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Europe » France » Île-de-France » Fontainebleau October 5th 2015

Weekendje Fontaine Bleau om enkele projectjes af te werken. Ze voorspelden een echt herfstweekendje met een zalig zonnetje! Dat konden we niet missen.... Vrijdagavond stonden we voor Les Evades in Bois Ronde Auberge. Een route die me al veel had gekost, maar nu vlot klom omwille van de nieuwe set vingervel. Na enkele pogingen om warm te worden, stonden Erik en ik algauw boven. We konden al naar huis, want het weekend was voor ons beiden al geslaagd. Erik klom nog een mooie 6C traverse, iets verder in het bos. Die avond sloten we af in ons warm busje met een lekker etentje. Zaterdagmorgen trok de ochtendmist snel op en het zonnetje deed de rest. We genoten van de kleurrijke bossen. We bezochten Boissy-aux-Cailles om 'Waterroof gauche' 7C of de vroegere benaming 'Waterloo' te bezoeken. Erik ... read more
Waterroof gauche

Europe » France » Île-de-France October 1st 2015

The Eiffel tower was way better than I thought it would be. The structure was amazing and we walked up to the second platform where the view was incredible. We also stood on the glass floor and by we I mean Eric and I as Jackie was trying to not have a heart attack looking down. Then Eric made me lay on the glass floor for a photo op. He knows how I feel about germs and teases me because I don’t like touching the poles on the metro, and yet I had to comply with this one time request and opportunistic moment. After taking in the view and appreciating the engineering minds behind the Eiffel Tower, it was time for lunch at a café in Les Halles. It was wonderful there. Lots of culture, food ... read more
paris market
paris market2
ET blk and wht

Europe » France » Île-de-France September 30th 2015

Day Two Morning coffee in bed. This is the life. A good sleep, very little jet lag for me. Unfortunately Jackie did not sleep very well. However, she was a trooper and did not let it stop her. After a bit of a late start due to enjoyment of freshly made croissants from the local bakery, we set off via train to Paris. Being at the station brought back many feelings and memories of living in Britain for a couple of years as a child and taking a train to school every day. I don’t have many fond memories of being a child but the train was always one that stuck with me and that I enjoyed. I think there was something I understood early on about freedom and that trains can offer that to me. ... read more

Europe » France » Île-de-France September 29th 2015

The day started with an amazing breakfast in the Golden lounge at the Fairmont. The excitement was building as we leisurely prepared for the day. Around 1130 we checked out and strolled about 5 min’s to the baggage check-in and printed our boarding passes. I would highly recommend staying at the airport to anyone who can. There was a skip in my step as we passed through security and into the terminal. Our plane was there as we walked to our gate, and just seeing it made my heart leap with anticipation. An hour later we were on Air France and ready to go. Surprisingly so were over 300 other people. The plane was packed! I have to say that it was an okay experience. The service was mediocre and because we ordered gluten free, I ... read more

Europe » France » Île-de-France » Marne-la-Vallée September 21st 2015

Pour rencontrer Mickey, Alexiane prend la route avant de retourner à l'école (rentrée luxembourgeoise le 15 septembre !), et s'installe allègrement dans Pollux pour quelques jours... En principe elle n'aime pas trop les kilomètres mais est toute heureuse d'arriver enfin à Marne la Vallée.... Nous avions prévu d'aller lui montrer la Tour Eiffel, ce sera pour une autre fois... JJ souffrant d'une hernie discale, il ne faut pas forcer les choses... Il nous faudra donc un jour prévoir une nouvelle petite escapade à Paris avec elle... En attendant, retombez en enfance comme nous l'avons fait nous mêmes, à la découverte de tant de souvenirs d'enfance.... A noter qu'un bon quart des photos ont été prises par Alexiane ! Bravo ! Laissez cours à votre imagination pour les photos non-renommées... Quant à la prochaine sortie de Pollux... ... read more
pour arriver a Disney, après le camping nous prenons un train puis un bus pour plus de facillité...
Il en faut peu pour être heureux....

