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Europe » Greece » Attica » Athens February 16th 2016

Europe » Greece » Attica » Athens December 23rd 2015

SURPRISE!!! Greece is freaking amazeballs! =D I knew it was going to be cool... but I had NO . IDEA ! what I was in for on my second stop! Talk about Paradise! My friend Dimitri, whose parents are Greek-born American citizens, asked me what it was that had me completely flipped for Greece and it is hard to explain it, but I’ll try. The weather and the land and the greens and the blues and the air and the coasts and the many islands and the great prices and THE FOOD and the laughter—more laughter in the background when you are walking through the streets than any other place I’ve been in Europe, and the outgoing, generous, hospitality offered by everyone you interact with… the feeling of how you are truly, fully living your life ... read more
A Block Away
High in, er, from Greece! =D
Greece-y Citrus

Europe » Greece » Attica » Athens » Pláka December 18th 2015

After missing our 0430 flight to Athens, which we were one hour early for (don't ask, I'm still furious and awaiting a refund) we arrived in Athens in the late afternoon. We quickly got our rental car and were off to drive northwest into the mountains to visit Delphi and Thermopylae. Dennis wanted to visit Greece during this trip to see some historical sites, mainly Sparta and Thermopylae. I think the only reason he agreed to this trip was that I humored him for a 3 day Greek tour to see what he wanted to see. I had briefly visited Athens 20 years ago on Mediterranean cruise with my Mom and grandparents, and looked forward to returning both here and Istanbul. We drove for about 3 hours and arrived in the town of Delfoi after dark ... read more
Leonidas statue at Sparta

Europe » Greece » Attica » Athens December 16th 2015

November 25 2015 Athens Greece heading towards the light house of Capo d'Ofranto which is the last visible Italian port before heading to the Greek coast catching a glimpse of the Albanian coast heading southeastern in the Ionian sea towards the straights of Piqeaeus. Piqeaeus harbour 30 mins from Athens. Wall to Wall flats and shops now in a Greek economic depression 80 % down from 2014. The cities are vastly populated with over 11 million habitants living in Athens and outskirt areas. StNicholas church in Piraeus is the protection of the seas, unlike Italy,the children Russia has Influence on greece from the Persian times. Athens very old with a lot of culture. The Acropolosis that still stands is over 2500 BC. Athens is the oldest city in the world!... read more

Europe » Greece » Attica » Athens October 31st 2015

Geo: 37.9792, 23.7166After sleeping late again and enjoying breakfast with a view of the Acropolis, we took a walk around the square and a few of the streets nearby. Shops were open and busy with Saturday morning shoppers. Seemed to be mostly locals. We were back in the hotel, repacked and ready for our ride to the cruise ship terminal by 11:30. The driver arrived ten minutes before the scheduled time; we checked out of the hotel and were ready to go. We had another English-speaker as a driver which was nice although we had not paid the extra fee to guarantee an English-speaking driver. Nice that it turned out that way although this driver did not have very much to say. He answered our questions politely, but didn't offer any of his own comments. We ... read more
View of Athens (Piraeus) Cruise Port
Suite Bath on the Ship
Suite Dining Table on the Ship

Europe » Greece » Attica » Athens October 30th 2015

Geo: 37.9792, 23.7166We slept a bit later than usual for us, but were up in time for breakfast in the hotel. The restaurant is on the seventh floor with a view across to the Acropolis—beautiful view. The hotel is in a wonderful location on Syntagma Square. We can see the changing of the guard outside the Parliament building from our room window. With only one day to see the sights of Athens and with that day being the first after a long journey, we decided to concentrate on just two things—seeing the Acropolis and the new Acropolis Museum. When we were last in Athens, it was a cold day with rain and sleet, and we wanted to see the Acropolis in better weather. It was nicer this time, but cloudy, a bit windy, and just a ... read more
Porch of Maidens of the Erechtheion
Temple of Zeus
Odeion of Herodes Atticus

Europe » Greece » Attica » Athens October 13th 2015

So now it is the last days of this trip. I am sitting on the balcony of our small but cute little apartment in Athens, enjoying a cup of tea. Our week in the Greek Islands was fun and relaxing. Each island seems to have its own character and pace. However, the ferry trip back to Athens was not as pleasant as I expected: too many people smoke and there is no non-smoking section. I suppose it was a good preparation for our days in Athens: the air here is quite polluted. Over the last two days we visited the main sites of the city, like the Acropolis, the agora, etc. I am glad I have seen it, however, I did not fall in love with Athens. I don't know why I always enjoyed a place ... read more

Europe » Greece » Attica » Athens September 24th 2015

Long time no see! Long time no see cartain, pas rien que ça à faire, bloguer, à Athènes :P En vrai, je n’ai pas eu le temps jusqu’à maintenant, car nous n’avons pas beaucoup de temps à Athènes. Deux jours et demi seulement! C’était voulu. Nous avons décidé de sacrifier du temps à Athènes pour en passer plus dans les îles, en se disant que de toute façon ce ne serait pas notre dernier voyage en Grèce, et qu’il faudrait toujours repasser par Athènes de toute façon. Il ne nous reste donc une seule journée à Athènes, mais on a réussi à faire pas mal de choses aujourd’hui, donc demain sera une journée plus relax. Il faudra y revenir pour certains musées et pour voir une autre partie du Parthénon (genre entre la phase 4 et ... read more

Europe » Greece » Attica » Athens September 20th 2015

Our first full day in Athens was Sunday, 13th September. The weather is gorgeous, not too hot and only a little bit humid. This was to be our scooter tour. We were to find the tour company office, drive to the beach area south of Athens, jump on a motorized scooter and have fun! The best part of this story is that is exactly what happened. We had so much fun on those machines. I was a little concerned that I would not be able to keep my balance but it was so easy, even with my injured knee. About 5 minutes fiddling about, we were off to face the traffic. Costas, our guide, really looked after us. He seemed to know when I was not leaning forward enough when going up a hill, or not ... read more
Scooterise - great fun for young and old
Having a great time on our scooters

Europe » Greece » Attica » Athens September 20th 2015

No trip to a city like Athens would be complete without a Food Walking Tour. We spent about 4 delightful and delicious hours wandering from street vendors to Bakeries, delicatessens, the meat, fish and vegetable markets and so on. I learnt quite a few things on that tour. Firstly that Moussaka is not an original Greek dish, neither are Dolmades or Baklava. I also tasted the delights of Loukoumades with syrup and ice cream. This dish is so delicious. Looks like a dough nut but tastes nothing like it. We saw a cook prepare Phyllo pastry for sweet and savoury pies. The way this fellow put the butter between the layers - about 4 of them – made my arteries blanch just looking at it, but the end result was so light and tasty, my taste ... read more
Deli in Athens
Loukoumades with syrup and ice cream
Delphi - Market

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