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13th July 2010

Song of Bernadette
We are lucky to have the pictures loaded.....still working on the labels!
13th July 2010

The Song of Bernadette
Your pictures are great, but labeling the picture of the spring in Lourdes as "Springs" was an understatement. There is a movie made in the 1940's called the "The Song of Bernadette" about the springs and the vision of Mary that Bernadette saw at the springs and how the village responded to her visions. I have watched the movie more than 4 times but you know how I love 1930/40's movies.
13th July 2010

the 1st indication of too much red wine
Is the smile on you girls' faces in the group picture..... Hope all is going to POCO today....
13th July 2010

Church at Lourdes
So J! Our Lady of Lourdes is very special in my faith. Hope you brought me some holy water home. There are definitely some of us who could use the blessings.
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