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Europe » Germany » Schleswig-Holstein » Lübeck July 3rd 2014

Today we made a day trip to a city I'd been wanting for years to see, Hansestadt Lübeck, northeast of Hamburg on the Baltic Sea. Whereas Hamburg's medieval center was thoroughly destroyed—though Hamburg was firebombed in some of the worst destruction to be dealt by the Allies in WWII, its medieval center had been lost a decade before, to a great city fire in 1842—Lübeck's was damaged but preserved and restored. This makes Lübeck also fairly touristy, the result being medieval brick façades oddly interspersed with shopping mall boulevards. The train ride to Lübeck was interesting, passing through scenic farmland that it's hard to imagine can exist in a country so densely populated, but i... read more
Memorial bells
Hospital stalls

Europe » Germany » Schleswig-Holstein » Lübeck June 4th 2014

The town of Heiligenhafen is very close to the marina and is an old fishing town that has remade itself into a tourist destination. We arrived on the weekend and found the marina to be very active. Our short walk into town took us to the center of town where there was an open town square with a recently used Maypole and several restaurants with tables and umbrellas outside. We had dinner in one and once again Janice’s German proved to be very useful. We have noticed that there are few English speakers in Germany which surprised us when in tourist areas. We took a walk after dinner and found the town to be very pleasant with several older buildings which obviously had been carefully renovated. Several of the streets had open shops with large amounts ... read more
Decorative Details Created All With Brick
One of Many of the More Traditional Sailing Vessels
Agricultural Fields Seen

Europe » Germany » Schleswig-Holstein » Lübeck August 8th 2013

My overland travel vision through Mexico, Central America and all the way to the southern tip of South America somehow got diverted part way through when I got an email from my folks informing me that my cousin was getting married and I was invited to the wedding. I wouldn’t have missed the celebration for the world; the only thing, however, it was on a completely different continent and mere weeks away. It was thousands of miles away but how could I turn down the offer of, in addition to the wedding, traveling with my folks for five weeks throughout Germany and the surrounds? I would have to rethink this entire Central/South America adventure. Little did I know it would be postponed for years. After returning from Guatemala, I finishing a month-long commitment house/kitty-sitting for my ... read more
Musicians in the Hofbräuhaus
Altes Rathaus, Old Town Hall
Was Anyone Else Not Aware One Can Surf in Munich?

Europe » Germany » Schleswig-Holstein » Lübeck July 21st 2013

11:00 So in order to soothe our disappointment and to cheer ourselves up after our finish yesterday, we are now on the way to... Bergen-Belsen. Nothing says happy like a concentration camp, eh? A lot of the route has been standard European highway (which is kind of dull), but there have been a few instances where the route has been closed for whatever reason and we've had to detour. As a result we've driven through a city we wouldn't otherwise have seen and also driven past some amazing forested bits. We're obviously near some sort of military installation, as there have been several roads with signs saying "military traffic only" that we've passed (in English as well as German - not sure if that means we're near one ... read more

Europe » Germany » Schleswig-Holstein » Lübeck May 11th 2012

Sziasztok, Hansa turnenk masodik hetenek vegen jelentkezem ismet, Hamburgbol, a Sutra Collective kalarijabol. Floraval vagyunki kinnt Lucie-eknal, thaiamsszazstanfolytamot tartunk, es az esti fozocskezes utan, amig mindenki bennt acrozgat lazan a szentelyben, egy picit megulok bloggolni. Nem rossz kis utunk volt idaig - 14 oras vonat at Pozsonyon, (aludtam,majd elmentem wc-re), Pragan, (itt szabaditottak ki a wcbol, miutan 3 nyelven sikerult segitseget kerni, es jo 25 perc utan technikai egyseget hivtak, aki berugta az jo MAVos budiajtot:) Drezdan, (ahol hihetetlen szigoruak a rendorok, mintha nem is europaban, hanem legalabb Feheroroszorszagban lennenk, 25 evvel ezelott) Berlinen (itt mar elokerult a backgammon)keresztul vegul este 8 korul megerkeztunk Hamburgba. Corinne vart minket, akivel kellemesen vegigsetaltuk a belvaros legszebb kertjet egeszen a jo oreg St. Pauli negyedig, ahol a... read more
Flora Plussz  St Pauli
St Pauli
Hamburg - Fischmarkt

Europe » Germany » Schleswig-Holstein » Lübeck September 14th 2009

I meant to update this blog before I took off on my short study tour with my peers and program adviser, but I was a little preoccupied, what with all the packing and homeworking. As is, I will introduce you to my German adventure now, just to give you a little taste before I go to bed. So Thursday morning I meet my peers bright and early at Frue Plads, a square near school in Copenhagen. We board the bus and high-tail it to Lubeck , Germany. We have to take a ferry across the waters that separate the southern islands of Denmark from Germany's north coast. Something I noticed right away: Germany is cheaper than Denmark. Most places are, but wow. Things are much more reasonably priced. In the whole weekend, I spent 30,00 Euro, ... read more
Towers of St. Martiens

Europe » Germany » Schleswig-Holstein » Lübeck July 27th 2009

A german friend G.. and N.. took the kids for an indoor play day. The sun was hinting at coming out, but it had a hard battle with lots and lots of clouds. We didn't want to sit around and wait to find out if the Sun would win or not. After all, every silver lining comes with a cloud.... read more
J.. on trampoline
W.. on trampoline
J.. on trampoline

Europe » Germany » Schleswig-Holstein » Lübeck July 26th 2009

Kiel is an old ship building city that was bombed repeatedly in WWII as a consequence. The Kiel canal is a short cut from the North Sea to the Baltic. It is now used by some cruise ships as a convenient port of call.... read more
Kiel Docks

Europe » Germany » Schleswig-Holstein » Lübeck July 24th 2009

After the day trip to Legoland, we returned from Copenhagen to Kiel by train. Once again the train went on board the ferry while crossing onto Puttgarden, and it's still an amazing thing to see a train on board a ferry. The weather the last few weeks has been mostly rainy, with an occasional hint of a sunny day. Maybe Denmark is known for its inclement weather, but from Paris onwards,we've been encountering more cloudy and rainy days than sunny hot days. But, according to the forecast, that's about to change. From Sunday onwards, it's likely to be sunny in Northern Germany and Poland is quite hot right now. The overcast days are good travel days, but not good beach days. ... read more
ICE Inter City Express getting on ferry
ICE Inter City Express on ferry
Ferry Departing

Europe » Germany » Schleswig-Holstein » Lübeck July 16th 2009

Spent the day with M.. and the girls on a beach slightly West of Kiel. Ate lunch at Bruno's beach baskets. The beaches in Northern Germany can get very windy. The German solution is to provide beach baskets that you can sit in. These also provide some privacy and protection from the sun.... read more
J.., M.. and J..
J.. talking to her dad

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