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Europe » Greece » Thessaly » Kalampaka September 18th 2018

Kalitheea- o nume ce iti ramane in minte daca stai mai multe zile in zona aia insorita in extra/sezon. Apa cristalina, culori de turcoaz, cocktail pe plaja, umbreluta cu cocktail inclus sau invers, paradis ce mai...Cazati hotel Maria, pret 45 euro, camera spatioasa, curata, TV plasma, hotel cu piscina unde evident am testat-o.... read more
interior camera
panorama balcon

Europe » Greece » Thessaly » Kalampaka September 15th 2018

Serres. Mica localitate, retrasa si linistita aproape de granita cu Bulgaria. Loc bun de popas. Am ales Hotelul Metropolis, camera la 50euro, camera spatioasa, de fapt apartament, curat, vedere, minibar plin, AC, TV plasma.... read more
interior camera
vedere balcon camera

Europe » Greece » Thessaly » Kalampaka April 16th 2015

First, an apology for all the upside down and sideways pictures. I haven't figured out why they are loading that way but suggestions have been made that it is possibly because I am uploading directly from my iPhone. Thanks Apple. I will try to straighten things out when I get home. As I told you the wifi on the ship was very poor so I basically stopped trying to write. It took forever to send anything and it was a mess. Now we are touring through the mountains of Greece and I really don't have the time or energy to do justice to the beautiful places I have seen. Hopefully, I'll get to them after I get home. The good news is that we weathered the storm which, according to the Capt., was the windiest he ... read more

Europe » Greece » Thessaly » Kalampaka April 7th 2011

I contacted the hotel, they too had made note of the puppy. It tells me others here do care, and it makes me feel better. They said they have not seen him since then, so I have to wonder if someone else saw his little puppy charm, and took him home. It is not a tiny town, so someone would have seen him. Maybe it is naive, maybe not. It put my mind at rest, at least partially. It is shadowed by not knowing, but I am no longer obsessing on returning to Perama. That being said, I am stocking my pockets with puppy treats. I am sure there will be more. Last night we stayed at the Monastiri Guesthouse, and it is charming. The hostess and her sister greeted us warmly, as did their dog ... read more

Europe » Greece » Thessaly » Kalampaka June 24th 2008

Meteora from the root word Meteoros "to be suspended in air" we came in the night Lights were trained on the rocks and it looked like fog to our tired eyes we logged an 18 hour day and 400 some km and as we approached we realized the scale of the rocks watching over these towns seeing pictures of this place before we came here made it look like cliffs by the sea but we are not so near the shore and the masses of rock are parts of an ancient inland sea thrust up between more docile hills and mountains millions of years ago metamorphic rock pebbles fist sized stones are clearly seen naturally cemented into the rocks at eye level but i cannot acurately describe to you how towering they are pock marks and ... read more

Europe » Greece » Thessaly » Kalampaka May 28th 2008

ATHENS Breakfast of Greek proportions- of boiled eggs, cereal, yogurt, honey, cheeses, hams, good coffee and teas, great bread rolls sufficient for the girls to collect for a snack on the way. The car was delivered - a Volvo S4 series, which was just big enough for us to squeeze in. We left all the large bags at the hotel and packed our subset of “stuff” into small bags into the boot. Rodger kindly offered to drive but had to get used to the gears again and to an English girl giving instructions. Carmen, the English speaking Garmin GPS, sat on the windscreen. Carmen, aptly named by Charmaine on a New Zealand trip, had received a transplant with the roads of Europe in fine detail, other than Greece and Croatia, in which only the main roads ... read more
Near our hotel in Delphi
Dinner at the Top of the Town in Delphi
Mosaic tile work in the Delphi ruins

Europe » Greece » Thessaly » Kalampaka November 13th 2006

We took the train from Athens to Kalambaka in Central Greece this morning. The thing to see here is what they called "Meteora". They are these geographical phenomenon that are large granite pinnacles shooting 600 m straight up in the air. Not only that, but some crazy monks between 1200 AD and 1500 AD decided to avoid some religious persecution by building monasteries on top of them! They used to ferry goods and themselves up the rock-face with rope lasses. There are about 13 still around. You can drive up now, us...try to "hike up". Ya right. We ambitiously started out along this path (not well-marked) only to figure that we were on the wrong path and turned around, went back to our hotel for a nap. The next day, we took a cab ride ... read more
Lisa and Moni Vernon
Multiple Moni

Europe » Greece » Thessaly » Kalampaka October 15th 2006

L'umore é altissimo!!!! Siamo arrivati in Grecia ieri sera dopo il viaggio in nave da Ancona che é scivolato via liscio come l'olio. Il mare per tutta la traversata é stato calmissimo e se non fosse stato per il rumore dei motori si poteva benissimo pensare di essere capitati in una sorta di...cinema... Il sentore del viaggio inizia a "fare capoccella" durante la passeggiata sul ponte superiore della nave dopo il tramonto: il vento freddo e umido, la salsedine lungo i corrimano, gli uccelli che rincorrono la scia della nave in cerca di pesce, tutto profuma di viaggio ed il mio cuore comncia a sorridere. Arriviamo quindi ad Igoumenitsa da dove, con un paio d'ore di bus arriviamo ad Ioannina. Ad attenderci troviamo Dimitrios - il simpatico collega greco - che in poco piu' di due ... read more
Gran Meteora

Europe » Greece » Thessaly » Kalampaka July 2nd 2006

Despite having a few too many glasses of Italy's cheapest and despite laying in a narrow bunkbed with another bed just inches over my head, my first time ever sleeping on a ship was quite restful. Getting up and using the toilet in the middle of the night was an adventure as the ship was bucking and rolling quite a bit. But there was plenty of hot water in the shower and nice clean towels when I performed my morning ablutions. People who have been on numerous cruises told me that on these big modern ships you hardly know you're at sea, but this tub seemed to bob up and down with every ripple in the Aegean. It was impossible to walk down the main passageway of the ship without bouncing off the walls. We arrived ... read more
Winding our way through the Pindus Mountains
And even higher into the mountains
On the Thessaly Plain

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