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Europe » Germany » Lower Saxony » Freiburg August 26th 2019

Today we had an unscheduled stop, in a remote area surrounded by cornfields and a small industrial area. We were on our way to Freiburg, and as can happen, an opportunity arose too good to pass on. It was the Maginot Line Museum, a small display centred around a WWII pillbox, or raised steel ‘blind bell ‘. After WWI, the French decided that a line of defence needed to be established in order to prevent a repeat of the easy capitulation that had occurred in previous wars. Several pillboxes were established to repel enemy advances. These defensive posts held 30 men and were completely self sufficient, except for showering, that took place outside when it was safe. It had a remarkable display of war weapons and was still maintained in original condition, showing sleeping quarters, cooking ... read more
American Engineers Temporary Bridge Set Up In 1940’s
Damaged gun turret
Damaged Turret

Europe » Germany » Lower Saxony » Freiburg September 29th 2015

(A draft in progress) Luggage: - If you’re going to be moving around daily or traveling by bike, then definitely backpack it in as few bags as possible. This option allows more mobility for sure. - If you are going to be traveling by train or plane, walking to your hotel/hostel, staying in one place for more than one night, I would suggest a rolling luggage bag. Especially if you have multiple outfit changes and shoes to go with (like me!). Especially, especially if you are tiny (like me!) and your pack weighs about as much as you do. - Do not leave it unattended for any reason what-so-ever. Even if your friend is meeting you at the station as you pass by, and you’re just going to hop off and hop right back on, always ... read more
Riding 1st Class
Veg friendly menus on the train
Allergy friendly menus on the train

Europe » Germany » Lower Saxony » Freiburg June 7th 2012

Ok so I have to be brief with this entry because I have 3 hours until I leave for Prague! Just as I predicted, this week has flown by and we have done all sorts of things we never thought we would ever do. Class was normal this week. I'm getting better about staying awake the whole time, and I really do find the subjects interesting. Monday morning we took a field trip to the European Parliament, and Tuesday morning we went to the Council of Europe. Both of these buildings are in Strasbourg so it was cool to see how much of political center Strasbourg really is. Tuesday night, Dr. Gaspar took us to Kehl, Germany which is right across the Rhine from Strasbourg. That was a really cute town, and we ate dinner at ... read more
Overlooking Freiburg. So Pretty!

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