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July 13th 2010
Published: July 13th 2010
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Off to Andorra-la-vella in Andorra. Andorra is its own country - on the border of southern France and northern Spain. After staying at the party until 2 am, we had a late start to Andorre. We stopped to fill up with gas on a Sunday. There are no attended stations on Sundays and none of our credit cards would work at the gas pump. In addition, the gas cap was locked and we couldn't get it open with our key. Many thanks to the nice frenchman who unlocked the gas cap and filled up our car with gas on his credit card so we could just pay him cash! We made the hotel reservation the night before but are not attached to a printer and did not write it down. So we stopped at an Internet cafe, had a beer and found our reservation info. Andorra-la-vella is at one of the highest points in the Great Pyrennes along some vary narrow and winding roads - one way in from France and one way in from Spain. As we entered on Sunday evening, the road leaving Andorra was packed with people leaving from the weekend. Andorra is like a little Paris with designer shops and cafes lining the streets. And the river from the mountains runs through town.

Our agenda for the evening was to find a sports bar and watch Spain play for the world cup as a large portion of Andorrans are Spanish. We took a taxi from our hotel to Excalibur sports bar. It was starting to fill up with Spainish sports fans. We had a great table, four tvs in the bar and enjoyed a great win for Spain! The streets were full of cars, horns, firecrackers, and fans after the game. The police were directing traffic and the streets were full. Taxis were no where to be found. After calling for a taxi three times and waiting who knows how long, we decided to walk home....without a map. After talking with a policeman and a desk clerk at another hotel - showing them the card with the name of the hotel on it as communication was difficult - we found our way back. Andorrans speak a blend of Spanish, French, and other .... Catalan - a language of their own.

Then we were able to shop the designer shops the next day!

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Man capris - very stylish in France

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