breakfast bar which was number 2 on TripAdvisor for tea, coffee and breakfast in our area. Having prepped myself on Jo Napot (Good Day/Afternoon) for the last 1/2 hour, I confidently(ish) spat it out in greeting when we walked through he door, it seem well received. Sadly they didn't have much of a selection of food (we later overheard ... read more

Europe » Hungary » Central Hungary » Budapest » Buda August 23rd 2016

I arrive in Budapest from Bratislava a little after lunch time which actually is not a bad time for me on this day, for I knew I could check into the hostel within a few hours after I locate it. Finding the hostel seems to always be the challenge. I leave the train station and almost immediately get turned around. My directions were good, it was just me on this day. Once I got straitened out, I asked a nice young lady at a travel tour kiosk how to go in the right direction. She was very pleasant and pointed me in the right way, and off I go. I find the general location, however with it being lunch time, it was quite crowded in this area. My hostel was overlooking the main square at St. ... read more
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Europe » Hungary » Central Hungary » Budapest » Buda April 16th 2015

I left America 5 weeks ago, and in 6 weeks from right now, I'll be on a flight over the Atlantic heading home. Since I wrote my paper today, I didn't do much in the way of sightseeing or cultural experiences. But a couple of things happened, and I thought I would share them here on my last night in Hungary. First off, my paper is ... done! Well, almost. This was the rough draft of an 8-10 page paper, and I have 8 full pages, so I'm satisfied. The more I do at this stage, the less I have to do later, right? I'm going to go back in and put in the citations and such tonight, but what a load off. Smooth sightseeing from here! So, remember when I wrote yesterday that my night ... read more
Exterior of Keleti Rail Station, built in 1884
One of the richest glasses of hot chocolate I've ever had
The "Opera" Cake

Europe » Hungary » Central Hungary » Budapest » Buda April 7th 2015

We travelled to Budapest from Valtice on Good Friday which, surprisingly, is not a holiday in either the Czech Republic or Hungary. We drove 10 km from Valtice to the larger town of Breclav, handed our hire car over to the man from Hertz and eventually caught the Euro-City train to Budapest. The first hour or so of the trip was standing room only as it appeared that all of the university students from Brno were heading home to Bratislava for the Easter holidays. They eventually departed the train and we were able to find a seat and travel in comfort. For the first half of the trip the countryside was relatively flat and in places so flat that it reminded me of the Darling Downs, except there weren’t any eucalypts to be seen. Eventually we ... read more
Parliament House from Castle Hill, Buda
Matthius Church, Budapest
Fishermen's Bastion, Budapest

Europe » Hungary » Central Hungary » Budapest » Buda April 1st 2015

Hi Everyone, This past weekend was Budapest. Unfortunately, I don't have many pictures this round - it turned into a social trip instead of a sightseeing one :-/ Cheers, Joel... read more
Mini Food Truck

Europe » Hungary » Central Hungary » Budapest » Buda December 4th 2014

Budapest – final day So here we are still in Budapest. The sun is shining, is it because we are leaving soon? Who knows, but I am grateful, because we are seeing the additional sights today, and climbing up on the Buda side of town. So last night, the cruise slowing went on down the Danube so we could see the illuminations of the city. What an awesome sight that was. The best pics are in todays blog. The Parliament building, this stunning illuminated building is the 2nd largest parliament building in the world, just behind Rio . You will also see the beautiful Budapest Castle illuminated on the opposite side of the Danube. It truly was an awesome sight to see. So, tripping around the city with a group of travelers from the cruise. We ... read more
Buda Castle
such beauty looking back to Pest (1)
us at Buda castle

Europe » Hungary » Central Hungary » Budapest » Buda July 30th 2014

Between Prague and Budapest we did a quick stop over in vienna for two nights. It wasn't super exciting, but a good stop to have a coupe of slow days, which are necessary on a trip like this one. We saw the schönbrünn palace and the zoo in the palace gardens. We spent all day walking around the palace gardens, it's quite massive. The zoo was especially awesome because we got to see polar bears and panda bears, which I have never seen before. It was a bit expensive, but totally worth it. It's a great zoo. We had schnitzel for dinner both nights, as there was a schnitzel fast food joint down the street from our hotel. So good and so greasy and soooo cheap. The hotel we stayed in was the Austria Trend park ... read more

Europe » Hungary » Central Hungary » Budapest » Buda December 13th 2013

It's that awkward time between Thanksgiving and Christmas. It's the season where I've stopped being homesick, because I'm just really excited to go home in a week (!!!). Half of my kids are slumped over their desks in class, and the other half are out of control. With no Thanksgiving break, the kids have been in school since the beginning of November. Everyone is ready for Christmas. It's also the season of thankfulness and gratefulness. And over this past week, I've been composing a list of the things I am really thankful for, now that I've lived in Europe for three months. Also, my favorite things. 1. The quaint little towns of the French countryside that I got to peek at while on my train from Lyon to Toulon. Rolling green hills, vineyards, and every so ... read more

Europe » Hungary » Central Hungary » Budapest » Buda December 1st 2013

Well, here we are again. Landed in Budapest around 5pm, taxi to hotel. The Sofitel is very nice and quite reasonable with club lounge access which means if you don't have to eat out if you take advantage of the spread they provide. You also don't check in in the lobby, but get taken straight up to the Club lounge and check in there. Very civilized. Gaynor is getting stuck into it with her champagne journey around Europe. We spent the evening chatting with a couple of ladies from England Sue and B who are here on a girls weekend away, and loving it. The lounge closed so we off to bed to ready ourselves the next day of sightseeing. In the morning after breakfast bought a Hop on-Hop off bus ticket and went around the ... read more

Europe » Hungary » Central Hungary » Budapest » Buda November 2nd 2013

Budapest looks like a fascinating city but unfortunately we woke to a foggy and cloudy day, so it wasn't looking its best. The day started with a bus ride around Buda then across the Danube to Pest. We visited Matthias Coronation Church, a very ornately decorated church with a long and interesting history. The original building was constructed in the 11th century and it has been destroyed and rebuilt on a number of occasions. It was a mosque for a period when the Turks occupied the country but for most of its existence it has been a Catholic Church. We also did some sightseeing on both sides of the river including Parliament House, Fishermen's Bastion, Royal Castle, Heroes' Square and many other interesting sights. The weather was very ordinary, so we stopped for a very nice ... read more
Budapest - Buda
Budapest - Buda
Budapest - Buda

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