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October 1st 2010
Published: October 11th 2010
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On-board Queen Victoria

You know that feeling you get when you are in your bedroom, laying down after just waking up, where you have this moment of intense thinking and all you can imagine is how small you are compared to everything else in existence? Well I feel that we think too far outside of the box sometimes and maybe instead of comparing how small we are to the whole universe, we should start looking at the people around us that are breathing the same air.

Take a closer look at how small you are compared to the person next door to you, or at the fact that you might live in a town with a certain amount of people and may not know who they are and if they have the same beliefs as you. As well as people who have just moved in. Maybe they're coming from some place else, but how long will it take for them to adapt? For those who do interact, there are still essential human traits that are different because we obviously form groups and each group has their own beliefs, otherwise if we all had the exact same beliefs we'd all be one giant group.

And even inside of those smaller groups, there are individuals with different beliefs, which goes back to how you are laying back in your bed, alone from the rest of your town, with your own thoughts and plans for action. As much as we'd like to expand and consider ourselves as a larger group, we are always individual in our own unique way.

This is how I feel now that I've spent a year and a half on cruise ships. I meet people from all around the world, and despite the little groups that form based on which country you're from or what language you speak, we all have one very big and important thing in common. [b[We all speak english. This is something that, I believe, unites everyone on-board more than they would like to think. It also separates the groups of native language-based groups of friends into more divided areas, where you can have a group with a Chinese Photographer, American Caucasian Printer, Serbian Wine Sommelier, South-African Shop Manager, and an Indian Waiter.


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