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Europe » Greece » North Aegean » Samos June 14th 2015

PANORAMAS: Samos Harbor and View of Samos from the road to the new Samos Marina One of the things we love about traveling in the islands is riding the local buses. It's such a delightful activity. Needless to say, the scenery is often spectacular. The bus drivers and the onboard ticket sellers can be anything from delightful to frazzled. The mix of locals going about their daily lives and the many clueless tourists trying to find their way is always a good show. Such was our bus ride from Pythagorio to Vathy. Greek music was on the radio and the driver was singing along happily. The ticket seller was frustrated trying to communicate with tourists in a multitude of languages. The locals were loaded down with shopping bags full of groceries. Special stops were made for ... read more
Tall ship in the harbor was from Turkey
Turkish Charter
Stairway to heaven

Europe » Greece » North Aegean » Samos June 30th 2013

Having been told of "the oldest church" on the lush and beautiful island of Samos and a waterfall that we should see, we headed out in flip-flops and made our way to the western side of the island. We easily found the church covered with vines, ancient and full of religious artifacts, a candle flickering in the tower high above our heads - straight out of an Indiana Jones movie. The waterfall, on the other hand, was quite a different matter. The challenge we encountered was not the relatively short walk along the creek bed through the forest filled with rhododendrons, Queen Anne's lace and maidenhair ferns everywhere. Nor was it the numerous creek crossings on dilapidated log bridges, nor the 300 + foot vertical climb up the mountain via a staircase constructed by a certain ... read more
Creator of fortress
Ancient church

Europe » Greece » North Aegean » Samos June 16th 2011

Wednesday 15th June, 2011 An easier day was the plan. We went down to breakfast at nine fifteen and had the usual. Back to the room then we slowly got ready and left about 1030. We walked to the next village of Votsalakia and headed straight for a bar to have a quick drink of beer and a coke. Then on to the beach. We sunbathed and read until three o'clock and had a lunch of Greek salad, pork Souvlaki and pork chop in the same beach cafe we had drunk earlier. At five o'clock we went back to the hotel. The walk to Votsalakia is about three kilometres but other than that an easy day. Much later we took a walk along the harbour wall and took at closer look at the boats tied up ... read more
Ormos Harbour

Europe » Greece » North Aegean » Samos June 14th 2011

Monday 13th June 2011 cont'd 5.30 pm We had decided to hire a car for a day to see a few places around the island and made enquiries at the hotel reception. We had said that we would like the car for one day tomorrow - Tuesday. It turned out that we could have the car from now if we wanted until tomorrow evening as it would cost no extra. We said yes. The hire car was from Mirto and turned up a short while later. The forms were filled in and a quick tour of the controls and that was us. Because we had the car now we hopped in for a quick drive and headed West to the corner of the Island and got as far as Paleochoria. The main road skirted the coast ... read more
Heraion Samos

Europe » Greece » North Aegean » Samos June 13th 2011

Sunday 12th June, 2011 We had a breakfast as part of the room rate and went down at nine fifteen. It was the usual continental style meal. We wanted a look around Vathi before we moved on so arranged with the lady to look after our bags, which she said we could keep in the room. We went back up to the room and quickly packed our stuff and left the big bags in the room. We wandered out into the world and the Nissos Mykonos was still there from last night. We headed towards the bus station to try and find times for buses, which we did but because today was Sunday we weren't able to get a bus in the direction we wanted. We could have got a bus to Kalovasi at 1400 which ... read more
The Kouros at Samos

Europe » Greece » North Aegean » Samos June 11th 2011

Friday 10th June, 2011 cont'd At about seven thirty we took our evening constitutional and ended up in a restaurant called Estiatorio not far along the harbour. We had a Greek salad, moussaka and pork chop with drinks and a free dessert the bill came to €25.00. A traditional style restaurant nothing fancy but decent food. Then more ambling along looking at the yachts and cabin cruisers. We had seen a place that made crepes which we made our way back to through the town. With a little work as there was no English menu we ordered two chocolate crepes and one with hazelnuts. They were a good size portion and we had a small water, which they wouldn't take the money for, and the Crepes cost €5.10, we were pleasantly stuffed. Then back to the ... read more

Europe » Greece » North Aegean » Samos » Koumeika October 1st 2010

On-board Queen Victoria You know that feeling you get when you are in your bedroom, laying down after just waking up, where you have this moment of intense thinking and all you can imagine is how small you are compared to everything else in existence? Well I feel that we think too far outside of the box sometimes and maybe instead of comparing how small we are to the whole universe, we should start looking at the people around us that are breathing the same air. Take a closer look at how small you are compared to the person next door to you, or at the fact that you might live in a town with a certain amount of people and may not know who they are and if they have the same beliefs as you. ... read more

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