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Europe » France » Île-de-France July 18th 2022

Stuffed Suitcase had this to say, with a few comments of my own, of course! Most of this applies only to trans oceanic flights, and most cross country flights. Comfortable Pants I would say this generally does not include denim for men or women, unless they are the stretch variety. Women can wear leggings; men are a bit more limited. But I have stopped wearing Bermuda shorts on long flights since my legs get cold and would be exposed to "things" mostly invisible. I actually found some nice stretch pants at Sam's Club that travel quite well, never wrinkle, and can be hand washed in my hotel room. Shirt I prefer a long sleeve shirt, even though it tends to wrinkle a bit. I am not a fan of T shirts, since they look a bit ... read more
Get stuck with Candy?
Singapore Airlines, the only way to fly!

Europe » France » Île-de-France » Paris July 14th 2022

SUN, 10 JUL 2022 – HOTEL TRANSFER: My Globus La France tour ended after breakfast, so I checked out of the tour-designated hotel and made my way to Hôtel du Lion d'Or Louvre for a four-night stay to complete my visit to Paris and to relax a bit before I embarked on an adventurous, independent 5-city, 14-day journey to London, ahead of my next accompanied tour. This evening, as I was signing up for the La France Facebook Group one of my traveling companions opened, I saw a post from my cousin, Karen, relating that she and her partner, Wendy, were leaving for Paris the next day. A few Messenger posts and lunch was set. Overnight for four nights – Hôtel du Lion d'Or Louvre, Paris, France. As the name implies, it’s within walking distance of ... read more
If Grandma Could See Us Now!
Arc de Triomphe - Paris, France
Jardin des Tuileries (Tuileries Garden) - Paris, France

Europe » France » Île-de-France » Paris July 10th 2022

TOUR 3 – La France – SUN, 10 JUL 2022 – “Day 16: PARIS - Your vacation ends with breakfast this morning. (B)” Sorry Folks - No photos of my last morning of the tour!... read more

Europe » France » Île-de-France » Paris July 9th 2022

TOUR 3 – La France – SAT, 09 JUL 2022 – “Day 15: DIJON–PARIS - DIJON High-speed TGV train ride to Paris; PARIS Free time this afternoon and evening. (B); 199 mi / 320 km”... read more
Free Time in the Area of The Louvre (Museum) for those Who Didn’t Pay for the Optional Guided Tour – Paris, France
Free Time in the Area of The Louvre (Museum) for those Who Didn’t Pay for the Optional Guided Tour – Paris, France
Free Time in the Area of The Louvre (Museum) for those Who Didn’t Pay for the Optional Guided Tour – Paris, France

Europe » France » Île-de-France July 8th 2022

Slept in till 9:30 up till 2. Breakfast at the hotel then back to the room to check out. Hotel will store our bags. We also hired a driver to take us to Gare du Nord station. Dragging luggage ip and down 3 flights or stairs just wasn’t appealing to us….been there done that!! We headed out to the streets with the goal of finding the McDonalds with the outdoor sidewalk cafe. Shealyn wanted to try their hot chocolate and one of their hot chocolates. It’s fun to go to McDonald’s in another country and try the different options. This one had cheesecake, macaroons, and several speciality bake shop goods. One that looked interesting was the McGriddle with Nutella. We found McDonalds. It was busy! We ordered to go but in order to sit in the ... read more

Europe » France » Île-de-France July 6th 2022

This day was a sleep in sort of day. We had stayed p until 2:00 am....we just couldn't wind down after our private tour around Paris......AND in that car!!!! We were looking forward to breakfast at our hotel. We'd already had the croissants! It was a typical breakfast complete with meats, cheeses, delicious breads, yogurt,. cereal, fruit, and nutella. Europeans love their nutella. You will find it everywhere! Following breakfast we headed our to get Shealyn in Louie Vuitton. There was such a long line there yesterday, we didn't get in the door. There was still a line today although much shorter. Shealyn so wanted to buy something in that store. The thing we could find was the perfume but it was still too much. Shealyn thought it was $150 but that was the refill price. ... read more

Europe » France » Île-de-France July 5th 2022

Today started out early.....first at 3:00 (I set my alarm wrong), then at 4:30 (we had to get to the Eurostar early for security, passport, and boarding. We had been to the terminal last night and saw the crowds and long lines. A policeman said to be there no later than 5:30 (7:01 departure time), so that's what we did. We hated to leave our cute hotel room, but off we went dragging our luggage, or at least part of it, to the train station. This station was beautiful inside and out. We were shocked to find that there weren't as many people as we thought since ours was only the 2nd train of the day. We got through security with no problem. Passport control was really just a stamp your passport and go situation. We ... read more

Europe » France » Île-de-France July 2nd 2022

Ah, Paris, incredible traffic, intolerable crowds, high prices, and people who rush for no one. We spent the last two days in Paris on our own, so we got a real feel for this incredible city. You Americans who are used to a certain pace of life, well, that is not going to happen in Europe. It is SLOW here, and that is the way it will be. The locals will not change their pace for you. Period. If you are in a rush, you need to take a step back and relax. Trying to push them will only result in frustration for all. First thing we learned was the subway system. If you plan to spend anytime on your own before or after a tour, you must master the public transportation: bus, subway, and trams. ... read more
The majestic Notre Dame
One of thousands of coffee shops in Paris
The view as we started our towe trip to the top

Europe » France » Île-de-France July 1st 2022

From Statista: The world-famous cycling competition, the Tour de France, kicks off next week, running from July 1 - July 24. It’s touted as one of the biggest sporting events in the world, and according to statistics by Médiamétrie, attracted a television audience of 150 million viewers across Europe in 2021. But how popular is it on a country-by-country basis? Data from Statista’s Global Consumer Survey shows that one stereotype does hold true: the Dutch do really love their bikes. According to data of selected countries collected between April 2021and March 2022, the Netherlands had the greatest share of competitive cycling fans out of the selected European countries, with 29 percent of its sports fans saying ... read more
Tadej Pogacar. the two time champion
Good advice!!!!

Europe » France » Île-de-France June 26th 2022

Our first full day in Paris began with a bus tour of all the major sights of the City of Light. We visited Norte Dame whose fire in 2019 nearly destroyed this historic landmark. The church is under reconstruction and, as such, you can't get near the edifice. We were only able to view the building from a distance. The Mayor of Paris wants construction complete by 2024, the year of the Paris Olympics,which is unlikely. It will be more like 2030 if they are lucky. The Grand Dame will survive but she will need time to heal. We toured the city in comfort and visited the Eiffel Tower. (Cathy and I have tickets to go to the top tomorrow), the Luxor Obelisk, a gift from Egypt, and the former site of the Guillotine where, during ... read more

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