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September 24th 2019
Published: September 24th 2019
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We have been so busy finding interesting SERVAS families, and that we have done, that, in the process, we managed to miss both the Bayeaux tapestry and the Giverny Gardens, both on my list, but I wasn’t paying attention, and we are NOT back-tracking now. Just have to plan for another visit.

Bill is the designated driver, and he has reached far back into driving memory to drive stick shift (six gears)...after all these years of automatic...There are very few stop lights here, mostly traffic roundabouts, and depending on the traffic, some shifting of gears. As I think I mentioned earlier, GPS is very polite, saying, “please take the second (or fourth) exit from the roundabout...” But with several lanes and heavy traffic, it can be harrowing...Initially, I counted the exits, but now I sit as quietly as possible...and so far, so good...

My friend Martha Kovar once said that in Europe, church spires indicate a village, and in Nebraska, grain elevators serve the same purpose...there are certainly some very impressive church spires...and we had a lovely drive through the countryside.

We needed some “down time.” So, we searched for a B&B, which is really only the bed part, not a breakfast, which is just fine. We were just a little nervous as we approached the area/house, but we found a good FREE parking space directly across the street, and for $55, we have a bedroom, kitchen/living area, bathroom, and even a washing machine, although we just did laundry...and we immediately asked the landlady if we could stay another night...YES!!

BEST places to get petrol/gas is at a SUPERMARKET, which we couldn’t find last night. Plus, it was Monday, and most restaurants were closed, except for a Lebanese one...and to be honest, it could have been the same food in NYC..not spectacular, but available, which counts for a lot...

So, today, we gassed up, and got food, and wine, of course, and after a good walk, I am ready to unwind with our kind of dinner and a good glass of wine.


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