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Europe » Germany » Hamburg » Hamburg January 13th 2021

From Winespeed, this is an article about Eiswein: Even though Ontario’s wineries have only been making commercial ice wine since the 1980s, today they average a total of 224,500 gallons (850,000 liters) produced annually. Ice wine, however, has been around since at least 44 AD when the Roman writer Pliny reported on wines made from frozen grapes. In Germany, where it is known as eiswein, the sweet elixir is documented for the first time in 1830. After a sudden frost, winegrowers discovered it while attempting to save their grape harvest rather than feed the frozen grapes to their livestock, as was typical until then. Canadian ice wine is made from very ripe grapes of at least 35° Brix (in Germany, grapes need only reach 26-30° Brix depending on the region) that have frozen naturally ... read more
Grapes on the vine with ice

Europe » Germany » Hamburg » Hamburg September 22nd 2019

Going to board yet another train, the sky is coloured with a sunrise of pastel peach and pink blush. Onwards to Hamburg, GERMANY. Two trains are joined together with an apparatus looking like giant plug-ins. There are even double decker trains available. Transferring to another train in Duisburg, the people in the six seater compartment say it is closed and try to shoo us away. But we have made reservations, so one of them has to leave. I am not impressed. Shortly into the trip, the train stops as someone has pulled the emergency brake. Me thinks it is the inebriated soccer fans on board. The two hour trip turns into five hours as the train was also initially one hour late. In the city, our hotel seems to be in the Little Portugal area of ... read more
There was a tower wedding going on.
Dinner in Little Portugal
The Norwegian Centre in Hamburg

Europe » Germany » Hamburg » Hamburg July 30th 2019

Hamburg - or how to squeeze in Paul McCartney, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Greta Thunberg in one blog Here is the third and last blog entry from when we were in Germany. It will be focused on what we did in Hamburg. We can start by telling that although Hamburg was part of the Hanseatic League there is no trace left in the city of that era. If you want to see well preserved Hanseatic League cities Tallinn in Estonia, Visby and Stockholm in Sweden and Riga in Latvia are excellent places to go to. Hamburg has a lot of other things to offer, as you will see in this blog. So let us go to what you can see in Hamburg instead of what you can't. Speicherstadt The district Speicherstadt used to be an important part ... read more

Europe » Germany » Hamburg » Hamburg June 2nd 2019

After a late night – again – we slept in and got up for breakfast around 7:00. The Radisson breakfast is impressive (not as good at in Berlin) because of the numbers. The person checking you in marks off your room and then makes a note of how many there are in the party. Her list is an impressive series of rows of groups of five. Looks like markings on an Egyptian tomb. After breakfast John went off to the convention and the general assembly while Peggy went back to studying for Asian Art Museum tours. John visited the House of Friendship project hall and then walked over to the General Assembly, the first of two today. In order to move 10,000 people into the auditorium the logistics required winnowing the massive number of people down ... read more

Europe » Germany » Hamburg » Hamburg June 1st 2019

John left Peggy in bed recuperating from last evening and went to visit the Convention. He had a few meetings and spent a good deal of time looking at the various projects that Rotarians are doing all over the world. Extremely impressive. John and Peggy hooked up in the mid afternoon and went downtown for tea and an early dinner at a nice German restaurant, Casse-Croute Bistro, where Peggy tired their schnitzel to her satisfaction. A peaceful walk back to the barn and catching up on emails and this blog … then off to bed.... read more

Europe » Germany » Hamburg » Hamburg May 13th 2019

2:30am Saturday morning. The alarm goes off. I can finally get up and admit that I am having no sleep. I’ll sleep in the car on the way to the airport I think. That didn’t happen. I never thought I’d sleep on the plane and I was right. We’re flying Ryanair, I’m 6’ 3”. It’s not going to happen. I’d have to go a week without sleep to even nap on most planes never mind a Ryanair one with all their announcements about scratch cards (that I’ve never seen anyone buy) etc and the minimalist leg room. Three of us arrive in Hamburg. Dave is joining us by train. Don’t ask. We’re in Hamburg before he has left Manchester. We get off the plane, Suzanne gets on the bus, the doors close. Now there are two ... read more

Europe » Germany » Hamburg » Hamburg May 12th 2019

A few hours after going to sleep it was time do get up. Despite the many beers drunk and the very few hours slept, I felt surprisingly chipper as did Zanne. She put it down to German beer being of better quality than the crap we get in the UK. We drove to the central Hamburg station, the Sunday morning roads being very quiet, we got there quickly, but no David. Being overtired and unsure, he disembarked at another Hamburg station and was a further 19 minute drive away. We found him looking rather sheepish and worn, but after the food Zanne had brought him and a rest in the car, he soon was laughing and joking about his epic adventure that will give him much to talk about at parties for years to come. We ... read more
Just before the St Pauli v Bochum match.
The beer refill man
Just before the St Pauli v Bochum match

Europe » Germany » Hamburg » Hamburg May 11th 2019

The day started at 3am because we were going on holiday. Travelling for the first time with another couple, Zanne and David, Glyn and I left in the dark as David drove us to Manchester airport. The flight left at 6.40am with just three of us and David took the train for a transcontinental journey he won’t be forgetting in a hurry. It turns out that the rail system in Germany isn’t as good as hoped; trains ran late with little info given and David got accosted by drunks and a Nazi in Cologne. Meanwhile, Glyn, Zanne and I landed happily in Hamburg after an uneventful 80 minute flight. During the descent into Hamburg, I noticed that The city was thick with dark green trees, like a dense forest with buildings poking out. Plus many bridges, ... read more
St Peter's Church
Old building

Europe » Germany » Hamburg » Hamburg June 26th 2018

Today is going to be a better day! Got up early so I could travel into the city with Christiane. First we went to her office building and went to the 14th floor to see the views over the city. We then headed to Cafe Paris which is a very beautiful cafe in the heart of the city. We had a very nice breakfast with more food than I could eat, so did the old traveller trick of putting some cheese into the croissant and wrapping it up for later. Christiane headed off to work and I walked around the Town Hall (Rathaus), which is a very impressive building. From here I jumped on the HopOn HopOff bus to get my bearings of the city. Hamburg has these two beautiful lakes and this tour went all ... read more
The Town Hall, Hamburg
Steam Paddle Boat - tour of the harbour
It was 12pm!

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