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Europe » Greece » Crete » Chania » Sougia July 9th 2019

We're up at 5am for our long awaited day of hiking through the Agia Irini Gorge. I think that maybe it’s only me that the “long awaited” bit applies to; I suspect “long dreaded” may be more Issy’s take on the subject. We are picked up just before 6am, and we join a busload full of fellow hikers for the long drive up into the White Mountains where our hike will start. We originally considered hiking the 16 km long Samaria Gorge, which is apparently the longest gorge in Europe, before deciding that the Agia Irini, at a paltry 7.5 km, was a bit more our style. We assume that everyone else on the bus is also a fellow Agia Irini hiker, but we soon discover that it is only us and one other couple who ... read more
Entrance to Samaria Gorge
Agia Irini Gorge
Agia Irini Gorge

Europe » Greece » Crete » Chania » Sougia June 2nd 2017

Our travels focused on the west and SW of Crete: Chania, Sougia and Loutro Chania has an old city centre which although quite touristy, has a real charm. It was our introduction to the island with some great, and inexpensive, food. We then headed to the southern coast to enjoy some strenuous walking. Samaria is a 16 km gorge which ends on the coast. Several other hikes were coastal paths, parts of E4, with panoramic views along the coast. Sometimes the walks ended with a swim and a boat ride back to the start. At Marmara beach, when the rain had set in, the local taverna owner invited us all into the kitchen out of the rain and turned up the music! Hilarious! With beers and Raki too! Loutro was a really delightful, boat access only ... read more
Samaria gorge
Samaria Path
Loutro harbour

Europe » Greece » Crete » Chania » Sougia May 15th 2012

Europe » Greece » Crete » Chania » Sougia April 6th 2012

Pics from Crete and Israel. Got to Island of Crete on March 16th, 2012. Norfolk to Philly to Munich to Athens to Chania Greece. Nice town. Lots of internet cafes. My favorite happens ot be Starbucks though. Ha. Can't get away from those $4 Caramel Cafe Latttes.... read more
Square in Chania Greece
The notorious Casius Jenkins, aka Feezie haveing a vodka and redbull in Haifa, Israel
Chania, Greece

Europe » Greece » Crete » Chania » Sougia July 13th 2006

Worth the Wander After the last entry, you may be wondering what possessed us to go creeping along the winding, collapsing mountain roads of Crete. Brother Mark and I were looking for a small beach town on the Southwest coast called Sougia because it was the closest thing we could identify near Lissos. Lissos is an ancient site that's played host to a number of civilizations. The odd thing about Lissos is that, while it's marked on lots of maps (usually with a cartoon symbol that's supposed to suggest ancient ruins), there's almost no information about it anywhere and there's no road to it. That's going to peak my interest; but how to get there? We had a plan for trekking across Crete. Before you point out that Ernest Shackleton had a plan for trekking across ... read more
Waiting for the Ferry
Iraklio (Heracleon) Old Harbor
Harbor at Chania

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