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Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Munich September 15th 2019

Tag 0 - Wir sind um Glück lange vor Abflug in München beim Flughafen angekommen. Als wir einchecken wollten, haben wir erfahren, dass wir beweisen müssen, dass wir vorhaben, Kolumbien wieder zu verlassen. Damit offensichtlich ist, dass wir keine Wirtschaftsflüchtlinge sind, haben wir somit Flugtickets von Medellin nach Lima gekauft - und wir haben auch absolut wirklich vor am 29. November von Medellin nach Lima zu fliegen. Dass das der Billigste Flug war, den man stornieren kann, ist reiner Zufall. Außerdem ist uns eingefallen, dass wir so langsam unser Hostel buchen sollten und haben dies getan. Ich erinnere mich wieder an das Gefühl zu Schulzeiten, wenn man die Hausaufgaben nicht gemacht hat und probiert, schnell was zusammenzubasteln, während der Lehrer durch die Reihen geht und die Hefte kontrolliert. Zum Glück waren wir früh genug am Flughafen. ... read more

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Munich August 6th 2019

After enjoying our last breakfast in Bologna, we had a couple of hours before our train to have a final walk around the city. We were certainly glad that we did as we found the two towers, which are mentioned in Dante’s Inferno. Bologna has its own leaning tower. Other highlights were exploring some of the smaller side streets with some of the market areas including fish, fruit etc. A vibrant city. The walk did help us to prepare for the 6.5 hour train from Bologna to Munich - we were glad we got on in Bologna as there were more getting on in Verona. The train goes through the Brenner pass which is near the Italian/Austrian border in the Tyrol. The views are stunning looking across the towns, mountains and marvelling at the amazing engineering ... read more
More arches
Neu Rathaus, Munich
Weiner Schnitzel

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Munich July 3rd 2019

Tuesday 2nd July Today I did a day trip to Nuremberg to visit the German Railway Museum. It was a two hour trip on the Regional train. I could have taken the ICE train which takes half the time, but it was three times the price! The museum was quite interesting, particularly the section concerning the 1920s and 1930s, probably the golden age of German railways, when they were at the cutting edge of railway technology, and led the world with streamlined and high speed trains, such as the Flying Hamburger and the Noble Stag locomotive (I have models of both these). Of course the system was largely destroyed thanks to the Nazis starting WWII. The Allied bombing, plus the Nazis' crazed destruction of infrastructure as they lost the war, saw to that. Then the division ... read more
Noble Stag Locomotive
Monopteros in the Englischen Garten
Surfers in the Englischen Garten

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Munich June 7th 2019

Our time in Munich is rapidly coming to an end, as tomorrow morning we fly to Paris, which will be the final stop on our journey this year. So today we decided to visit a few more sights with Peter and Rosita, who have graciously volunteered to act as our private tour guides for the last ten days! We met them at 10:00 AM on the Königsplatz ("King's Square"), a sprawling square on the western side of Munich that was built in the style of European Neoclassicism in the 19th-century. Today it's a focal point of the city's cultural life, with the surrounding area home to many museums and galleries. As we popped-up from the U-bahn station, the monumental size of the Königsplatz became apparent, with blue skies and grassy fields serving as backdrop for three ... read more
The Führerbau
Nazi Documentation Center museum
Virgin and Child (Madonna of the Carnation)

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Munich June 4th 2019

The mercury reached the mid-80s today, which marked the first time since we began our trip 50 days ago that we've experienced warm weather. Fortunately, there was a light breeze blowing most of the day, but by mid-afternoon we chose the shady sides of streets for walking, and were looking for park benches under shade trees. We left our apartment around 10:00 AM with the intention of returning to the sprawling Viktualienmarkt, the daily food market and square where friends Peter and Rosita had taken us last week, but which had been mostly closed for the Ascension Day holiday. We chose a route which led us through the Gärtnerplatz, a peaceful little square--actually a circle--that is anchored by the Gärtnerplatztheater, an opera house and opera company that opened in 1865 as Munich's second major theater (after ... read more
Fresh asparagus
Ceiling detail

