European Dog


European Dog

Europe June 26th 2011

Barcelona: We went on Aer Lingus through Dublin - had to actually go through immigration and security again. I wanted to go through Ireland! But we ended up in Barcelona without JD's bag. So on Sunday, there was nothing open and no place to look for clothes. So we did what the Barcelonian's do on Sunday - had coffee and rolls at a cafe - walked around - had lunch & beer at a cafe, spoke in Spanish - read a book - took a siesta - had dinner and wine at a cafe.....a very relaxing day. We have seen more dogs here walking around with owners in two hours than we did the whole time in the UK. Yeah! - the bag arrived, so we spent the day at the beach, after coffee and a ... read more
A corner street
Playa Barceloneta
Sailboats at beach

Europe June 21st 2011

London, England and Edinbrough, Scotland-Off to meet JD in London after his 3 week tour of Europe and before his month of Spanish in Madrid. London: We flew "first" to London and met JD at Hotel Sofitel early on the 19th. That was Father's Day. We walked around through Picadilly and Carnaby square and had fish & chips at a pub for Father's Day. We spent Monday aclimating and shopping at Harrod's with "french widow" champagne, followed by Indian food. On Tuesday, we took the "Hogwart's Exress" to Edinbrough. The train ride was quite enjoyable with great countryside and free wi-fi. Edinbrough: It was much cooler and raining when we arrived. We stayed at a suite at the George Hotel. Visited the Hard Rock Cafe across the street and we walked the city and admired the ... read more
St. John's Street
Father's Day at the pub
Tower of London

Europe » France » Midi-Pyrénées » Toulouse July 23rd 2010

We spent our last day in Toulouse buying fresh cheese to bring back. We had dinner and stayed near the airport, turned in the car in, and arrived by 5AM for our 7:30 flight only to find out that yes, the French air traffic contollers strike did affect us. Luckily, we were only delayed leaving by one hour and had time to catch our connection in Frankfurt and plenty of time in Charlotte after customs to catch the flight back to Austin. We were much luckier than anyone scheduled to go through Paris that day. We were back in Austin after being up for 26 hrs! Then end of a wonderful trip!... read more

Europe » France » Midi-Pyrénées » Gimont July 19th 2010

Today was cleaning day as we will be packing up in the morning and heading for a day in Toulouse tomorrow. Then we will stay at the hotel by the aiport after our "leaving France" dinner and leave VERY early on Wednesday morning. We also went to Gimont today to have lunch in a little cafe and pick up pastries for breakfast. Visited a church built in 1331 and then came back early to enjoy the villa one last day and relax. We haven't heard anything else yet about the air traffic controllers strike, so we are hoping that everying is on schedule! Bonjour (I mean bon au revoir) and Bon Voyage!... read more
Basket for Oliver - villa owner

Europe » France » Midi-Pyrénées » Eauze July 18th 2010

Today we went to the VII eme Festival Galop Romain en Gascogne. It was their Roman Festival....a little like our Medival Festivals but on a smaller laid back scale. There were artisans, food vendors, and reenactments of Roman camps, fighting, etc. Then we went to an antique brocante in Baran. It was full of lovely french antiques, most to big to bring home. When we returned and looked at the web we found out that a French air traffic controllers strike may start Tuesday evening through Thursday morning. And we are supposed to leave on Wednesday we are looking at our possibilities to return to the states......!... read more

Europe » France » Midi-Pyrénées » Gignac July 17th 2010

Today we went to a market in Saint Andre de Sangonis. It is called brocante .. a festival to sell items at the market. This was at the church square. There were antiques as well as other items. We shopped for antiques and had wine, sausages, & bread at the festival. Then we stopped again in Auch for extra suitcases! and the last days of groceries as well as some gifts between Pavie and Auch. Saw a wedding at the town square on the way home.... read more

Europe » France » Aquitaine » Biarritz July 15th 2010

Went to meet Sev's sister, Fabienne, and her boyfriend, Jean Louise, who were spending the week at the beach at Biarritz. We spent some time at the beach. The waves were pretty high and they had stopped the surfing that morning. Biarritz is on the border of Spain and we had Spanish seafood for lunch - squid, salmon pate, herring ..... also roast duck and spanish chicken wings. We shopped some more. Shirley got a french haircut. We walked along the beach later in the day and the waves were even more intense....the beach was closed to swimming. We had dinner at a place that Fab and Jean Louise liked. There, we had salt clay encrusted whole fish as well as wines and French desserts. We had reservations at the hotel in Bayonne....three singles to the ... read more

Europe » France » Midi-Pyrénées » Auch July 14th 2010

July 14 was Bastille Day and we went to Auch to see the local parade. They honored soldiers returning from Afganistan, local firefighters, police, and other dignitaries. Then we went to Le Chateau de Caumont. It was built in 1535 by a renound French architect in the Italian Paladian style. Henry IV slept there as a baby. Robin finally drove home from this chateau as it was a holiday and there was not much traffic. Driving a stick is like riding a bike .... except for the rotaries!... read more
Photo 6
Photo 7

Europe » France » Midi-Pyrénées » Condom July 13th 2010

Today we went to the market in Auch and had lunch at a sidewalk cafe and then to Cassaigne (close to Condom) where they make the Armangnac. It is the only place that Armangnac is made. It ages for quite a long while (20-40 years) and tastes kind of like brandy. Cassaigne was constructed in 1247 and was a castle like structure that was used by the Bishop. Brave Shirley drove home on the narrowest road yet. The cars are pretty much all standard here. So Sev has been driving most of the time. Shirley drives 'old blue' at the ranch so she tackeled it yesterday too. I have not driven yet as the last time I remember driving a stick shift was in 1985 and the roads are curvy, hilly, one lane roads for cars ... read more

Europe » Andorra » La Vella July 13th 2010

Off to Andorra-la-vella in Andorra. Andorra is its own country - on the border of southern France and northern Spain. After staying at the party until 2 am, we had a late start to Andorre. We stopped to fill up with gas on a Sunday. There are no attended stations on Sundays and none of our credit cards would work at the gas pump. In addition, the gas cap was locked and we couldn't get it open with our key. Many thanks to the nice frenchman who unlocked the gas cap and filled up our car with gas on his credit card so we could just pay him cash! We made the hotel reservation the night before but are not attached to a printer and did not write it down. So we stopped at an Internet ... read more
Church along the way
Church along the way
street view

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