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Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Munich August 11th 2023

Day nineteen (really, yesterday I miscounted) well that was a day 😂. Needing to leave early ISH to get to the film museum and falcor in time, we busied ourselves packing and trying not to be too glum at leaving. Our stay in bled has been just perfect. We packed, cleaned, made tea and even remembered to leave the two euro for the owner that we owed in tourist tax. After a quick ISH petrol stop we were on our ping was, this didn't bode ....we got onto the motorway ping.... Then just as Ash accelerated ping vroom VROOM and the car shook, rattled and revved to full and back a couple of times. Safe to say a tena lady wouldn't have gone amiss for both of us and the driver behind who ... read more

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Munich July 27th 2023

July 27, 2023 – Happy Birthday Kisty!!!!!! You read it correctly, it’s Kirsten’s birthday! Woo Hoo! Caroline went to the bakery across the street from our apartment, both Kirsten and Bea were leaning out the window watching. Why were they watching? I have no idea; except they were both proud aunties watching their niece fly solo. Ok, back to Kirsten’s birthday. When Caroline returned with the goodies, Bea had everything set out and we all sat down for a birthday breakfast. Breakfast was over, birthday wishes said, and the celebration was just beginning. However, it was time to get on the road. Today will be an easy road trip to Munich. We’re all packed and carrying all our suitcases to the car. We wave goodbye to our lovely apartment and off we go. We arrive in ... read more
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Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Munich June 15th 2023

Bavaria D10 A so called rest day but first a comment on last night when we went to the local Italian restaurant L’angolo. It was understaffed run by just two women. No one came near us for 15 minutes or more and then the drinks came another 20 mins later and the food another 15. To be fair the food was very good, apart from one dish which had unknown peppers in which stripped the skin from a couple of throats. It was a reminder of how good Faulty Towers was as the woman in charge said on several occasions that she didn’t care, like when she brought a beer with no glass and a request for one was made. At the end she threw a fit when we wanted to pay our own bills. Mine ... read more
Gas Chamber
Curried Bratwurst and Pommes

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Munich June 14th 2023

Bavaria D9 Last night’s Bavarian restaurant was very good and I had a very nice Deer Stew. The squares were very busy with people eating and drinking even when darkness fell. There are a few impressive buildings and churches around the centre. Once again, good to be out of the city and across rolling fields again. The villages are now pretty nondescript compared with the ones earlier on which had very pretty houses with exposed timbers and multi storied. They do though have loads of crosses with Jesus on them In their gardens and village greens. There are a number of old, small tractors still in use on the village farms with small trailers behind, some of which are converted muck spreaders. I went past a farm which smelt of hens so now I know where ... read more

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Munich May 30th 2023

Many of you have questioned why I chose to use the train over the plane, both domestically, and in foreign countries. The first and obvious answer is that it generally costs less. And second, it produces a smaller carbon footprint. And third, it generally starts and ends in the center of a city or town. And in my opinion, more fun! Fodor's discusses the train option in greater detail. My friend Katy who travels the world 365 days a year, always opts for the train or ship, and rarely flies. Kudos to her! New and updated rail networks are popping up all over the world. Of course, there have been some rather horrendous rail accidents in the past few months, mostly with freight trains, but a few passenger trains as well. The train is more predictable ... read more
Sleeper suite
Beautiful train station

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Munich May 22nd 2023

After leaving Rothenburg, we drove to Munich for the night. This morning we started out with a bus tour of the city. This was quite a disappointment as it was very difficult to see the landmarks that were pointed out and construction and traffic the drive was not a pleasant one. The one nice stop on the drive was at Nymphenburg Palace, the summer home of Max Emanuel. It was he, who in the late 1600's, increased the size to what it is today.From there we made our way to Marienplatz to enjoy the rest of the morning and have lunch. In this area is the New City Hall, home of a Glockenspiel, that we were lucky enough to enjoy as it only activates three times a day. To watch this easily, we snagged a table ... read more
Siegestor - Stands as a reminder to peace
 Olympic Tower in Olympic Park

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Munich May 7th 2023

Polaris is not quite Singapore Airlines, but it is getting better. Flying in business class is about to get a little sweeter on United Airlines. The carrier just announced its popular ice cream sundae cart would be returning to its url= cabin after being suspended since the beginning of the pandemic in 2020. In the world of url= cuisine, United's build-your-own sundae cart is as iconic as stroopwaffles and url= cookies... read more

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Munich March 17th 2023

Sustainable travel will be on the rise in 2023, making train travel more popular. In a recent survey, Virtuoso, a global travel company focused on experience and luxury, found that 74% of their customers are willing to spend more money to travel sustainably, and 70% think traveling sustainably gives them a better experience, url= reported. Some ways to travel more sustainably include seeking out hidden gems, packing light, staying in locally owned accommodations, and opting for train travel over flights, Insider previously reported. "It's about asking, 'How can you make little decisions that add up o... read more
Trans Siberian Railway, Vladivostok

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Munich February 19th 2023

Die Firma SAP baut im Moment in Garching zwei neue Bürogebäude. Am Garchinger Forschungszentrum entsteht ein Standort v.a. für Entwickler, welcher 2023 fertig werden soll und auf der anderen Seite der Autobahn eine Niederlassung für Berater und Vertriebler, in die man 2025 einziehen will. Beide Baustellen habe ich am letzten Sonntag besucht. Dafür werden die Häuser in Hallbergmoos und das für Hybris in der Innenstadt dieses Jahr aufgegeben.... read more
Besuch der 2 neuen SAP Standorte.
Besuch der 2 neuen SAP Standorte.
Besuch der 2 neuen SAP Standorte.

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Munich February 4th 2023

Am letzten Samstag war ich mal wieder in der Innenstadt von München. Diese besuche ich ja nicht so oft, wie die von Frankfurt oder Berlin, als ich noch dort gewohnt hatte. Am Marienplatz stieg ich aus der S-Bahn aus und lief in nördlicher Richtung an der in Bau befindlichen Station Marienhof der zweiten Stammstrecke vorbei. Es dauert wohl noch mehr als 10 Jahre, bis man damit fahren kann. Ich ging weiter zum Odeonsplatz, wo ich im Starbucks einen Kaffee trank. Danach marschierte ich am Wittelsbacher Platz und der neuen Siemens-Zentrale vorbei zum Führerbau, wo sich heute eine Kunsthochschule befindet. Mein eigentliches nächstes Ziel war aber das NS-Dokumentationszentrum, welches ich besichtigte. Da ich mein bayerisches Abitur u.a. in Geschichte gemacht hatte, gab es aber neben der Architektur für mich wenig neues, außer v.a. die Karte des ehemaligen ... read more
Besuch des NS-Dokumentationszentrums in München.
Besuch des NS-Dokumentationszentrums in München.
Besuch des NS-Dokumentationszentrums in München.

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