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Munich June 2nd 2019

Spring has given way to Summer here in Munich during the past few days, with sunny skies and temperatures reaching 80 degrees by mid-afternoon. This past Friday, we took a day off from sightseeing, opting to relax after attending to some domestic chores. Yesterday we were invited to lunch by our friends Peter and Rosita at their home, a beautiful apartment located about 3 miles west of the Old Town. Peter was kind enough to make the trip to our place by bus, so he could familiarize us with the bus route, and to provide us with some tickets. Munich's extensive public transportation system is as elaborate as it is impressive--with subways, street trams and buses--and, like everything else here in Germany, it appears to operate like a well-oiled machine. We arrived at their apartment to ... read more
Rosita's luncheon feast
Great Hall
Nymphenburg Palace

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Munich May 30th 2019

Our first full day in Munich turned out to be a memorable one, thanks to the congenial company of our two dear German friends, Peter and Rosita. This is the first time we've seen these Munich natives in several years, so it was a bit like a family reunion. As a little background, Rosita has an aunt now living in Edgewater, Florida, who is/was a life-long friend of Dee and her mother (now deceased). Over the years Peter and Rosita have paid many visits to Florida, which is where we met them. We've always "threatened" to visit them, if and when we ever made it to Munich, and this year it finally happened. Today Peter and Rosita graciously invited us for lunch at the Hofbräuhaus, Munich's world famous biergarten and restaurant, which is located very near ... read more
Oomp-pah Band
New Town Hall
Glockenspiel detail

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Munich April 28th 2019

Where in the world is Gabby the motorhome? She is parked up on a dedicated stellplatz which we can use as long as Bayern Munich are not playing their home games at the Allianz stadium. 15 Euros a night buys us a pitch with free electricity and WiFi, a view of the giant marshmallow stadium which will turn red tonight and a U Bahn trip into Munich if we fancy it. Tonight they are not playing so we find ourselves in their car park waiting for the light show to begin. The day started off in a similar fashion to yesterday. Breakfast listening to the rain pattering on Gabbys roof. We seem unable to outrun this bad weather. We left Zweibrucken and travelled courtesy of the free German motorways. Road works plagued us for many a ... read more
The Allianz by dusk
The Zepplin
Bikes in the Stadium museum

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Munich September 16th 2018

Day 2 - Planes, trains, automobiles and very little sleep It’s kind of hard to figure out where Day 1 ends and Day two begins. By the time we landed in Philadelphia we were tired. With only a couple hours of sleep and traveling we were exhausted and tired. At this point during the travels you start to read each other a little bit and it was very apparent that we needed food immediately. We walked from the concourse we landed at to concourse A. It was a bit of a walk but it was really an enjoyable walk through the shops that lined each concourse. I love airports. I love people watching. I the journey to get to your destination. We decided on a little restaurant called Chickie’s and Pete’s. We all ordered a Philly ... read more
Food Tray on the plane
We have arrived!
Getting on the S-Baun

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Munich July 30th 2018

Bonjour à tous, Je ce que je peux dire en commençant cette page c’est que la fatigue se fait fortement sentir. Des km à pied tous les jour, pour la semaine dernière c’est 60,2 km et la température qui reste bien au-delà de 30º. Même hier au soir pour aller manger, à la brasserie Hofbrauhaus, j’avais juste un petit kilomètre à faire, et bien j’ai presque réussi à le multiplier par 3. Tout près de l’hôtel il a Englischer Garten un des plus beaux parcs paysagé du monde, mais aussi le plus grand en centre ville. Légèrement plus grand que Central Park à NY, et 3 fois plus grand que Hyde Park à Londres. C’était tellement agréable de retrouver un semblant de fraîcheur dans ce parc que je me suis aventuré dans les allées, et les ... read more
Le siège BMW
du surf en centre ville
La salle de Hofbrauhaus

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