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Europe » Greece » Central Greece » Fokida July 28th 2020

Calatoriile au devenit o actiune destul de interesanta in ultimele luni, odata cu raspandirea globala a Coronavirusului (COVID-19). Multe persoane anuleaza calatoriile rezervate si au fost avertizate de catre oficialii din domeniul sanatatii pentru a reduce contactul cu tarile deja afectate. Dar, exista tari care inca accepta turisti din Romania, cum ar fi Grecia si multi oameni nu sunt inca dispusi sa renunte la vacanta mult visata. Daca te numeri printre persoanele care inca aleg sa calatoreasca, trebuie sa tii cont de cateva sfaturi pentru a te proteja atat pe tine, cat si pe cei din jur. Ai grija la igiena personala Spala-te frecvent pe maini. Acesta este, fara indoiala, cel mai crucial lucru pe care il poti face pentru a reduce riscul de a contracta boala infectioasa cauzata de coronavirus. Spala-te pe maini c... read more

Europe » Greece » Attica » Athens May 28th 2020

28 May – Today we took the flight from Dubrovnik to Athens one and a half-hour later we were getting into the blue line metro to go to Syntagma station. Changed to the red line heading to Anthoupoli and got off at Larissa Station, the central train station in Greece. I had booked an apartment in central Athens so that we could use public transport. Incidentally, we never travel by cabs anywhere unless absolutely necessary. I feel public transport gives you an authentic feel of a place and that is what we travel for! Most countries have safe and clean public transport and I haven’t had a bad experience ever in my 15 years of travel. Touch wood!So here we are in Athens – a dream destination ... read more

Europe » Greece » Attica » Sounio May 24th 2020

The way home was very long. That was partly also my own fault. When I booked the flights home (half a year ago), I thought it was a brilliant idea to add 3 more days of Athens to my trip. The cheapest flights I found were: Bali to Singapore (where I had to wait for 10 hours until my next flight), Singapore to Athens and from Athens to Eindhoven. That last flight was going either the next day or in 3 days from my arrival. Like I said, it was a brilliant idea back then. I was still convinced that I would have lots of time with my dad and the rest of my family once I arrived, so I wasn't too worried about it. My host (Orestis) didn't live very close to the city, but ... read more
Right next to the sea
View from the temple
Walking along the coast

Europe » Greece » Attica » Athens March 9th 2020

"Welcome to Greece. The land of opportunity, taxes, more taxes and even more taxes". I noted this inscription as one of the more understandable pieces of graffiti on a wall in Plaka. It is fair to say that Greece has generally had a hard time of late. The economy hasn't faired well and there have been lifelines thrown by the EU, but all with strings attached. The strings aren't appreciated by all, who judging by this graffiti feel overburdened by the level of tax. The anti EU graffiti was fairly commonplace and often noted, as we wandered around during our stay. What was surprising was the pro Boris sentiment next door to the tax graffiti. Who would have thought that TFB was even known outside our shores? The elusive one turns out to be much favoured ... read more
Changing of the Guard, Hellenic Parliament, Athens
Olympic Stadium, Athens
Changing of the Guard, Hellenic Parliament, Athens

Europe » Greece » Attica » Athens March 5th 2020

There is no getting away from the fact that the big draw in Athens is the Acropolis. It looms over you from most points in the city centre, as a self-advert that says "come up and see me sometime". By day, it glistens in the sunshine. By night, the uplifting lights mark out the form of the main structures. The majority make a bee line for the place on arrival, but as I said in my last blog we opted for the slow approach. A visit or three to the lesser sites will make you appreciate the place a whole lot more. We were up bright and early and out of the hotel by 8 am. Visiting the Acropolis needs planning. The crowds tend to arrive from their cruise ships docked in Piraeus harbour by mid-morning, ... read more
Brettos Distillery, Athens
Parthenon, Athens
Acropolis, Athens

Europe » Greece » Attica » Athens March 4th 2020

There was a time when we were growing up, when summer holidays involved heading off to Spain. If it wasn't Spain, it was almost definitely Greece. Whilst the above fact registered with me, it didn't really affect my world. I was much more likely to be spending my summers round the Beechwood Avenue Cricket Academy than either destination. My first ever flight in my mid 20s was to Greece. Corfu, to be precise. Other Greek Islands followed. Kos and then Rhodes. I suspect that the party continues in Falaraki to this day. As a result I have a soft spot for the nation, although it dawns on me as I write, that was 33 years ago. I haven't set foot in Greece since. The Man in the Middle unsuccessfully tried to persuade me to join him ... read more
Hephaestus Temple, Ancient Agora, Athens
Panathenaic Stadium, Athens
Parliament Building, Athens

Europe » Greece » Central Greece » Andikira February 4th 2020

Yacht charter is an increasingly popular way of spending holidays, especially for people who are already tired of traditional trips to tourist destinations to visit and lie on the beach. Thanks to yacht sailing, you can see everything from a completely different perspective — discover fascinating places inaccessible to the rest, feel the freedom and unfettered exploration possibilities, and relax like never before. All you have to do is choose your dream yacht charter destination! What directions are worth considering? Many possibilities Croatia is the country that enjoys the best reputation among yachting enthusiasts. Warm waters, excellent sailing conditions, great weather during the season, very well-developed sailing infrastructure and a wealth of attractions mean that every year tourists from all ... read more

Europe » Greece » Pelopennese January 28th 2020

There is a shipwreck on the beach just before Gythion. We stopped off just to admire it in the distance and then came back another day for a walk on the beach and to see it up close. It's on a long, sandy beach and there were people camping. No facilities but looked like a very nice place to spend a few days. On both sides of Gythion there are long sand beaches where turtles lay their eggs in season. We visited Mystra, a former Byzantine capital, with many ruins of churches and palaces, some have been restored. It is built over 2 levels on a steep hill and we spent hours walking up and down the lower level. By the time we drove up to the upper level, we were tired out, anyway the castle ... read more
Sunrise at Gythion
Streets of Gythion

Europe » Greece » Pelopennese January 27th 2020

Not our first trip, and not our last. Greece the country that just keeps giving. Every time we go we visit another area and we are never disappointed. As we enjoy slow travel we don't try and see everything and we mostly pick just one area or one city but we never have enough time and there is always at least one place that we would like to stay longer in but can't and other places that we never reach at all. Lucky with the weather again at the end of October, actually a bit too hot for me, this time we visited the Peloponnese. We started in Athens and drove via the Corinth Canal to Nafplio. As it is only 2 hours from Athens, it is a popular tourist destination all year round. The historic ... read more
Athens windows
Classic Athens

Europe » Greece » Central Greece December 2nd 2019

2019 11 Greece 11-9-2019 Greece Greece rong 133,000km2 bang 1/3 Vietnam voi dan so la 10 trieu bang 1/10 Vietnam nhung la cha de cua nen van hoa Tay Phuong ke ca Chanh tri va toan hoc ngay ca Olympic game. Greece la mot nuoc co ngon ngu duy nhat la Greek Va ton giao duy nhat la Orthodox. Nga cung theo Orthodox vi Nga, Ukraine va Bellarus duoc nha truyen giao nguoi Hy Lap den pho bien Orthodox vao the ky thu 9. Su khac biet giua Roman Catholic va Orthodox hay West Catholic hay Roman Catholic va East Catholic hay Orthodox Catholic la Roman Catholic den tu Y di theo duong loi chi dao cua Pope, cua Duc Giao Hoang con Orthodox Catholic thi theo chi dao cua tao hoa cua Thuong De. Nguoi ... read more

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