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Europe » France » Midi-Pyrénées » Auch September 9th 2017

Woken in the night by the sound of acorns pinging down onto the roof of a nearby chalet. Woken next by the unwanted but expected sound of rain on Tandy’s roof. Exactly as forecast it rained almost all day. Every now and then we got a lull so dived outside to stretch our legs and managed to fit this in well between the heavy showers. Even managed a walk round the campsite lake which is an astonishingly lovely spot, the other side of the lake being quite secluded and ‘back to nature’ while our side has the pool, swimming and canoe lake and the bar/ restaurant. We didn’t use the pool. Second time the rain stopped I wandered down to it and considered reading on a lounger instead of stuck inside Tandy as the sun was ... read more
Spot the penguin playing hide and seek between showers
170909 Seissan (3)
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Europe » France » Midi-Pyrénées » Auch September 8th 2017

Seemed like a long day’s driving today as we left one campsite before 9.30 and didn’t get to the next until after 4pm. The driving was all down to Bob of course. I just sit beside him, point him in the right direction when the route is unclear (sometimes my right direction is wrong !) and click, click away on my camera. It was quite a long drive anyway, about 350 km which is plenty in a 3.5 ton Tandy. No motorways involved except the 20km stretch we were forced onto when the road was suddenly barred in front of us for road works. Not the first set of road works, or diversions today either. The first week in September always brings out all the road diggers and bollards in France as soon as the holidays ... read more
Came across a castle, on one of the accidental detours down a too narrow road
The vines remind me off ostriches
Penguin tries the campsite canoe for size

Europe » France » Midi-Pyrénées » Auch September 9th 2015

Up and off by 9am as drive of well over 200 miles to get us to within spitting distance of the Pyrenees. Bypassed La Rochelle using main roads but after that used far quieter roads including bypassing Bordeaux and crossing the Dordogne. Bob had let Tina TomTom plan her own route after instructing her to keep off the main roads and she did well. OK some roads were a wee bit on the small side but most were straight, pretty empty and heading due south. We pulled into a carpark at St Emilion to have lunch as had failed to find a reasonable stopping spot by the side of the road. Of course as soon as we set off we found some lovely lunch spots including one by the river. Today we must have driven past ... read more
En route Ile de Re to the Pyrenees
Vineyards En route Ile de Re to the Pyrenees
Grapes ready for picking en route Ile de Re to the Pyrenees

Europe » France » Midi-Pyrénées » Auch May 20th 2012

This day has not started out well. First, we had to get up at 4:15 that was only 4 hours after we went to sleep. Second, we were flying easyJet ; it’s cheap, but definitely not easy. I tried to pay for our bags online but couldn’t get it to work. I asked Josh to call since their local phone is French. He looked online and assured me that it wouldn’t cost any more if we waited and paid for them at the airport. As I thought we ended up paying an extra $45 for our baggage. Third, when we arrived in Toulouse, with a pre-paid auto reservation for a car we were supposed to pick up at Avis, the Avis desk was closed. When we went to Information to ask if there was another Avis ... read more
Kitchen at Samaran
poor Jack stuck on the phone for work

Europe » France » Midi-Pyrénées » Auch March 27th 2011

Friday March 11th 2011 After phoning ahead to the campsite, we set off on a beautiful drive alongside the Pyrenees. They really looked majestic and we enjoyed having them in our sights for most of the journey. Around lunchtime we were passing close to Lourdes, so we decided to stop there for a picnic. Although we didn’t visit the holy sites, the evidence of mass pilgrimages there were evident, with a constant stream of visitors coming in by road and plane. When we arrived at our campsite destination – St. Bertram de Comminges – the campsite was closed ! Luckily the owner’s son was doing some maintenance work just outside and he opened up the facilities for us to stay the night. Our accommodation secured, we walked up the steep hillside to the centre of the ... read more
St Bertram de Comminges II
Roman Ruins I
Roman Ruins II

Europe » France » Midi-Pyrénées » Auch January 2nd 2011

A tour for peace, freedom, love, wisdom The journey? View france in a larger map A proposed journey to Asia by bycycle, to somewhere, then to somewhere else, maybe almost certainly starting from here, but things can and surely w... read more

Europe » France » Midi-Pyrénées » Auch July 14th 2010

July 14 was Bastille Day and we went to Auch to see the local parade. They honored soldiers returning from Afganistan, local firefighters, police, and other dignitaries. Then we went to Le Chateau de Caumont. It was built in 1535 by a renound French architect in the Italian Paladian style. Henry IV slept there as a baby. Robin finally drove home from this chateau as it was a holiday and there was not much traffic. Driving a stick is like riding a bike .... except for the rotaries!... read more
Photo 6
Photo 7

Europe » France » Midi-Pyrénées » Auch July 12th 2010

July 8 - We are at the villa. Castelnau Barbarens means castle of the barbarians. The town is a village built on ancient ruins and so is the villa. We stopped at the bakery for fresh bread and for au foie de canard for lunch at the villa. It is 98 degrees this afternoon! A heat wave in the south of France. ... read more
View from the villa deck
Living area
Church next door

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