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Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Munich June 30th 2014

Off to Munich, first leaving Sunny off at the train station in Nuremburg. This was the beginning of the circus. Sunny was to travel from Nuremburg to Frankfurt to Brussels. We were told to wait for someone to help us but help wasn’t arriving. Someone else came along and led the way to the platform which we could have negotiated without help. Then the train was going to be 40 min late and she was going to miss her connection in Frankfurt. We made it down to the information desk, which by now was packed. We were told that there were strikes so she would need to take the late train to Frankfurt, transfer to Koln then take a bus to Brussels. They could not give us an ETA. Turns out the strikes were in Belgium. ... read more
Bavarian Meatloaf with Fried Egg
Lung Soup with Bread Dumplings

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Munich June 30th 2014

October 12 2008 Tastykakes are running low STOP We do not know how long we can last at our current blood sugar levels STOP Send help STOP How long can a human survive on pretzels, salt and butter STOP We are so thirsty because they only drink beer STOP What is saft STOP The schools are small STOP On land the supermarkets are larger than this holding cell they call school STOP We transferred ships by a Lufthansa flight STOP The ship is going down and we lost twelve crew thus far STOP Farewell STOP #questions? Captain Arnold First Mate Maola Deckscrub Pallmeyer... read more

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Munich June 29th 2014

Heute habe ich Innsbruck verlassen. Eine Filiale meiner Lieblings-Cafekette Starbucks gab es dort leider nicht, aber eine Facebook-Petition für ein solches (und Innsbruck ist nicht die einzige Stadt in der es so eine gibt): Ich bin also heute zuerst nach Hall in Tirol gefahren. Wie der Name der Stadt schon andeutet gab es hier wichtige Salzvorkommen und auch eine wichtige Münzerei. Ich habe mir den Oberen Stadtplatz mit Rathaus und Pfarrkirche St. Nikolaus angesehen. Dann bin ich zur Burg Hasegg, die die Münzproduktion beschützt hat. Dort habe ich das Münzmuseum und den Burgturm angesehen. Danach habe ich im Burgrestaurant zu Mittag gegessen aber den Preis für den schnellsten Service wird dieses Lokal nicht... read more
Das Rathaus
Die Pfarrkirche St. Nikolaus
Die Gassen der Altstadt

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Munich June 27th 2014

Die Reiseroute für diesen Wochenendausflug ist ganz einfach. Heute am späten Nachmittag mit dem Auto von München über Garmisch-Partenkirchen nach Innsbruck. Morgen dann Innsbruck ansehen. Am Sonntag über Hall und die Inntalautobahn wieder zurück.... read more

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Munich June 25th 2014

We made it....our luggage did not.... read more

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Munich June 15th 2014

Heute bin ich also von Ljubljana nach München gefahren. Ich habe zuvor im Hotel gut gefrühstückt und bin dann für 3 Euro mit dem Taxi zum Bahnhof gefahren. Ticket hatte ich schon zwei Tage zuvor gekauft. Dann kurz nach 09:00 in den direkten Eurocity. Die Fahrt voellig problemlos und um etwa 15:30 Ankunft in München Ost. Heute habe ich keine Fotos gemacht und wegen immer noch vorhandener Internetprobleme in meiner Wohnung kann ich auch die der zwei Tage zuvor immer noch nicht hochladen. Meine Reise ist damit beendet.... read more

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Munich June 15th 2014

Die eine Reise ist beendet, aber die naechsten sind schon geplant. So moechte ich naechstes Jahr meinen großen Urlaub in Italien und Tunesien verbringen. Und irgendwann in den naechsten Jahren moechte ich auch mit der Transsibirischen Eisenbahn nach Fernost fahren. Dazu kommen evtl. Kurztrips nach Innsbruck, Triest, Zürich oder an den Gardasee. Vielleicht mache ich dann wieder einen Blog. Also bis zum naechsten Mal.... read more

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Munich June 15th 2014

We are obviously not big city people. If we had to live in a city both of us agree it would have been Portland, Oregon. But now that we have seen Munich, Portland has to step aside. Munich is a wonderful city. It is clean, has lots of parks, a wonderful river, lots of arts and museums, a sense of pride, great food, and of course the beer. But that is not to say there are no rules. The other day Jerry tried to order potato salad with his schnitzel. Oh no, that was not allowed, those two do not go together. Then today he thought it would be nice to mow the lawn for the owners. He got about three swipes mowed when a neighbor came over shaking her finger at him. No lawn mowing ... read more

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Munich June 14th 2014

Today is a big day in the city. It is the celebration of the birthday of Munich! Before heading to the main town square to take in the festivities we went to the Deutsches Museum. This museum is on the scale with the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum. It traces the evolution of science and technology. There are three branches but after six hours we had only touched the surface of one branch. We saw engines, airplanes, rockets, electrical exhibits, nuclear exhibits, nanotechnology exhibits, marine exhibits, and a massive mining exhibit. The extent of detail that went into all that we saw is incredible. But no pictures are allowed to be placed on the internet. After viewing all the mind boggling displays and exhibits we were ready for some fun. The Munich Birthday Party was in ... read more
Weather Tower of Deutsches Museum
Weather Tower
View from observation deck of museum

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Munich June 13th 2014

Jerry went off on his own little adventure this morning. He visited the BMW motorcycle showroom. They are made right here in Munich. He felt like a kid in a candy store. There were three floors of motorcycles on display. He had a great time looking them all over. I am a little surprised that he came home by way of the subway and bus. I half expected to hear him drive up with a new motorcycle. But even though he didn't buy he sure had fun window shopping. When he got home we hopped on the bicycles and headed out of town to the south of Munich. The bike paths along the river are beautiful. The river is clean and pretty and the trees along the river are beautiful. And much to our surprise there ... read more
The beautiful isar River
A rest along the Isar River
Floating Party Barge

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