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Europe » France » Nord-Pas de Calais » Calais August 2nd 2019

25 years ago Doug was chosen by the Department of Veteran affairs to officially represent Canada at D-Day ceremonies marking the 50th anniversary Of D-Day. Doug was interviewed by two local newspapers - The Ottawa Citizen and the Aylmer Bulletin - what follows is want Private Kelley had to say about the D-Day invasion June 6, 1944: Aylmer Bulletin On June 2nd we were given a dagger, assault boots, a gun, a piece of paper and 50 French francs. On June 3rd I and 31 others were on a landing craft heading to Normandy. We were supposed to land on June 5th but the landing was delayed by poor weather forcing us to spend an extra night in cramped quarters on the English Channel. We had to eat our emergency rations. We arrived about 4 am ... read more
Ottawa Citizen article
Juno Beach Centre
Juno Beach Centre

Europe » France » Nord-Pas de Calais » Calais July 16th 2019

Hiking via WWII bunkers to a monastery The rest of the first week of the vacation we continued our hike in northwestern France. We arrived with the ferry in Calais. The Via Francigena first follows the coast south to Wissant. From there the trail goes east via Guines, Licques and Tournehem-sur-la-Hem to the town Wisques where we right according to plan finished the hike. Most people have never heard of these places. Please don't look at a map where we actually hiked these four days. We did actually hike a decent distance each day. But it looks embarrassingly short if you view it on a map of France. The first day's hike in France was very different from what we did in England. The trail from Calais to Wissant follows the coast and much of it ... read more
From Calais to Wissant
To Rome 1648 km. To Canterbury 107 km
WWII bunkers

Europe » France » Nord-Pas de Calais » Calais May 28th 2019

Who would have thought it? A decent nights sleep on the equivalent of Cheshire Oaks. Gabby the motorhome had her last day in Germany and after breakfast was heading home. We wondered if we would be able to get home easily due to the roadworks but the sat nag proved it worth and negotiated us back to the autobahn. We could see the reason for our delay yesterday. The German government had invested heavily in renewing the roads and this one was a case in point. Not only had they scraped the surface off for retarmacing. They had taken every layer down to the subsoil and were starting again. Even the bridge had been demolished and was in the process of being replaced. All went well as we sailed past Frankfurt airport. In the short distance ... read more
The pancake starter
Third time lucky -

Europe » France » Nord-Pas de Calais » Calais September 22nd 2018

Gabby the motorhome is sitting on a large plot in the town of Calais in the campsite La Bien Assise. We come here often. It is close enough to drop into on our way down France and handy for the tunnel coming home. It is late and the office is shut for the night so there is nowhere to pay. We will have to do that in the morning. As Glenn wires us up to electricity I head off for the restaurant hopefully to book a table for two. When I get there I am told we can have a table but outside . It is raining, it is cold and windy - why would I want to sit outside? Inwardly seething I sidled off cursing our luck. Why couldn't we book you probably wonder? It ... read more
Le Shuttle - we have arrived
Waiting to load up on the train - France next

Europe » France » Nord-Pas de Calais » Calais July 11th 2018

The next day we headed from the campsite back towards Carcassonne to try out a track and test out the Wikiloc app, which shows you all the off road tracks that are around. The first track failed as the entrance was now too overgrown to drive down, so we headed off to find another. This one went well, and had some amazing views as well as not being very taxing on the trucks. By 6pm we started looking for a campsite. The first one was nothing but a field, but the next three were all closed down. This was tiring me out, but it did have the benefit of taking us through a bunch of local tunnels, until we finally found an open site next to a river. As we carried on towards Andorra on day ... read more

Europe » France » Nord-Pas de Calais » Calais July 11th 2018

The next day we took a leisurely morning packing up, then headed to Velha again for a few supplies and a look around town. By the time we were done it was super hot again, so found a campsite early, preferably with a pool and a bar. The original plan from here, the next day, was to attempt a really long track which would take us almost to the end of the Pyrenees, but then Mark noticed an abandoned village he had wanted to see was just south of us. So we booked one more night and left my truck all set up, and jumped into Marks and went to find the village. It was an impressive place to see and gave me a chance to play with the drone. Though on the first flight, it ... read more

Europe » France » Nord-Pas de Calais » Calais June 30th 2016

And so to home - for the second time in a month. We observed as we drove to Le Crotoy that last time we had been here, on the 2nd of June, it was also raining though it was colder then and I didn't take much notice of anything that time around as I was rather poorly with my nasty virus. A long driving day today up from the Loire Valley to the Normandy coast on the Somme Estuary. Through the fields full of grain crops waiting for sunshine to be harvested. a little later than normal this year I'm sure and a lot of fields looked as if they have been badly damaged by heavy rain. The roads are straight, sometimes stretching in a long line as far as the eye can see with not ... read more
160629 Le Crotoy (44)
160629 Le Crotoy (22)
160629 Le Crotoy (13)

Europe » France » Nord-Pas de Calais » Calais April 22nd 2016

Day 1- So for a first day it was eventful. The weather wasn't too bad at home, with just heavy rain. But by the time we cycled over the hill and down onto the marsh, the winds had really picked up. This made it a slow grind, until my rear tyre blew out! Just outside of Lydd, and only 10 miles in. I had all the kit for most repairs, but I'd never experienced an exploding tyre so had nothing to fix it. So a quick call for help to Richard, and a new tyre and tube were delivered. While Rich was sorting the tyre from Activ, I replaced the tube and gingerly pumped it unto 30 psi, which was just enough for we to walk the bike to Lydd, but I wasn't going to chance ... read more

Europe » France » Nord-Pas de Calais » Calais August 9th 2015

Die Fahrt nach Calais war ereignislos, aber in Calais hatte ich den festen Plan, das Lager der Flüchtlinge zu sehen, die dort versuchen durch den Euro Tunnel nach GB zu kommen. Schon kurz nach Dünkirchen begann ich, eine Straße zu suchen, die nahe am Meer entlang führt. Eine schmale, geteerte Straße schien mir goldrichtig zu sein. Keiner unterwegs, aber dann plötzlich ein Lager - allerdings ganz offensichtlich nicht das, das ich suchte. Mehrere Autos, einige Wohnwägen, Menschen. Die Flüchtlinge besitzen weder Autos noch Wohnwägen, also fuhr ich nicht dorthhin. Als die Straße mittendrin endete und auch sämtliche Abzweigungen nicht weiter führten, musste ich wenden. Und dann war da plötzlich Leben auf der schmalen Straße: Aus einem Polizeiauto waren massenhaft Polizisten gekrochen, hatten den Verkehr in beide Richtungen gestoppt. Erstaunlicherweise war in beiden Richtungen... read more

Europe » France » Nord-Pas de Calais » Calais June 5th 2014

Our last night was spent at Guines. We had an early start to make the train. Waking up at breaking light we unhooked Suzy and set off for the half hour drive to the train terminal. Sally Sat Nav picked yet another route from Guines to Calais. Along pretty roads through the village of Guines, along the river full of wildlife including herons on the banks fishing. As usual the overhead gantries recognised us and welcomed us without the need to put our details in. Much better than standing in front of the machine and trying to punch the numbers in. The French police pulled us over, checked our steering wheel and doors and then went off to talk leaving us sitting there. After a few minutes they let us through and we passed through a ... read more
Moorish architecture
Moorish architecture
Moorish architecture

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