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April 16th 2015
Published: April 16th 2015
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First, an apology for all the upside down and sideways pictures. I haven't figured out why they are loading that way but suggestions have been made that it is possibly because I am uploading directly from my iPhone. Thanks Apple. I will try to straighten things out when I get home. As I told you the wifi on the ship was very poor so I basically stopped trying to write. It took forever to send anything and it was a mess. Now we are touring through the mountains of Greece and I really don't have the time or energy to do justice to the beautiful places I have seen. Hopefully, I'll get to them after I get home.

The good news is that we weathered the storm which, according to the Capt., was the windiest he had even seen. Some of the island residents said it was the worst they have seen in 75 years. We were tied up in the port of Naxos for 4 days. Finally, on Easter Sunday we sailed for Santorini. Woohoo! Since then the weather has been fantastic and the Capt. took us to several islands not previously on the schedule. More later....

Yesterday I climbed up to see the famous temple where the oracle of Delphi foretold the future. I still have a hard time absorbing the dates of some of the structures. Tomorrow we are going to the top of a mountain to visit some ancient monasteries. Really, I promise I will give you details and maybe more misaligned pictures. ;-)))


PS thanks to those who tried to help my photo issue. It was impossible to correct them while on the ship


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