Europe » France » Île-de-France September 16th 2015

162026SEP2015 Hello hello!!!!! And another day down! Today was no as eventful day as the last few, but it was very nice. Today I just planned on relaxing really, and recovering from the last few days. I did not want to tie myself to an agenda today, just to give myself a mental break. I slept in, which was amazing. When I woke up, I was debating between 2 options for the day: Take the metro into Paris and see some of the landmarks more in-depth...Or go back to Disneyland Paris and use my park voucher to go to Walt Disney Studios (I had purchased a 2-Day, 2-Park ticket, and did not go to the Studios the first day). I decided the weather would dictate my day. I opened the curtain, and it was pouring, and ... read more
Downtown Champigny-Sur-Marne
Leaving France, Entering Cali!
Hollywood and Vine

Europe » France » Île-de-France September 15th 2015

151849SEP2015 Bonjour mes amis!!!! Today was interesting, and very all my days are out here. It was my big day in the city of Paris! I was giddy and woke up early to primp. I wanted to look stylish and purdy for my big day in a beautiful city! I scheduled a tour with Cityvision, that gave me an hour bus tour through the city, boat ride on the Seine, and lunch in the Eiffel Tower. I was READY! So the tour was to begin from the Cityvision headquarters (acrosstfrom the Louvre) at 9 AM. My Comfort Hotel in Champigny is about a 25 minute drive from their headquarters. So I spent the night prior doing a lot fo strategizing on timelines. I knew it was a Monday, around the time the work day would ... read more
Love the Buildings
Outside French Parliament
Driving Down the Champs-Élysées

Europe » France » Île-de-France » Chessy September 14th 2015

142218SEP2015 Bonjour again! What an action packed day!!!! Today was my Disneyland Paris trip! I was very excited to do this!!! Of course it would have been more fun if I was not alone (a little weird to go to Disney solo). But I can have fun in any situation! And I definitely did! I woke up early, and had a heck of a time figuring out what to wear. Not for vanity reasons, but because it was cold and rainy. The rain was quaint and exciting 2 days ago. But I think I got my fill of it now!!! Ugh! I finally figured out something that would keep me relatively warm and dry. On the bright side, the rain, the fact it was Monday and most people were working, and kids were in school meant ... read more
For Being So Magical it Sure Looks Ominous
Just an American in a Parisian Park Modeled After an American Park
These Were the Mickey Ears I wanted

Europe » France » Île-de-France » Champigny-sur-Marne September 13th 2015

142211SEP2015 Day 2 comes to a close! Definitely a highlight of my vacation, and probably my entire life! I had went to sleep early last night, and woke up late this morning. I enjoyed a tasty breakfast of crepes and cappuccino, and updated the blog to reflect yesterday's events (see last post!). I started the day off later than I wanted. I was trying to wait out the rain, I lost! I checked out of the hotel. I asked the hotel staff where to buy an umbrella, but apparently nothing is open in St. Avold on Sundays. I forget we are in the Christian part of the world again! I have gotten so used to the Middle East, and Fridays being the day everything is closed. The Lorraine American Military Cemetery is only a few kilometers ... read more

Europe » France » Île-de-France September 10th 2015

This was now my second time visiting the grand city of Paris, and I was anticipating Victor and our friend's first impressions; like reliving my first impression and experiences through their eyes. But from the very start, things weren't going as well as we all thought they would. Sometimes we go to a new destination and get our expectations shattered. Where do these unrealistic expectations even come from? Do they come from movies, novels, or national geographic? What about when you visit a place for the second time, and it's changed from the first time you visited? Expectations are stressful and unrealistic, and sometimes we are totally unaware that we even have them. When we harbor these expectations, we can set ourselves up for failure, which was the case for this trip. I remember my first ... read more
Beautiful Entrance of the Notre Dame Cathedral
The less crowded, and beautiful, Sacre Coeur Basilica

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