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September 20th 2019
Published: September 20th 2019
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Agnes didn’t have to teach on Tuesday, for some reason, she only teaches four days a week, so she got us out the door on time. We headed to Vannes, and along the way, we saw signs for Carnac...and realized that we had time to stop...Who knew that the Arthurian legends involve this part of France as well. Thousands of stones in rows (stone alignments), dolmens (stone tombs) and tumuli (burial mounds)...apparently chipped and carved and placed in rows in one of the largest such collections in the from 3300 BCE and possibly from 4500 BCE (according to Wikipedia)...One of the more charming modern myths is a version that Merlin turned a Roman legion into stone.

We were smart enough to have lunch BEFORE everything closed about 1 pm...and then eventually, headed to our next homestay in Ploeren....The Audo family moved into their charming home 42 years ago, when it was one of the first in the area. Each of the bedrooms on the second floor is labeled with the name of that child...and today, the kids all live within about 20 km. When the grandchildren visit, they stay in the same room as their parent did...

Monique left early morning to child care as the father (son-in-law) had to move his bees (yes, same as in USA)...And Michel was delighted to serve us breakfast and to get us out the door. We didn’t want to drive into the village, inasmuch as it was market day...and we found the bus stop with no problems and were informed by the driver that all week was FREE...because of the presence of the national firemen’s conference...we saw a parade with dignateries, a marching band consisting of bagpipes and even a bassoon...I’d like to add photos, but I need to install FLASH, and Bill is busy right now...more later...


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