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Europe » France » Upper Normandy » Dieppe July 13th 2023

Day 13 - On French Soil Considering how windy it was, the channel crossing wasn't too bad. We lost an hour crossing over to France so it was about 10pm when we got in. By the time we got to our accommodation and had a shower it was just after 11pm. We can vouch for the fact that the town of Dieppe doesn't have any restaurants open at that time. Dinner became our emergency ration, the equivalent of a tune and pasta pre-packaged meal. And to think, we're in France! Our accommodation was a little disappointing. WiFi didn't work, no milk for coffee, no communication in English, and no remote for the TV. Well to be fair, the remote was there but it got buried under Jeff's stuff and wasn't seen again until we were leaving. ... read more
Rocky Beach with Bathing Boxes
Town of Le Treport
More of Le Treport

Europe » France » Upper Normandy » Dieppe September 25th 2019

Today, I ran...on the London/Paris bike path...well, you know, my shuffle was just the right temperature and the 70% chance of rain held off until it POURED at exactly 10 am... Saw some really really gorgeous gardens along the bike path, still with some great looking veggies... We needed to update our cell phone coverage, so drove into the town...Bill executed a PERFECT park job, figured out how to pay for the parking space with his credit card (which we use ALL the time!) Found the telephone place and there was a “wonderfully proficient in English” person who explained everything perfectly...Then, it POURED...and we got soaked, because we really don’t want to buy yet another umbrella when we have so many back home! Want to mention the app Vivino... which we use back home to ... read more

Europe » France » Upper Normandy » Dieppe September 24th 2019

We have been so busy finding interesting SERVAS families, and that we have done, that, in the process, we managed to miss both the Bayeaux tapestry and the Giverny Gardens, both on my list, but I wasn’t paying attention, and we are NOT back-tracking now. Just have to plan for another visit. Bill is the designated driver, and he has reached far back into driving memory to drive stick shift (six gears)...after all these years of automatic...There are very few stop lights here, mostly traffic roundabouts, and depending on the traffic, some shifting of gears. As I think I mentioned earlier, GPS is very polite, saying, “please take the second (or fourth) exit from the roundabout...” But with several lanes and heavy traffic, it can be harrowing...Initially, I counted the exits, but now I sit as ... read more

Europe » France » Upper Normandy » Dieppe April 16th 2018

Wednesday 11th April We left home on Tuesday and stayed overnight at the Horsley campsite. It is described as being set around a lake but in reality it is more like a large pond. The amount of rain however meant that each pitch was a small lake in itself. We arrived late afternoon and this combined with the miserable weather meant we didn't venture out to explore the area. We left the next morning in thick fog. As we got closer to the south coast, the fog cleared and the sun came out. We stopped off in Brighton for a walk and lunch on the beach before heading on to our campsite at Seaford. Brighton was busy with holiday makers and french students. We first stayed at the Buckle caravan site at Seaford in 2013. I ... read more
the Avenue Verte
Honfleur harbour
The wooden bell tower of St Catherine's

Europe » France » Upper Normandy » Dieppe June 4th 2017

A few years ago Dax and I went to a town in the South of France called Dax, just because of its name and because we thought it would be fun for Dax to have a photo with the town's name sign (I mean, every reason for traveling is good, right?) That photo became popular among our FB friends and one day, one of our closest friends told us that there is a town in France called Dieppe, which is interesting as his surname is Dieppa so we said 'let's go there so you can also have a photo of your name-town'... and so we did! Taking advantage of yet another bank holiday in UK, we left on Saturday morning and came back on Monday afternoon. Due to this bank holiday, the channel tunnel was quite ... read more
Dax in Dax
Dieppa in Dieppe
Normandy lanscapes

Europe » France » Upper Normandy » Dieppe September 27th 2016

We are so lucky. Weather still good when we woke with a lovely blue sky, even if 10 degrees cooler than most of the days we’ve enjoyed. Decided on trousers for our outing and a long sleeved top. A change from the suntop and shorts I’ve worn most days. Kisbee excited to come out of the garage for a final trip and we wizzed down to the town, only 10 minutes away. Bob found a handy parking spot, by a church which was handy later as the spire made a useful landmark when we wanted to find it again. We’ve never really been into Dieppe before just to the campsite and the ferry port. Quite a pleasant town and a busy one. We walked the length of the main shopping street and found a small produce ... read more
160927 Dieppe (45)
160927 Dieppe (70)
160927 Dieppe (66)

Europe » France » Upper Normandy » Dieppe September 26th 2016

Off to a good start again today as more than 200 miles to drive and not using motorways. Bob had planned a route going as directly north as possible but avoiding Rouen at all costs. He decided we would use the Brotonne bridge well enough west of our most unfavourite French place to cross the river Seine. First of all up to Beaugency which we know well as we use the aire on the river there quite a lot for overnighters. The aire was closed when we drove past in June but suspect that might have been because of the severe flooding at the beginning of June. It was open as normal as we went past today. From there to Chateaudun, a road we’ve driven many times but then Bob took us on a completely new ... read more
Normandy style
Leaving the Loire for Normandy
Lucky spot and a quick camera shutter, a thatcher at work

Europe » France » Upper Normandy » Dieppe September 26th 2016

Day 2: Shipton Bellinger to Newhaven port to catch Ferry to Dieppe via A272. The idea of this trip is to avoid motorways and toll ways where possible. There are faster and more simple routes than the one I took today but this went through some pretty pleasant countryside. The shades of Autumn are beginning to show here. Just not many places to stop. The weather was dull rainy then sunny then rainy again... Not a good day for the top down and pictures. Arriving at the Ferry port well ahead of the required time gave me chance to top up on water and things for the trip. For me not the car. The car is behaving pretty well so far without any bother. The roof definitely needs replacing before I do any more trips like ... read more
Day 2
Day 2
Day 2

Europe » France » Upper Normandy » Dieppe August 1st 2016

What a great day! Headed off at a decent time for a 3 hour to Dieppe. The drive was very nice and scenic with a few slow downs for construction but not too bad. Arrived in Dieppe in time to wander the city centre and find a quaint restaurant to eat lunch on the patio. Me and the kids all had Croque Madame (like Croque Monsieur but with a fried egg on top and with a "Chef Specialty" sign on the menu) which was delicious (and on my list of foods I must eat while here) while Nigel tried Steak hache bleu. We all enjoyed our meals very much and the atmosphere was fun too. Then we wandered around some more until we found the pebble beach. This is the historical site where 5000 men stormed ... read more
Wet feet
Chateau de Musee

Europe » France » Upper Normandy » Dieppe June 21st 2016

Our stay in the Netherlands came to an end with our departure out through Rotterdam. We first had to leave through the marina opening bridge and time it so that we didn’t have to wait for the next scheduled opening of the nearby Erasmus Bridge. This bridge is one of the main highways here therefore it only opens a few times a day. In looking at the tides we decided it would be best to ready ourselves for the 1:30PM opening. The harbor master told us to call the bridge tender about 45 minutes before we wanted to leave and he will be sure to open the bridge to the marina as well. We called and were told that the bridge wasn’t working so we’d have to wait. This left us up in the air as ... read more
The Trip to the Mouth of the River at Rotterdam
A little rain, a little sunshine!
Finally a Sail is Up With Leaving the Canals

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