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Europe » Greece » Attica » Athens September 10th 2013

Athens - Day 3 Tuesday 10th September We started off the day with a visit to the Temple of Zeus. This huge building has 15 of it's original 104 columns and took 750 years to complete. Good old Hadrian finished it off. I know all of this because Glyn read it to me from his guide book, because as per usual, there was no information on hand about it. Next we walked the short distance to the modern Acropolis Museum which has open bits in the floor that looks down into excavations of ancient stuff. There was also a cute tabby kitten opposite it. We had lunch in the museum cafe which was nice enough and not expensive. There was an outdoor area with a good view to the Acropolis. The cafe had free wifi so ... read more
Entrance of Acropolis Museum
Relief from Parthenon
Back streets near Strefi Hill

Europe » Greece » Attica » Athens September 9th 2013

Athens - Day 2 Monday 9th September The first cat of the day was spotted on the way to Kerameikos, near some hobos sleeping in a park. It didn't want to say hello. Kerameikos is an ancient cemetery that was bigged up in my guide book and also one of the big six that our tourist tickets got us into. It is amazing to know that this architecture is from the 12th century BC, but then again, you've seen one pile of rubble, you've seen them all really.... But there were remnants of pillars and rooms. We came across one tortoise head-butting another tortoise, he really was quite persistent. I didn't know tortoises could move so quickly and he was pushing the other one around a lot. I thought the other one was dead at first, ... read more
Street of Tombs
Greek olives

Europe » Greece » Attica » Athens September 8th 2013

Athens - Day 1 Sunday 8th September We arrived at Athens airport at around 3am and took an hour long bus journey into the city centre which dropped us off opposite the Parliament building just as they were changing the guard. The marble pavement was wet - I thought it had been raining, it never occurred to me that it had just been cleaned. We went to a nearby taxi rank and a driver who already had two passengers told us to get in his cab. There wasn't enough room in the boot for everyone's luggage, but the driver had a bungee cord to tie it down half open. We didn't drive far before all the buildings were covered in graffiti - when I say covered I mean from ground level to as high as a ... read more

Europe » Greece » Attica » Athens August 27th 2013

Walking into the Vatican I was honestly gob smacked. Now I understood that the church in the Vatican (St Peters Basilica) is obviously very beautiful but actually being there and looking around it was stunning. In fact I would go as far as saying that St Peters Basilica in the Vatican City has to be the most beautiful building I have ever been in. Every surface was just decorated beautifully and what got me the most was after closely inspecting some of the huge beautiful lifelike paintings they were in fact mosaics – made up of tiny pieces of stone – wow. I honestly could have spent the whole day just wandering around the huge church and admiring it. Climbing up 550 stairs around some of the smallest, windiest staircases I have ever walked up (you ... read more
Outside the Vatican
This is in fact a mosaic...

Europe » Greece » Attica » Athens » Pláka August 13th 2013

Our day tour of Athens began with an 8.30 pick up and we did a drive through of the CBD and past the major central attractions. Then we walked to the top of one of the seven hills overlooking Athens to see the Acropolis. Our guide, Marianna was very informative and while the place was quite crowded, it was still possible to see the views and appreciate the amazing feat of human design and engineering. Then onto the Acropolis museum which is located down the hill from the original and houses what is left of the antiquities that had not been stolen by Lord Egolin-60% removed over a six year period in the 1800s (the British have a lot to answer for) Lunch was in a little cafe in Plaka (an old part of the city) ... read more

Europe » Greece » Attica » Athens August 12th 2013

An apology; especially to Bruce and Glenda but also to everyone. After publishing I see lots of typos that I haven't picked up and I abhor that sort of thing in others so a big slap on the hand for me. I blame the iPad in part (seriously I do) as I'm still finding my way around the keyboard. I'm sticking to that anyway. Rob Neil would also be turning in his grave if he was in it. So, Athens Day 2: There's not really a lot to say as the historic sights are so well documented and photographed that you'd do better looking them up on Google. We caught the bus to the Acropolis and joined thousands of others walking the hill and snapping away on their digitals. it was hot and dusty but the ... read more

Europe » Greece » Attica » Athens August 9th 2013

The flight from Copenhagen was painless. 3 hours with a few bumps along the way and a strong wind landing. Copenhagen airport was easy to get around in, spacious and reasonably user friendly. Flying in over Athens our impressions were "brown, dusty, terracotta, dry, flattish". There's not much to say about this place that hasn't been said before much better. But I can start with our taxi driver from the airport. He was of the "Bro School" of driving - two fingers on the wheel, elbow on the window sill, 140 k's an hour, radio blaring and unfortunately, a big fat gut. AmI was in the front seat I was mildly worried as we in'ed and out'ed our way through the traffic into the stew of the city's reading system and chaotic traffic. Motorbikes and motor ... read more
Gavin and his old mate
Need tripod!
Night scene 2

Europe » Greece » Attica » Athens August 9th 2013

By the time we got to our hotel after the train journey it was around 9.30pm. The trip was quick and smooth, the countryside flat and farm like. The sea between Sweden and Denmark has been bridged by a com inked road/rail structure. It must be pretty shallow because only a couple of k's onto the bridge there was a large boat on it's side in the sea with no people around it and no sign of emergency. We were able to walk to the hotel, the Copenhagen Crown and settle in. Clean and comfortable rooms but .... No aircon. We realised how much we needed it that night. But, after dropping our bags we reconnoitred the surrounding area looking for a bar to have a wine at. Easily found - Gavin has a nose for ... read more
Fredericksburg Park
The sea everywhere
Cyclist's paradise

Europe » Greece » Attica » Athens August 6th 2013

Off to Pireaus/Athens today. Lazy morning packing up and then down to the Konaki Cafe for breakfast. Another awesome omelet, cappuccino and greek yoghurt with fruit around 9:45am. Finished the blog for Sifnos and then about 10:15 our taxi driver arrived!! WHAT??? we said 11. He comes up and ask if he can come back between 11:15 & 11:30 as he had another fare. We assured him that we were fine with that and he took off. Maria came and collected the key and we said our goodbyes. After a bit Popi came out with a bag full of rolls & bread. She told us it was for our trip…so we wouldn't be hungry. One loaf had orange and vanilla in it and the rolls had anise. Trev isn't a fan of licorice so we shall ... read more
Kamares Ferry Dock
Athens Port
Athens Apartment

Europe » Greece » Attica » Athens July 28th 2013

Our wake-up call was at 6:00 a.m., but as Kriton forecast, it was unnecessary due to the noise of other people’s departures. Our breakfast was arranged on-board, in the same formal environment as the dinner. The hard-boiled egg made me cringe, but I ate it with a brown crusty roll and butter. I am still drinking hot water and honey, as it really seems to contribute to healing in the throat. Later, in the museum I almost fell asleep on my feet listening to Kriton, presumably due to the Dramamine. At the coffee break I took an espresso – the caffeine jolt woke me up for the whole day! Our disembarkation was a little late, around 8:20. I managed to snap a couple of quick photos of the ferry – we have been well herded on ... read more
Horse and child jockey
Funerary items
Greek Dancing

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